Why Oral Histories?

As vitally important as the written records are, the oral ones may be more so, since for years, LGBTQ people were silenced, censored and written out of history. In a partnership between Special Collections at Addlestone Library and the Women’s Health Research Team, interviewers are now actively engaged in recording the life stories of LGBTQ people who live here, were born here, who moved away, or are or have been in any way associated with the Lowcountry.

Aiming to be as inclusive as possible, we specifically want to interview women, people of color, trans and transitioning individuals, people representing ethnic and cultural minorities, and older individuals. One must be 18 or older to be interviewed. Interviews can take place in your home, or on the College campus. We are specifically interested in interviewing past students, alumni, faculty and staff of the College, as well. (IRB Approval Code GJJL-03-07-2018. Your participation is entirely voluntary.)

Oral histories will be recorded, transcribed and posted online in Addlestone Library’s Lowcounty Digital Library. If you participate in an oral history, you will have the opportunity to review your transcript before it goes online, and you will be asked if you want to participate in a confidential series of questions whose goal is to determine if there are disparities in LGBTQ health care in the Lowcountry.

We want to record YOUR story about your life and LGBTQ history in the Lowcountry.

How to listen

Check out the oral histories available through the Lowcountry Digital Library. Check them out here!