This project was made possible by initial support from the Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation and continues through the generosity of donors like you. In appreciation of their support, we’d like to recognize the following donors for their commitments to the Lowcountry LGBTQ Documentation Project.

$1 – 99

Gregory Adams*
J. Michael Baffa and David Peckman
Patrick H. Bell*
Lou Betti*
David Bossman*
Andrea L. Brannen*
William Howell Breard, Class of 2008
Marshall Seaton Brown, Class of 2009
Michael Kane Brown*
Betsy Smith Bunker*
Polly Walton Buxton*
Susan Shorago Chase*
Margaret Hotchkiss Cieslikowski and Daniel Cieslikowski
Jennifer Simmons Cormany, Class of 2014
Sally Davis and Alan J. Davis
Jessica Elfenbein and Robert Feinstein
Denise Gaul*
Naomi Gorstein and David Gorstein
Sarah Elizabeth Gerson, Class of 2010
Harriet Grady*
Dona Haltiwanger and R. Curtis Haltiwanger, Class of 1969
Richard Hendry*

Alexander Hirsch
Gene Hodges*
George Hopkins*
Sue Jacoby
Janet Johnson
Brenda Kinsler*
Lee Anne Leland*
Michael Martinez*
Doug McCoy*
Susan Milliken*
Lynn Moldenhauer*
Sheila Morris*
Mary Murray*
Melinda Nicholson*
Susan Pearlstine Norton*
Ashley Pagnotta
Susan Lee Parsons*
Curtis Rogers*
Robert John Sauers*
Priscilla Shumway
Eve Sokol*
Larry Sussberg*
Teresa Mellis Tidestrom*
Karen Crowley Welch*
Floy Work*

$100 – 499
Rabbi Stephanie Alexander
Eve Berlinksy and Norman Berlinsky
Rachel Bocchino*
Jacob Bouknight
Rick Cone*
Raymond G. Cox, Class of 1983 (also*)
Amy Davis
Peter F. Finnerty
Mary Edna Fraser and John B. Sperry, Jr.
Mike Gleason*
Marianne C. Greely
Jacob Hirsch
Susan and Steve Hoffius
Becky Hollingsworth
Rabbi Gregory Kanter

$500 – 999
Darrell Basham
Boyd Beckwith and Jerry W. Hill, Jr., Class of 1987
Lee Breeden and James O. Breedon
E.E. Fava
Jane Fluet
Josephine Humphreys Hutcheson and Thomas Hutcheson
Dian and Richard T. Jerue
Wynetka Shutt

$1,000 – 4,999
Karen Becker
James Bouknight MD PhD and Ramsay Still
Taylor Sheldon DeBartola, Class of 2010 and William Andrew Shalosky II
Professor Don Doyle, PhD and Professor Marjorie Spruill, PhD
Susan K. Dunn
Harlan Greene, Class of 1974, and Jonathan D.A. Ray
Robert Schofield
Mr. Rick Throckmorton and Mrs. Edith Howle

$5,000 – 10,000
Medway Charitable Trust
Jim Phillips, ’73 “In memory of my crazy, funny cousin Melvin Surles who, in spite of all the prejudice he faced, flourished.”

$25,000 – 50,000
Linda Ketner and Beth Huntley
Harriet McDougal

$200,000 and above
Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation

* Denotes donation in honor of Charlie Smith