Being LGBTQ in the Lowcountry
This project was made possible by initial support from the Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation and continues through the generosity of donors like you. In appreciation of their support, we’d like to recognize the following donors for their commitments to the Lowcountry LGBTQ Documentation Project.

$1 -$99

William Howell Breard 2008
Marshall Seaton Brown 2009
Margaret Hotchkiss Cieslikowski and Daniel Cieslikowski
Jennifer Simmons Cormany 2014
Jessica Elfenbein and Robert Feinstein
Sarah Gerson 2010
Dona Haltiwanger and R. Curtis Haltiwanger 1969
Mrs. Janet Johnson

Boyd Beckwith and Jerry W. Hill, Jr. 1987
Barry Pate and William Jones 1986
Greg Kanter
George Keller
Wynetka Shutt
Frederick Thayer IV

$1,000 and above
Taylor Sheldon DeBartola 2010 and William Andrew Shalosky II
Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation
Linda G. Ketner
Harriet McDougal