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  • Call Number: Mss 1034-034
    Collection contains five photographs: George Ackerman with Rabbi Harold Friedman and I.D. Blumenthal, ca. 1954 formal photograph (ca. 1950s) of George Ackerman and three confirmation candidates, possibly at Temple Israel, Salisbury, NC image (ca. 1952) of Temple Israel's new building (?) man and woman in front of a shoe store (Fort Mill, SC?) ca. 1950s color photograph (ca. 1970s) of George Ackerman.
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  • Creator: Adams, George Smith, 1923-
    Call Number: Mss 0174
    Mainly George Smith Adams' genealogical research documenting his father George Alexander Adams (1887-1984), mother Theodora Elizabeth Smith Adams (1888-1983), grandfather Daniel Townsend Smith (1842-1929) with data on the Washington Artillery, and great grandfather Thomas Peter Smith (1814-1899). Also included are materials relating to his extended family and their surrounding areas, especially the Townsend family, Medway Plantation, Edisto Island, Charleston, South Carolina.
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  • Creator: Addlestone, Nathan S.
    Call Number: Mss 1127
    Scrapbooks, yearbooks, clippings, programs, newsletters, and reports pertaining to Nathan Addlestone, a Charleston businessman who founded several scrap metal businesses, including Steelmet, Incorporated and Addlestone International Corporation. He was also very active in philanthropy, particularly pertaining to education.
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  • Creator: Adkins, Dientje Krant Kalisky, 1938-
    Call Number: Mss 1065-017
    Pre- and post-World War II photographs of Dientje Krant Kalisky Adkins, a Dutch Jew born in 1938 in Bussum, Netherlands, who, as a child, was hidden during World War II. Photographs show Krant and her family and friends in the Netherlands, including her grandparents, parents, and other family members.
    Catalog RecordFinding AidDigital Collection
  • Creator: Adler, Willy Moritz, 1920-
    Call Number: Mss 1065-028
    The collection consists of correspondence, certificates, and other papers of Willy Adler (1920-), a native of Hamburg, Germany, who immigrated to the United States in 1939. Materials document Nazi persecution of the Adler family.
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  • Creator: Aiken, William Martin, 1855-1908
    Call Number: Mss 0002
    Sketchbooks, photographs, clippings and other professional papers of Charleston born architect William Martin Aiken. Materials relate to Aiken's student and professional work as an architect in Boston, Massachusetts, and Cincinnati, Ohio, and as the Supervising Architect of the Treasury Department. Materials also relate to homes designed by Aiken as well as buildings designed by the New York City architectural firm McKim, Mead, and White.
    Catalog RecordFinding AidDigital Collection
  • Creator: Baumgarten, Doris
    Call Number: Mss 1042
    Mostly photocopied material chronicling the history of the Jewish community in Aiken, South Carolina, including the Adath (Adas) Yeshurun Synagogue.
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  • Call Number: Mss 1034-022
    Folder of biographical information on the Solomon Brown Alch family including birth, death and marriage dates color photocopies of Alch family photographs (1910s-1990s) includes original wedding photograph (1928) of Joe Brown Alch and Rose Berloe photocopies of Alch family news clippings (1930s-1950s) include mentions (1932) of Ted Brown Alch's involvement as Master of Ceremonies at a New Jersey Marathon Dance Contest Private Jerry Alch's participation as an emcee for military functions, ca. 1940s Ted Brown Alch's death, 1952.
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  • Creator: Aldredge, Robert Croom
    Call Number: Mss 0034-002
    The collection consists of cards which Aldredge printed by hand and had professionally printed. Some of the cards have handwritten notes. A couple of the cards mention World War II, but most are simple holiday greetings. The cards cover the period from 1933 to 1945.
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  • Creator: Alexander, Saul, 1884-1952
    Call Number: Mss 1030
    Collection contains business records (1914-1925) from The Saul Alexander Dry Goods Store in Summerville, South Carolina. Eleven bound volumes include an account ledger (1914-1919) organized by name of vendor six inventory ledgers (1915-1925), each lists type of merchandise, quantity in stock, and price expense ledger (1922-1924) details daily expenditures check registers (1925-1926) from Alexander's accounts with Bank of Summerville cancelled checks from Bank of Summerville and Bank of Dorchester.
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  • Creator: McCrady, Edward, Jr., b. 1906-
    Call Number: Mss 0034-038
    Alma Mater for the College of Charleston written by Edward McCrady, Jr. (Class of 1927). A musical score with three verses and a chorus hnadwritten in pencil. Possibly written in response to a contest posted in The College of Charleston Magazine (Dec. 1934) sponsored by the Cliosophic Literary Society at the College of Charleston.
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  • Call Number: Mss 0034-159
    This collection contains items related to Theodosia Burr Alston and includes articles, genealogies, correspondence, photographs, and other miscellaneous and biographical materials.
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  • Call Number: Mss 0034-157
    This collection consists of items related to William Algernon Alston and includes miscellaneous biographical, genealogical, and primary sources.
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  • Call Number: Mss 0034-168
    This collection consists of three versions of the Alston family coat of arms. Two smaller crests are attributed to W. Alston of Clifton, S.C. and Charles Alston of Fairfield, S.C. A third coat of arms, belonging to John Ashe Alston, is centered on a larger piece of paper upon which the history of the Alston family coat of arms, written by Alston Deas, is printed in pencil. Next to an illustration of an estoile, Alston Deas notes that this is the correct star to place upon the Alston family coat of arms. Alston Deas also explains the family motto found on all three crests ( Immotus ) is Latin for unmoved or immovable and was intended as a play on the Alston name ( All stone ).
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  • Creator: Altman, Dora, 1896-1999
    Call Number: Mss 1006
    Collection consists of material related to Dora Altman's immediate family and relatives, including obituaries and family genealogy notes. Also included are a personal autograph book (1920s) and several address and memo pads with notes on family birthdays and death dates. Material of the related Brown family consists of correspondence and publications (1980s-1990s).
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  • Creator: Temple B'nai Israel (Anderson, S.C.). Sisterhood
    Call Number: Mss 1034-101
    Original and photocopied monthly meeting minutes book of the Anderson Sisterhood of Temple B'nai Israel located in Anderson, South Carolina. The Anderson Sisterhood was affiliated with the National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods, now known as Women of Reform Judaism, and helped to raise funds for rabbinic scholarships and charities including the American Red Cross and the Hebrew Orphan's Home in Atlanta, Georgia.
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  • Creator: Catholic Church
    Call Number: Mss 0034-185
    Single manuscript leaf. Red and black ink on double-sided vellum. With musical notation.
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  • Creator: Handshu, Joel, 1946-1998
    Call Number: Mss 0062
    Collection includes the original dealer description for each coin, inventories and appraisals, and some notes by Handshu. Most of the documentation consists of the dealer and auction catalogs Handshu selected his coins from and issues of periodicals which provide an overview of the market for coins. Handshu's reference books on coins have been cataloged separately for the Library's collection.
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  • Creator: Appel, Samuel, 1929-
    Call Number: Mss 1034-096
    This collection includes athletic patches and other ephemera of Samuel Appel (1929-), a Charleston, South Carolina, native. Materials relate to Appel's participation in the Charleston Jewish Community Center, the Boy Scouts of America, and Aleph Zadik Aleph (AZA).
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  • Creator: Appel family
    Call Number: Mss 1034-011
    Collection includes Ida and Abraham Appel's South Carolina marriage license (1922) Ida Appel's original Certificate of U.S. Citizenship (1935) and U.S passport (1967) Abraham Appel's social security cards, South Carolina driver's license (1961), and laminated clipping of his obituary (1962). Also includes Harry I. Appel's birth certificate (1924) from Mercy Hospital, Charleston, S.C., Notification of Birth Registration (1924) from the U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, and a typhoid vaccination record (1932).
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  • Call Number: Mss 1034-033
    Application for membership to the DAR, from Sumter's House, Sumter, South Carolina, submitted by Virginia Moïse (Mrs. Herbert A.) Rosefield, January 1959. Mrs. Rosefield was granted membership by right of lineal descent from Marks Lazarus, her great-great-great-great grandfather. Application traces Rosefield's relation to Lazarus and provides genealogical information including birth, death and marriage dates for descendants. The application is accompanied by a typed page with details from the application and with information taken from M.E. Harby's accepted application for membership in Sons of the American Revolution.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 0034-004
    The collection consists of a document naming Louis D. DeSaussure, J. Fraser Mathewes, and I.M. Shackelford arbitrators on behalf of the Charleston (S.C.) City Council in the matter of opening South Street from Hanover to America Streets. The document is signed by Mayor P.C. Gaillard.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Atherton, Gertrude Franklin Horn, 1857-1948
    Call Number: Mss 0034-005
    Gertrude Atherton was a California novelist who was noted as an author of fiction and nonfiction. The letter is from Atherton and is addressed to Miss Baker. It thanks her for articles she had sent to Atherton.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Audubon, John James, 1785-1851
    Call Number: Mss 0034-179
    This collection consists of seven warbler plates taken from one of the octavo-sized editions of John James Audubon's work, 1839-1871. These octavo prints are hand-colored lithographs. The lithographs include: Audubon's wood-warbler, no. 16, plate 77 Black-poll wood warbler, no. 16, plate 78 Black-throated green wood warbler, no. 17, plate 84 Blue mountain warbler, no. 20, plate 98 Worm-eating swamp warbler, no. 21, plate 105 Golden-winged swamp warbler, no. 22, plate 107 Black and white creeping warbler, no. 23, plate 114.
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  • Creator: Auld, Isaac, 1770-1826
    Call Number: Mss 0034-091
    The collection includes a letter of recommendation from Dr. Auld, late principal of the Edisto Island Academy, dated March 10, 1815, from Rev. A.P. Thayer of the Classics Department of Edisto Island Academy. In this letter, Auld mentions that Thayer kept the school open during the recent war (the War of 1812).
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Aydelotte, Joshua
    Call Number: Mss 0034-043
    This collection consists of a return of taxable property in the Parish of Saint Philip's and the District of Charleston for lot number 33 on Chalmer's Alley with a brick building owned by Joshua Aydelotte. The tax return was signed by John Roche, Joshua Aydelotte's representative, on February 13, 1813.
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  • Call Number: Mss 1046
    Collection contains records of the Charleston, SC, chapters of Aleph Zadik Aleph and B'nai B'rith Girls. AZA Chapter #143 records comprise bulk of collection and contain: Administrative records: chapter rosters (1931-1980) lists of past presidents and Sweethearts meeting minutes (1964) correspondence (1960-1965) press releases(1960-1962) event planning notes (1960-1964) award information. Photographs (color and b/w) include images of 1930s dances, District 5 conventions, sports teams 1940s Sweetheart dances, District 5 conventions 1950s Sweetheart dances and candidates 1960s Sweetheart dances and candidates, conventions, chapter officers 1970s dances, basketball teams.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Independent Order of B'nai B'rith. Dan Lodge, No. 593
    Call Number: Mss 1061
    Collection includes Dan Lodge Number 593 member and officer rosters (1940-1942), minutes from monthly meetings (1938-1942), and correspondence (1940-1942) between officers and members. Topics covered in minutes and correspondence include fundraising and social activities, involvement with the Anti-Defamation League and Dan Lodge Number 593's participation in civilian defense and other home front efforts during World War II.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Bachman, John, 1790-1874
    Call Number: Mss 0034-110
    On March 4, 1862, John Bachman wrote a letter to Mrs. E. Horlbeck (Suzzy) thanking her for the offer of a horse to fulfill his responsibilities as a minister.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Bachman, John, 1790-1874.
    Call Number: Mss 0034-116
    This b&w lithograph of Bachman was engraved by Thomas B. Welch from a portrait by R.J. Curtis. The inscription under the print reads, Rev. J. Bachman. D.D., elected pastor of the Lutheran Church, Charleston, 1811 .
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Bacot, Josephine Rhett, 1859-1932
    Call Number: Mss 0003
    Papers of Josephine Bacot contain correspondence with family and friends including letters (one describes the Charleston earthquake of 1886) from Daniel Huger Bacot (1847-1920), Daniel Huger Bacot (b. 1888), and Walter Rhett Bacot. Letters (1888-1904) from her father Robert Barnwell Rhett at Huntsville, Alabama concern family matters.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Baker, Louis, 1909-1955
    Call Number: Mss 1136
    Photographs, correspondence, and other papers of Louis Baker, president of M. Baker and Sons meat packing plant and founding member of the Charleston County Livestock Growers Association. Materials include photographs of Louis Baker and the M. Baker and Sons plant; certificates from Louis's involvement in the National Independent Meat Packers Association, the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine (renamed Shriners International), and the Scottish Rite of the Freemasons; financial records from his position as treasurer of Beth Israel Synagogue in Charleston, South Carolina, correspondence, and printed materials including synagogue programs and newspaper clippings. Also includes recordings of his sons' Bar Mitzvah's at Congregation Emanu-El in Charleston.
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  • Call Number: Mss 0034-129
    This collection consists of a twenty-dollar bank note issued by the state of South Carolina, circa 1777.
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  • Creator: Bank of Charleston
    Call Number: Mss 0004
    Records of the Bank of Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina. Materials relate to the daily operations and financial transactions of the Bank of Charleston. Collection includes ledgers, journals, and receipt books containing records of general accounts, deposits, loans, and exchange rates. Also included are ledgers containing the business accounts of Merchants National Bank, Savannah, Georgia, and the Bank of Liverpool.
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  • Creator: Bank of South Carolina
    Call Number: Mss 0034-071
    This collection consists of an original copy of An Act to establish a bank, on behalf of and for the benefits of the State drawn by Rasha Cannon, senator from the Darlington district of South Carolina from 1812 to 1835. The act which passed in December 1812 became the charter for the Bank of the State of South Carolina which was owned by the state and headquartered in Charleston. The second item is a certificate number 549 for eight shares in the Bank of South Carolina held by George Bert Reid on September 3, 1816 and transferred on February 27, 1817.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Bank of the United States (1791-1811)
    Call Number: Mss 0034-085
    Consists of stock indentures issued in Charleston, South Carolina to Isaac Ball, James Calder, Louis Danjou, John C. Faber, Marie Huguet, William Jenner, Basil Lanneau, Nathan Nathans, William Payne, Burridge Purvis, William Purvis, George Rose, J.E.A. Steinmetz, Williams Thayer, Miss A.E. Van Rhyn, and James Hamilton (of Georgia).
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Banov, Edna Ginsberg, 1908-
    Call Number: Mss 1039
    Entire collection is photocopies of Edna Banov's unpublished manuscripts and other writings originals remain with donor. Includes poems, short stories, letters, memoirs, notes, book reviews, eulogies, tributes and a compilation of Banov's short stories and letters titled, Potpourri, Some of This, Some of That. (Many works in Potpourri have draft versions in the collection.) Most writings are annotated and several have critique notes included (from an unnamed editor.)
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Banov family
    Call Number: Mss 1025
    Writings, correspondence, clippings, financial, organizational, and other materials documenting the personal and professional interests of the Banov family of Charleston, South Carolina. Materials relate to Dr. Leon Banov Jr., proctologist and president of Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim from 1965 to 1967, Rita Landesman Banov, community service volunteer and president of Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim from 1981 to 1983, and their son, Alan Banov. Materials also relate to the 150th anniversary celebration of Reform Judaism in America organized by the couple and held at Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim, the birthplace of Reform Judaism in the United States.
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  • Creator: Barnwell family
    Call Number: Mss 0110
    This collection consists of correspondence of Reverend William H. W. Barnwell, his wife Catherine Osborn Barnwell, their children and other Barnwell family relations. Topics include social life in Beaufort and Charleston, South Carolina, varying religions and their differences, historiography of South Carolina, St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Charleston, religious instruction of slaves, missionary work in China, South Carolina College (1840- 1860), Rev. James Henley Thornwell, the capture of Jefferson Davis (1865), emancipation of a slave (1837), travel in Europe and the South and many other topics of the day.
    Catalog RecordFinding AidDigital Collection
  • Creator: Baruch family
    Call Number: Mss 1110
    The collection consists of family photographs and photograph albums, scrapbooks, and assorted papers of the Baruch family of Camden, South Carolina, and New York City, and the Lennox family of Rocky Hill, Connecticut. Materials primarily relate to Hartwig Nathaniel Baruch Sr., stage actor and member of the New York stock exchange, his wife, Arline Lennox Baruch, and their son, Hartwig Nathaniel Baruch Jr.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Bauer, Martha Mondschein, 1915-2011
    Call Number: Mss 1065-007
    Correspondence, photographs, and memoirs of Martha Mondschein Bauer, a Jewish nurse who escaped Germany by becoming a volunteer nurse in England and the Dominican Republic. Included is correspondence regarding her brother and her husband's parents, photographs of Mondschein's and Bauer's family members, and her husband Felix Bauer's memoir.
    Catalog RecordFinding AidDigital Collection
  • Creator: Baum, Minnie Tewel, 1898-1985
    Call Number: Mss 1065-045
    The collection consists of letters, telegrams, and other papers relating to Minnie Tewel Baum's unsuccessful efforts to aid her cousin, Malie Landsmann, and her family, in escaping Nazi Germany. Included is a photograph of Malie Landsmann, her husband, Chaim, and their daughters, Ida and Peppi.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Baum, Williams, 1916-1946
    Call Number: Mss 1034-050
    Includes Williams Baum's sophomore year College of Charleston report card (1935) bill for $1.00 for WB's College of Charleston academic fees (1935) College of Charleston graduation program (1937), Williams Baum among graduating class front cover of program notes, Centennial Anniversary for the College of Charleston as a Municipal College 1837-1937. Includes four page genealogical chart, Descendants of the Jacob Baum Family.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Bear Bluff Laboratories, Wadmalaw Island, SC
    Call Number: Accession 2014-45
    Materials are primarily comprised of printed materials including U.S. Dept. of Commerce Weather Reports, U.S. Dept. of Commerce Local Climatological Summaries, Station Meteorological Summaries, and The South Carolina Co-Operative Agricultural Weather Observer newsletter as well as monthly meteorological summaries and monthly weather forecasts recording temperature, precipitation, wind, and general weather. Also included are individual monthly weather observation journals with daily observations of temperature and precipitation taken at the Bears Bluff Laboratories station on Wadmalaw Island, South Carolina.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Benbassat, Jacques, 1929-2010
    Call Number: Mss 1065-002
    The collection consists of a photograph album, memoir, passports, and other papers of Jacques Benbassat, a native of Austria who immigrated to the United States in 1949. Materials mostly relate to the Feuerstein family, including identification cards used by Adela Feuerstein, his maternal grandmother, and photographs of Feuerstein family members traveling in Austria and Poland before 1938, when they fled Austria in fear of Nazi persecution.
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  • Creator: Bennett, John, 1865-1956
    Call Number: Mss 0034-174
    A letter of condolence from author John Bennett to Carlotta Harris upon the death of her husband, Lancelot Minor Harris (College of Charleston English professor), in 1941.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Berendt, Benjamin, 1912-2010
    Call Number: Mss 1089
    Writings, newspaper clippings, poetry, plays, publications, correspondence, photographs, and other personal papers of Benjamin Berendt and Anna Gelson Berendt of Charleston, South Carolina. Materials mostly relate to the Berendt and Gelson family histories as well as Benjamin's and Anna's travels. Also included are Aleph Zadik Aleph Chapter 143 publications from the 1950s and 1960s.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Berlijn family
    Call Number: Mss 1065-053
    The collection consists of a photograph album, memoir, and other papers relating to the Berlijn family, including Nico Berlijn and his parents, Johanna Spielmann and Abraham "Bram" Berlijn, Dutch Jews who survived World War II in hiding in the Netherlands. Also includes a Star of David badge issued to Johanna Spielmann Berlijn.
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  • Creator: Beth Israel Congregation (Beaufort, S.C.)
    Call Number: Mss 1076
    Original minute book and photocopied reproduction, real estate titles, and long-term lease of Beth Israel, a small Conservative congregation in Beaufort, South Carolina.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Call Number: Mss 1034-083
    Two bills of sale made out to David Ashby Stuckey and his wife. One (1873) is from Marx E. Cohen, a dealer in dry goods, groceries, shoes, and hardware. The second (1896) is from Schwartz Bros., a dry goods store and millinery. Both stores were located in Sumter, South Carolina.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Bishopville Hebrew Congregation (Bishopville, S.C.)
    Call Number: Mss 1034-047
    Original Certificate of Incorporation for The Bishopville Hebrew Congregation, May 7, 1925 signed by W.P. Blackwell, South Carolina Secretary of State includes list of officers and board of directors of the Bishopville Hebrew Congregation.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Manigault, Gabriel E. (Gabriel Edward), 1833-1899
    Call Number: Mss 0034-037
    Holograph manuscript with annotations and corrections written by Gabriel Manigault for publication in the Proceedings of the Elliott Society. In the manuscript Manigault notes that an earlier article, published in the Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History, was based on his letter to J.B. Holder.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Blake, Edward, d. 1795
    Call Number: Mss 0034-042
    This collection consists of a return of taxable property belonging to Edward Blake in October 1794. It includes lots on Legare Street and South Bay Street along with plantations and slaves in St. Andrew's Parish, Ninety Six District and Saint Bartholomew's Parish.
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  • Call Number: Mss 0034-149
    This collection consists of items related to the genealogy of the Blamyer family. It includes genealogies and other miscellaneous biographical materials.
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  • Call Number: Mss 0034-150
    This collection consists items related to the Blamyer family and includes artifacts, certificates, church records, clippings, correspondence, genealogies, obituaries, photographs, wills, and other miscellaneous biographical and genealogical materials.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 0104
    This collection consists of three diaries and scrapbooks of Elizabeth Mary Lesesne Blamyer Wigfall from 1836 to 1897. These contain clippings, poems, hymns, death notices, editorials and pressed plants. Handwritten entries discuss the marriage of her daughter, the birth of her grandchild, and attending services at St. Philip's Church. The Civil War diary, 1860-1865, notes the secession of the southern states, important battles and the destruction of Columbia, S.C. by General Sherman.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Blas, Harry, 1924-2003
    Call Number: Mss 1065-029
    The collection consists mainly of copy negatives, slides, and digital images of pre-World War II photographs of the families of Harry Blas, born in Lodz, Poland, and Erika Stockfleth Blas, born in Grevesmühlen, Germany. Also included is a short memoir by Harry Blas detailing his experiences in the Lodz ghetto and Auschwitz concentration camp, and a handwritten genealogy of the Stockfleth family by Erika Blas.
    Catalog RecordFinding AidDigital Collection
  • Creator: Bloom, Julius Harry, 1893-1973
    Call Number: Mss 1034-012
    Collection of material related to Julius H. Bloom's World War I military service. Includes photograph (print) of Bloom in uniform, ca. 1918 and panoramic image (print) of Company A, 1st Battalion, 118th Infantry Regiment, 30th Division (a.k.a. Butler Guards) at Camp Sevier, South Carolina, 1918 color photograph (original) of seventeen Butler Guard veterans (including Bloom) and clipping (Sept. 4, 1971) from Greenville Piedmont re. reunion of Butler Guards.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Bloom family
    Call Number: Mss 1118
    Photographs, scrapbooks, correspondence, clippings, school records, and other materials relating to the Bloom family of Greenville, South Carolina. The majority of records document the education, military service, and community involvement of Jack Bloom, with a smaller quantity of materials pertaining to his parents, Julius and Jennie Shatenstein Bloom, and his wife, Lillian Chernoff Bloom, as well as items relating to the Chernoff, Cohen, and Shatenstein families.
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  • Creator: Blumenfeld, Harris, 1861-1953
    Call Number: Mss 1113
    Contains a wedding anniversary certificate, obituary, Baron Hirsch Congregation centennial booklet, and Hebrew typewriter belonging to the poet Harris Blumenfeld.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Call Number: Mss 1034-066
    This collection contains the immigration documents of the Bolgla family, [illegible female name] Perel (b.1868), Abram (b.1894), Hilel or Ylel, and Sara, who emigrated from Poland to the United States in 1921. It includes passports a birth and marriage record vaccination and U.S. Health Service certificates shipboard documents including embarkation cards for the M.G. Freudberg Red Star Line ship the S.S. Kroonland and a copy of Sara Bolgla Breibart's passport photograph. The collection also includes an address book containing multi-national names and addresses and a later letter from Israel, written in Yiddish, with the envelope addressed to a Mrs. Bolgla in Augusta, Georgia. The name of Rabbi David Deutsch appears in the content of the letter.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 0034-131
    This collection consists of a bond certificate issued by the state of Maryland to Thomas Wood for 64 pounds, 2 shillings, and 2 pence. It is dated November 26, 1781, and signed by W. Wilkins, commissioner.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Boroughs, Zig
    Call Number: Mss 1065-040
    The collection consists of correspondence, memoirs, and other papers of Zig Boroughs, an American soldier who served with the 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment during World War II. Two memoirs are included: one written by Edith Jakobs, a Jewish native of Germany who was liberated by members of Boroughs's unit while in hiding in the Netherlands the other by Werner Tom Angress, also a Jewish native of Germany, who enlisted in the U.S. Army and served as an interrogator with Boroughs's unit.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Call Number: Mss 0108
    This is a scrapbook containing 48 plant specimens on blank pages collected from 1883 to 1885. There are nine mounted plant specimens collected from August 1883 to April 1885 from Summerville, S.C.: Zigadenus glaberrimus, Commelina communis, Xyris ambigua, Commelina erecta, Trillium sesile, Cirsium acaulon, Tradescantia roseolens and Amianthium muscitoxicum. Also included are twenty plant specimens which are not dated or identified six plant specimens collected between May and June 1884 and thirteen plant specimens collected from July 1883 to June 1884 in Flat Rock, N.C. and Summerville, S.C.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Breibart, Solomon
    Call Number: Mss 1084
    Research files, publications, correspondence, and other professional papers of Solomon Breibart, teacher and historian. Materials relate to Breibart's research and publications on the history of Charleston's Jewish population, in particular, the history of the city's oldest Jewish congregation, Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim
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  • Creator: Breibart family
    Call Number: Mss 1034-108
    Photographs and photograph facsimiles of members of the Breibart family of Charleston, South Carolina. Samuel Breibart established a grocery store on Meeting Street called Breibart's Grocery. Photographs primarily include four of his five children: Solomon Breibart, a high school teacher and local historian, Mildred Breibart Sonenshine, Sidney Breibart, a pediatrician, and Jack Breibart, a journalist and newspaper editor. Also included are a small number of photographs of the Goldberg family and family friends, as well as a program from an event commemorating a close family friend, Leon Feldman.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Call Number: Mss 1032
    Collection contains papers of the Breibart and Lazarus (Lazarowitz) families. Breibart material includes Sam Breibart's original U.S. Certificate of Naturalization and photocopy (1960) of his 1913 New York marriage license George Breibart's report cards (1932-33) from High School of Charleston and Bertha Lazarus Breibart's report cards (1926-32) from Summerville Public School. Breibart photographs (b/w) include portrait of Jacob and Sarah Goldberg (ca. 1915), and wedding portrait of Sam Breibart and Ida Goldberg (1913).
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Bridges, P. K., 1924-2010
    Call Number: Mss 1065-035
    The collection consists of copies of photographs taken at Dachau concentration camp and collected by Paul Bridges, a U.S. soldier who served as a guard at the camp after its liberation in April 1945.
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  • Creator: Brith Sholom Beth Israel (Charleston, S.C.)
    Call Number: Mss 1068
    The collection consists of the surviving records of Brith Sholom, an orthodox congregation founded in Charleston, South Carolina in 1852, Beth Israel, another orthodox Charleston congregation founded in 1911, and the records of Brith Sholom Beth Israel founded in 1954 when the two congregations merged. Also included are the records of Charleston Hebrew Institute, founded in 1956, and later known as the Addlestone Hebrew Academy. With records of the Ladies Hebrew Benevolent Society, the Daughters of Israel (later known as the BSBI Sisterhood), and other materials on Jewish history and culture in Charleston, South Carolina.
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  • Creator: Great Britain. Sovereign
    Call Number: Mss 0088
    This collection consists of the following published material, heavily illustrated, dealing with the British royal family from Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth II: 1. The golden extra: to commemorate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee (Daily Mail, 23 June 1897) 2. The Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebration (Illustrated London News, with suppl., 26 June 1897) 3. Her majesty's glorious jubilee 1897 (Illustrated London News, Diamond Jubilee no. 1897) 4. Queen Victoria funeral (The Sphere, 9 February 1901 5. King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra at the opening of Parliament, February 14, 1901 (Suppl. to Illustrated London News, 23 February 1901 6. Coronation and procession of Edward VII (Illustrated London News, Special no., 14 August 1902) 7. Prince of Wales in India (Newsletter, Suppl. to Sphere, 25 November 1905) 8. Life of King Edward VII (The Graphic, special no., 11 May 1910) 9. The Coronation of their majesties King George VI & Queen Elizabeth: official souvenir program (12 May 1939) 10. Coronation ceremony of George VI (Illustrated London News, 15 May 1939)
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 0131
    The collection contains 71 8x10 black and white photographs of sculptures by 50 different artists located within Brookgreen Gardens. Subjects include humans, animals, and mythological figures.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Goodin, Benjamin
    Call Number: Mss 1065-031
    The collection consists of four photographs of Buchenwald concentration camp taken in April 1945, shortly after its liberation by the U.S. Army.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Betsill, Edwin
    Call Number: Mss 1065-030
    The collection consists of two May 1945 U.S. Army reports written by F. van Wyck Mason describing conditions at Buchenwald concentration camp and other areas in Germany.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Burges, George Detwiler, 1917-1944
    Call Number: Mss 0095
    George Detwiler Burges graduated from the College of Charleston in 1938. He served as a B-17 pilot during World War II and was killed in action in 1944. This collection consists of Burges' personal papers, letters, military records, photographs, newspaper and magazine articles, and military decorations including the Purple Heart and Distinguished Flying Cross.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Buxton, Julian T.
    Call Number: Mss 1034-016
    Papers consist of Buxton's original annotated typescript (bound), Franklin J. Moses, Jr., the Scalawag Governor of South Carolina, a thesis presented to the Department of History, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Arts, April 26, 1950. Included are a letter and two postcards from southern historian, Frances B. Simkins, which contain critique of the thesis, along with comments and encouragement to publish. Also notes (author unknown) that evaluate specific pages.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Byrd, Pierrine Smith, 1899-
    Call Number: Mss 0007
    Collection contains materials related to Byrd's alumni activities including correspondence, membership lists, receipts, clippings, and programs. Other items include awards, medals, and clippings relating to her college days, alumni activities, and her contributions to rose culture.
    Catalog RecordDigital Collection
  • Creator: Byrnes Downs Garden Club (Charleston, S.C.)
    Call Number: Mss 0148
    This collection consists of a scrapbook documenting the history, projects, and activities of the Byrnes Downs Garden Club from 1948 to 1953. The scrapbook contains photographs, newspaper clippings, typed histories and explanatory notes, year books including the organization's constitution and membership lists (1948-1953), programs and awards from special events, and one map of metropolitan Charleston from 1945 that details neighborhoods. The scrapbook also includes ink drawings on some pages and paintings on the front and back covers.
    Catalog RecordFinding AidDigital Collection


  • Creator: Poliakoff Feinsilber, Doris, 1941-
    Call Number: Mss 1126
    Photograph album containing group photos of campers at Camp Blue Star (now named Blue Star Camps), a Jewish summer camp in Henderson, North Carolina. Photographs feature Doris Poliakoff Feinsilber during her time at Camp Blue Star in the late 1950s as a camper and a counselor.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Call Number: Mss 1034-082
    A photograph album containing snapshots from a vacation in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Asheville, North Carolina. Camp Lawless is written on the album, which was likely created by Paul Hamilton Rogers or Ruth Richardson Rogers. The album includes pictures of the friends, including Clifton Moユse and Marguerite Cromer, at the cabin as well as at the Biltmore Estate.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Carns, Alexander
    Call Number: Mss 0034-008
    Bill of sale dated 29th December 1083 (1803) for a Negro girl named Luce sold by Alexander Carns of North Carolina to John Foster of Lancaster District, South Carolina. Witnessed by Catherine Carns.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Carolina Geological Society. Meeting (1940: Charleston, S.C.)
    Call Number: Mss 0034-103
    The collection consists of the itinerary from the Fifth Annual Meeting of the Carolina Geological Society. The meeting was held in Charleston, S.C. at the Citadel on October 19th-20th, 1940.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Taukchiray, Wes, 1948-
    Call Number: Mss 0133
    All known information about the Wateree Indians of South Carolina and North Carolina was assembled by Wes Taukchiray for Charles Walker Carroll. This collection includes Taukchiray's book-length manuscript summarizing his research (323 pages available online), annotated photocopies of published information, and related correspondence. The Wateree were the first tribe of Indians in North America known to have had a Spanish mission established on their territory. The mission was located at Guatari (pronounced Waterホe) from 1566 to 1572. Sources are included through 1770, when the Wateree were last mentioned as part of the Catawba Nation. Also included are all known references to the Wateree in secondary sources dating from 1924 to 2002. A series of reports deals primarily with the archaeology of the Wateree and Yadkin rivers and dissertations. Correspondents include Ives Goddard, Senior Linguist, Department of Anthropology, Smithsonian Institution.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Chaplin, George, 1914-
    Call Number: Mss 1034-023
    Material related to the life and career of George Chaplin. Includes biographical information on the Chaplin family including birth and death dates and locations for Chaplin's grandparents (Abraham and Vera Bayarsky and Chaim and Reba Tschaplinsky) and parents, Morris and Netty Chaplin short biographies of George Chaplin and his son, Stephen M. Chaplin.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Charleston and Savannah Railroad
    Call Number: Mss 0064
    Volume contains handwritten minutes of the Board of Directors of the Charleston and Savannah Railroad Company, Charleston, South Carolina.
    Catalog RecordDigital Collection
  • Call Number: Mss 0048
    The album contains 128 black and white photographs of landscapes, buildings, homes, boats, and farms in Charleston and Summerville, South Carolina, and unidentified areas in upstate New York. The Summerville photographs include photographs of a boarding house for teachers. The photographs of Charleston appear to be between 1880-1900 and show historic homes and buildings. The compiler of the album is unknown. All of the photographs appear to be of the same family.
    Catalog RecordDigital Collection
  • Creator: Charleston Chamber of Commerce (Charleston, S.C.)
    Call Number: Mss 0034-010
    Records (1823-1923) include rules, awards, proposed constitution and by-laws, an annual report, and membership lists.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Aleph Zadik Aleph. Charleston Chapter #143 (Charleston, S.C.)
    Call Number: Mss 1129
    Correspondence, newsletters, manuals, pledge tests and training booklets, and ephemera relating to Charleston chapter #143 of Aleph Zadik Aleph (AZA), an all-male Jewish youth organization.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Charleston County (S.C.). Clerk of Court
    Call Number: Mss 0034-068
    Typescript list of record books (1700-1936) kept at the County Clerk's office [Clerk of Court], Charleston (S.C.).
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Charleston County Woman's Club. Education Committee
    Call Number: Mss 0102
    The collection consists of three scrapbooks of correspondence, clippings, resolutions and reports of the Education Committee of the Charleston County Woman's Club, 1966 to 1969. During this time the club was pushing for action to establish a university in Charleston with the College of Charleston as the base.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 0034-102
    The paper is a typed rough draft with hand written corrections. It describes the Hospital workers' strike at the Medical College of South Carolina in 1969. The author is not identified, but a handwritten note reveals that the document was written in 1982. The paper discusses the role played by Mary Moultrie, the leader of the strike, and William McCord, the college president, in the strike. The strike was a protest by African-American, predominantly female, hospital workers for better working conditions and higher wages.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 1020
    Includes correspondence, minutes, typescripts, carbons, newspapers, photocopies of clippings, printed matter.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Call Number: Mss 0034-127
    The collection consists of the program for a song recital given by Amelita Galli-Curci at the Charleston Theatre on March 21, 1924. The program includes a listing of the selections performed as well as a portrait of Amelita Galli-Curci on its cover.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 0132
    The photographs were assembled primarily by Robert N. S. Whitelaw, and the text was prepared by Alice F. Levkoff for a book about the social history, natural disasters, and architecture of Charleston, South Carolina. Many images are classic views of the City, and many of the City's principal buildings are represented in some of the earliest and best photographs of them known to have been taken. A large number of buildings were subsequently damaged or altered, and some no longer survive. The natural disasters include the Earthquake of 1886, hurricanes during 1885 and 1911, and a tornado in 1938. The best represented photographers are Frances Benjamin Johnston, George L. Cook, Franklin F. Sams, and Howard R. Jacobs. Most of the approximately 400 photographs in the collection are 8X10 black-and-white prints.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Reznikoff, Charles, 1894-1976
    Call Number: Mss 0034-059
    The manuscript is a rough draft authored by Charles Reznikoff. Parts of this work later appeared in The Jews of Charleston : history of an American Jewish community, a work in which Reznikoff collaborated with Uriah Z. Engelman, published by the Jewish Publication Society of America in 1950.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 0118
    This collection includes copies of Susan Lott's depositions, taken from December 18, 1979 to January 11, 1980 and January 14 to February 8, 1980 a copy of the report on the investigation by the South Carolina Attorney General's office written by Richard P. Wilson, the assistant Attorney General a response by Chem-Nuclear Systems to the Attorney General's report and newspaper clippings pertaining to the investigation and the Attorney General's findings.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Chisolm's Rice Mill (Charleston, S.C.)
    Call Number: Mss 0053
    Chisolm's Rice Mill records include letterpress copybooks (1890-1902, with a plan view of the rice store and wharfs, and monthy records of amounts paid and due at the mill), cash books (1897-1908), balance books (1873-1911), general ledgers (1889-1908), and vouchers and receipts (with index, 1889-1912) for companies and individuals for goods and services.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Call Number: Mss 1034-037
    This sheet of commemorative stamps honors the Monitor and the Virginia, Shiloh, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, and sixteen individuals who were important in the Civil War: Robert E. Lee, Clara Barton, Ulysses S. Grant, Jefferson Davis, David Farragut, Frederick Douglass, Raphael Semmes, Abraham Lincoln, Harriet Tubman, Stand Watie, Joseph E. Johnston, Winfield Hancock, Mary Chesnut, William T. Sherman, Phoebe Pember, and Stonewall Jackson.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 0034-013
    The collection consists of three Civil War era letters. The first letter was written by James E. Wilkins of Virginia to Colonel John Preston on January 23, 1861. In the letter Wilkins pledges his services to South Carolina. The second letter, written September 11, 1862 to John H. Easton, was from a Mr. Helton. In the letter Helton discusses his recovery from injuries suffered during the war. In the third letter, C.A. Strange discusses war time conditions to her brother.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Jewish Orphan Asylum (Shaker Heights, Ohio)
    Call Number: Mss 1034-081
    Group portrait photograph taken at the Cleveland Jewish Orphan Asylum, circa 1910. The image shows Superintendent Samuel Wolfenstein with children residing at the orphanage. Nathan Kohler, father of Marjorie Kohler Abrams of Greenville, South Carolina, is pictured in the photograph.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Elzas, Barnett Abraham, 1867-1936
    Call Number: Accession 2015-01
    Clothbound "autographs" book of Rabbi Barnett A. Elzas, rabbi of Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim Congregation of Charleston, South Carolina, from 1894 to 1901. Book contains pasted and laid-in newspaper clippings concerning Elzas during his time in Toronto, Sacramento, and Charleston and detail the sermons Elzas gave in the different synagogues he presided over, lectures on linguistics he gave in different cities, and a profile and biography clipping. Also included are clippings reviewing The Sabbath-School Companion, reports on Russian Jews escaping persecution and being helped by Rabbi Elzas in Toronto, news of a prominent Toronto Jewish wedding with Elzas presiding, the Charleston anti-Organ controversy, the previous rabbi at the synagogue in Charleston before and immediately after Elzas became rabbi, news of an Orthodox Jewish divorce given in the county jail of Jeffersonville, Indiana, and a Kansas City man converting to Judaism in order to marry.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Cogswell, William H. (William Harvey), 1831-1902
    Call Number: Mss 0034-080
    The collection consists of 8 handwritten letters from William Harvey Cogswell to his son Julius E. Cogswell. The letters, which were written between 1887 and 1888, include information on the family printing business and purchasing notes and prices for books. The collection also includes one letter to J.B. Lippincott & Co. (1887) requesting price quotes and discounts on book purchases, and one letter from William H. Morrison (1887). Morrison was a law bookseller and publisher in New York and Washington, D.C. The letter concerns book purchases made by Walker, Evans & Cogswell Co.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Cohen, Asher D.
    Call Number: Mss 1034-054
    Most letters (1882-1909) are dated June and July 1889 and deal with Cohen's successful defense of Thomas Ballard McDow, who shot and killed Francis Warrington Dawson during an altercation in McDow's Charleston home. Most are congratulatory letters from writers such as R.N. Goldsmith, Charleston Mayor William A. Courtenay, E. Dreyfous of the New York City Police Department, M.R. Samuels (who comments on Francis Warrington Dawson) and Robert Chisolm (who notes the divine right of self protection.)
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Cohen, David A., Jr., 1921-1997
    Call Number: Mss 1021
    Papers (1928-1980) of the Darlington Temple Sisterhood: include certificate of incorporation and 1933 constitution correspondence, bulk pertains to financial matters broken runs of minutes topics include general business, fundraising activities and state sisterhood news broken run of annual reports financial records include bank statements, check book, and account ledgers for general sisterhood funds and cemetery expenses.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Call Number: Mss 1034-028
    Two photographs (both black and white) of Reverend Jacob Cohen. The first is an original image (1932, donated by Ellen Oberman Katzen) of Cohen taken in Scranton, PA. Second photograph is a print (donated by Cohen's grandson Marvin L. Simner) of original image of Rev. Cohen and his wife, Ellen, which appears to have been taken the same day and location as first photograph. Notes on Rev. Cohen (compiled by his grandson, Marvin L. Simner) also included.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Cohen family; Mark family
    Call Number: Mss 1034-105
    Collection consists of ten photographs of members of the Cohen and Mark families of Clio, South Carolina. Photographs primarily feature Abe Cohen, his daughter Cecile Cohen Waronker, and his wife Betty Mark Cohen. A small number of images also feature other members of the Cohen and Mark families. Included is a list of detailed captions numbered to correspond to a number on the back of each photograph.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Moses family; Emanuel family; Cohen family; Seixas family
    Call Number: Mss 1124
    Photographs, correspondence, diaries and memoirs, genealogical materials, land records and certificates, and printed materials relating to the Cohen, Emanuel, Moses, and Seixas families. The families are related through the marriages of Eleanor H. Cohen to Benjamin Seixas in 1865, Mary Eleanor Seixas to Maurice Emanuel in 1888, and Charlotte Virginia Emanuel to Henry P. Moses in 1912. Of particular note is a diary belonging to Eleanor H. Cohen that documents the arrival of Union General William Tecumseh Sherman and his troops in Columbia, South Carolina, in February 1865, through the months following the end of the Civil War.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Dick, Alexander Colclough, 1893-1991
    Call Number: Mss 0024
    Collection contains biographical information about Dick including copies of recommendations for him to receive a Rhodes Scholarship and for Officer Training in the United States Army. Also included are photographs of Dick upon graduation from Oxford University in c. 1922 and upon receiving an honorary doctorate from the College of Charleston in 1970, and a portrait made of him in c. 1950. The collection contains the academic hoods presented by Oxford and the College of Charleston.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: College of Charleston. Alumni Association
    Call Number: Mss 0101
    The album contains 44 black and white photographs of members of the Alumni Association of the College of Charleston. The album was prepared by Dr. Gabriel E. Manigault and presented to the Alumni Association by Charles Manigault in June 1900.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: College of Charleston

    The Archives of the College of Charleston is divided into two parts: (1) a historical series of records covering the period from 1785-June 1970 and (2) current records from July 1970 to the present. This historical series includes records of the creation of the College primarily as an academy in 1785, of its reorganization and of the adoption of a comprehensive college curriculum in 1824 and 1825, of its existence as a municipal college from 1837 to 1949; and of its separate existence as a private institution from 1949 until it became a state institution on July 1, 1970.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: College of Charleston

    The Archives of the College of Charleston is divided into two parts: (1) a historical series of records covering the period from 1785-June 1970 and (2) current records from July 1970 to the present. The historical series includes records of the creation of the College primarily as an academy in 1785, of its reorganization and of the adoption of a comprehensive college curriculum in 1824 and 1825, of its existence as a municipal college from 1837 to 1949; and of its separate existence as a private institution from 1949 until it became a state institution on July 1, 1970.
  • Creator: College of Charleston. Library
    Call Number: Mss 0034-076
    The collection consists of materials gathered by the staff of the Robert Scott Small Library at the College of Charleston, SC. It includes numerous publications created by Citizens for Decency through Law. The newsletters, pamphlets, and correspondence in the collection were produced between 1976 and 1981. The bulk of the collection is copies of the organization's newsletters, the National Decency Reporter and the CDL Reporter. Each of the items warns of the dangers of obscenity and pornography.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: College of Charleston. Library
    Call Number: Mss 0034-063
    The collection consists of materials gathered by the staff of the Robert Scott Small Library at the College of Charleston, South Carolina. It includes numerous documents published by state, federal, and private sources concerning civil rights in the United States.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: College of Charleston. Library
    Call Number: Mss 0034-046
    The collection consists of materials gathered by the staff of the Robert Scott Small Library at the College of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina. The materials were stored in the library's vertical file for reference material. It includes numerous publications published by or distributed by the Christian Anti-Communist Crusade of Long Beach, California.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: College of Charleston. Library
    Call Number: Mss 0034-023
    The collection consists of materials gathered by the staff of the Robert Scott Small Library at the College of Charleston, South Carolina. It includes three issues of The Christian Confederate Star. It was a conservative newsletter published in Fletcher, Missouri. The file includes the April to May, 1969, September to October 1970, and June-July 1971 editions of the paper. Each of the issues support the cause of states' rights and the creation of a Christian theocracy based on the government of the Confederate States of America.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: College of Charleston. Library
    Call Number: Mss 0034-039
    The collection consists of materials gathered by the staff of the Robert Scott Small Library at the College of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina. It includes numerous documents published by the Citizens' Councils of America between 1973 and 1986.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: College of Charleston. Library
    Call Number: Mss 0034-079
    The collection consists of materials gathered by the staff of the Robert Scott Small Library at the College of Charleston, South Carolina. It includes numerous publications produced by the Communist Party of the United States of America from 1973 to 1979.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: College of Charleston. Library
    Call Number: Mss 0034-122
    The collection consists of three copies of The Gay Liberator published between May and November 1972. These issues feature reports on local, national, and international events of interest to the gay and lesbian community. They also include book reviews, short fiction, classifieds, and personal ads. There are also advertisements for other gay and lesbian publications, subscription details, and activity listings.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: College of Charleston. Library
    Call Number: Mss 0034-065
    The collection consists of materials gathered by the staff of the Robert Scott Small Library at the College of Charleston, South Carolina. It includes numerous clippings and pamphlets concerning the Greensboro Incident of 1979. The materials describe the murder of 5 members of the Communist Workers Party by members of the Ku Klux Klan and the National Socialist Party of America. Most of the materials were published by the Communist Workers Party.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: College of Charleston. Library
    Call Number: Mss 0034-087
    The collection consists of materials gathered by the staff of the Robert Scott Small Library at the College of Charleston, South Carolina. It includes three publications produced by the staff of the Independent American. It was a conservative newsletter published in Louisiana from 1955 until 1971 by Free Men Speak, Inc. After 1971, it was published in Littleton, Colorado. The file includes a special issue of the newsletter from 1968 titled Special Emergency Mailing Regarding Riots, and two pamphlets. Both pamphlets decry the abuse of power by federal authorities.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: College of Charleston. Library
    Call Number: Mss 0034-066
    The collection consists of materials gathered by the staff of the Robert Scott Small Library at the College of Charleston, South Carolina. It includes numerous newspaper clippings concerning the Ku Klux Klan and some documents published by the Klan.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: College of Charleston. Library
    Call Number: Mss 0034-121
    The collection consists of materials gathered by the staff of the Robert Scott Small Library at the College of Charleston, South Carolina. It includes 6 pamphlets covering NAACP membership, organizational information, and current programs in various regions of the United States. The file also includes 2 reports. One report covers the 62nd Annual Convention and Resolutions of the NAACP from July 4-July 9, 1971 in Minneapolis, Minnesota (7 pages). The second report is the NAACP Legal Defense Fund Annual Report for 1977/78 (20 pages). The remaining three items are various histories of the NAACP including How the NAACP Began by Mary White Ovington (reprint, 6 pages) Highlights of NAACP History, 1909-1979 printed by the NAACP in September 1979 (68 pages) and NAACP History in Wisconsin compiled by the State Historical Society of Wisconsin (2 pages).
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: College of Charleston. Library
    Call Number: Mss 0034-041
    The collection consists of materials gathered by the staff of the Robert Scott Small Library at the College of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina. The materials were stored in the library's vertical file for reference material on far right political groups. It includes numerous documents published by the National Socialist White People's Party. It also includes correspondence between an unidentified member of the library staff concerning a subscription to the organization's newsletter.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: College of Charleston. Library
    Call Number: Mss 0034-088
    The collection consists of materials gathered by the staff of the Robert Scott Small Library at the College of Charleston, South Carolina. It contains six issues of The Southern Libertarian Messenger. It was a Libertarian Party newsletter published in Florence, South Carolina beginning in 1972 by Quality Education, Inc. and John Harllee. The file includes the January 1981, Februrary 1981, March 1981, April 1981, August 1983, and September 1983 issues. The issues feature political opinions and official Libertarian Party news for the Libertarian Party of South Carolina.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: College of Charleston. Library
    Call Number: Mss 0105
    The collection consists of clippings from illustrated newspapers gathered by the staff of the Special Collections department of the College of Charleston Library. It includes clippings from various illustrated newspapers and periodicals from within the United States and from England and France. Most of the newspapers contain images relating to events in South Carolina.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: College of Charleston. Library
    Call Number: Mss 0103
    The collection consists of newspapers gathered by the staff of the Special Collections department of the College of Charleston Library. It includes full and partial copies of numerous newspapers from within South Carolina and from outside of the state. Most of the newspapers contain articles relating to events in South Carolina.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Medical University of South Carolina. College of Medicine.
    Call Number: Accession 2015-03
    College of Medicine, Medical University of South Carolina, Sesquicentennial Commemoration, 1824-1974, medallion. Approximately 3 inches in diameter. Front of medallion shows the façade of the College of Medicine building. The reverse side features the seal of the Medical University of South Carolina with the departments of medicine listed around the edge: Graduate Studies, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Nursing, Allied Health Sciences and Medicine. Medallic Art Co NY Bronze is imprinted on along the edge of the medallion.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Colman family
    Call Number: Mss 1111
    The collection consists of professional and personal correspondence, professional materials, photograph albums and photographs, and other assorted papers of the Colman and Blank families of Charleston, South Carolina. Materials relate to Beverly Isabel Colman, a former managing editor for Schocken Books, and her great-great grandmother Rosa Simmons Blank, Rosa's son, Isadore Blank, and Isadore's son, Edwin J. Blank.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Call Number: Mss 0034-007
    The collection consists of five newspaper clippings of letters to the editor of the Charleston Standard. The letters were written in 1856 and were in response to a series of lectures by Orestes Augustus Brownson. They attack the "Catholicity" of Brownson's theology. Each is signed "Protestantism."
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Baum, Norman Everett, 1921-
    Call Number: Accession 2014-37
    Confirmation certificate for Norman Everett Baum from Temple Beth El, Camden, South Carolina, 1936.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Levin, Nathaniel
    Call Number: Mss 1034-075
    A typescript and photocopy of Nathaniel Levin's history of Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim in Charleston, South Carolina, from 1750 to 1883. The pamphlet was published in the 1883 Year Book of the City of Charleston.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Call Number: Mss 0119
    This collection includes 70 black and white photographs and postcards of actors and singers collected by Frank Connor, an actor who appeared with many of the people shown in this collection. The majority of the photographs are signed studio portraits, with the subjects often appearing in theatrical costume. Also included is a copy of Inventory of the Frank Connor photographic collection of actors and singers of the early 20th century, which contains biographical information about the people presented in this collection.
    Catalog RecordDigital Collection
  • Creator: Cordes, John, 1718-1756
    Call Number: Mss 0034-017
    Typescript copy of the John Cordes estate book (1764-1798) transcribed during a 1935-1937 W.P.A. project.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Cox, H. Morris (Headley Morris), 1916-
    Call Number: Mss 0128
    This collection consists of notes on South Carolina localisms that Headley Morris Cox, Jr. collected over the years. The notes are from various South Carolina sources, many of whom were students of Cox at Clemson University. In the first folder, words are arranged in alphabetical order. The second folder contains expressions, words, beliefs, home remedies, superstitions, and pronunciations of various words.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Cox, H. Morris (Headley Morris), 1916-
    Call Number: Mss 0127
    This collection consists of 5x8 index cards which were used for research in: Cox, Headley Morris, Jr. Charleston Poetic Renascence, 1920-1930, Thesis (Ph.d.), University of Pennsylvania, 1958. The information included is about the literary South, the Poetry Society of South Carolina, the Charleston Renaissance, and the poems of W. Herbey Allen and DuBose Heyward. Other writers who contributed to the Charleston Renaissance are noted, along with a list of prizewinners in the contests sponsored by the Poetry Society of South Carolina, and a list of the volumes of poetry published by Charleston poets.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Call Number: Mss 0034-018
    The collection contains five letters between George Ingles Crafts and his cousin Maria Campbell. In the letters Crafts describes his travels in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. One letter is from Campbell. In the letters, Crafts described his trips in great detail. He mentions stopovers in Constantinople, Thebes, Jerusalem, Paris, and other locations.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Craver, Jane McDonald, 1923-
    Call Number: Mss 0010
    These three scrapbooks: (1) Sept. 1940-June 1941 (2) July 1941-Dec. 1942 and (3) Jan. 1943-June 1944 contain a collection of memorabilia providing a comprehensive record of social life at the College of Charleston from 1940-1944. from student and city newspapers about the College and the deaths of alumni during World War II.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Cross, Charles C., 1924-2009
    Call Number: Mss 1065-032
    The collection consists of nine photographs of Buchenwald concentration camp taken in April 1945, shortly after its liberation by the U.S. Army. Also included is a 1993 interview on videocassette with Corporal Charles Cross, who collected the photographs.
    Catalog RecordFinding AidDigital Collection
  • Creator: Cuthbert family
    Call Number: Mss 0083
    This collection consists of assorted legal instruments and correspondence that document the ownership of parcels of land on the Pocotaligo River, Prince Williams Parish, Beaufort District from 1764 to 1850. Known variously as Myrtle Grove, Live Oak, Providence and/or Leith plantations, they were cultivated (circa 1799) in cotton and rice, and were owned by various members of the Cuthbert, Rutledge, Palmer, Stoutenberg, Corbett, Heyward, and other families.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid


  • Creator: Deas, Alston, 1893-1985
    Call Number: Mss 0013
    Pamphlets, clippings, memoranda and related items collected by General Alston Deas relating to the American occupation of Japan (1945-1952) and World War II, specifically in Japan and the Pacific. Also includes United States government publications regarding the occupation, materials relating to former General of the Army Douglas MacArthur, and Japanese language materials.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Call Number: Mss 0034-147
    This collection consists of items related to the painter Charles Deas and includes correspondence and other miscellaneous biographical materials.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 0034-146
    This collection consists of items related to Charlotte Alston Deas and includes a California teaching certificate, obituaries, diploma, photographs, and correspondence.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 0034-152
    This collection consists of items related to Frances Milward Pogson Wigfall Deas and includes correspondence, poems, magazines, and photocopies of photographs.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 0034-145
    This collection consists of items related to William Blamyer Deas and includes correspondence and pamphlets as well as a genealogy, photograph, and family history.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Della Torre, Thomas
    Call Number: Mss 0034-021
    The collection contains undated lecture notes for Thomas della Torre, the funeral announcement of Cherubina Faverio Torriani (1929), and the funeral announcement of Princess Marie von Thurn Taxis (1934).
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Democratic National Convention (1964 : Atlantic City, N.J.)
    Call Number: Mss 0034-099
    Program and souvenir of the National Democratic Convention, August 24-27, 1964.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 1034-029
    Collection consists of original certificate and a photocopy. The official naturalization certificate of Jacob Denemark was issued by the United States of America, State of New York, January 18, 1904. The certificate notes that Denemark appeared before the Supreme Court of the State of New York, First Judicial District and applied to become a citizen of the United States. Signed by Thomas L. Hamilton, Clerk. Document is fragile use photocopy.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: DeSaussure, Charles Alfred, b. 1846
    Call Number: Mss 0034-020
    Typescript copies of Charles Alfred DeSaussure's memoirs of plantation life (1850-1870) and life in the Confederate Army.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Moffat, Abbot Low, 1901-1996
    Call Number: Mss 1034-032
    Born in Jamaica, Jacob De Leon married Hannah Hendricks of New York in 1789. The couple settled in South Carolina and had eight children. Twenty page typescript traces descendants of this family from the late 18th to mid-20th century. Family names include Levy, Moses, Cohen, Seixas, Adams, Salomon, Samuel, Forbes, Moise, Pollock, Kinstler, Moffat, Pelton, Robinson, Weinberg, Rosefield, and Moffat.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Dick, John Henry, 1919-1995
    Call Number: Mss 0065
    The largest group of correspondence relates to the preparation of a book on the birds of India and includes numerous letters from King, Ali, Ripley, and David A. Ferguson. The other principal correspondents are Coleman (with typescripts of Coleman's articles on the pivotal 1956 safari that he and Dick went together on to East Africa) De Schauensee Garrity, friend and President of Devin-Adair Co., Publishers, which published five books with illustrations by Dick including Other Edens the International Crane Foundation (of which Dick was a board member) Sidney P. Downey, friend and partner in Ker & Downey Safaris, Ltd. Roger Tory Peterson, friend and author of field guides Keith Shackleton, artist and Alexander Sprunt, Jr., friend, ornithologist, and author of several books which Dick illustrated. Dick rarely kept copies of the letters he wrote.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Dick, John Henry, 1919-1995
    Call Number: Mss 0065
    The manuscript writings are primarily texts which Dick wrote or which were written by others for books he illustrated. While travelling, he generally made notes to write from later, and soon after most of his major trips, he prepared newspaper articles for the News & Courier or Charleston Evening Post. The bulk of his drafts were made for these articles published prior to 1979. The principal texts by other writers are a comprehensive draft for a book on the birds of India by Ben F. King, who initiated the project, and the text of Carolina Low Country Impressions by Sprunt.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Dick, John Henry, 1919-1995
    Call Number: Mss 0065
    Dick's artwork includes 35 framed paintings, approx. 200 mounted paintings, and approx. 500 pen-and-ink drawings. Most of the paintings and drawings were prepared for publication on the basis of field observations, color photographs taken with telephoto lense, and bird skins which Dick collected and stored at Dixie Plantation in Megget (SC), borrowed from the American Museum of Natural History, or studied in other museums such as the museum of the Bombay Natural History Society (which houses his paintings of Indian birds).
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Dick, John Henry, 1919-1995
    Call Number: Mss 0065
    The photographs consist of four separate groups: color slides (approx. 8,000), separate prints made largely from slides (approx. 1,000), scrapbooks with mainly color prints (18 volumes), and miscellaneous photographs of family and friends (appox. 500 images).
    Catalog RecordInventoryDigital Collection
  • Creator: Dingle, Edward von Siebold, 1893-1975
    Call Number: Mss 0006
    The collection consists of biographical materials, watercolors, etchings, color prints, photographs, and correspondence of Edward von Siebold Dingle, artist and ornithologist. The majority of the collection consists of Dingle's watercolor paintings of seabirds, shorebirds, wading birds, warblers, sparrows, thrushes, and other bird species on board and paper as well as landscapes and wild flower studies. Also included are letters to Dingle from his wife and mother, and assorted photographs of Dingle, the Middleburg Plantation house, and his artwork.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Call Number: Mss 1034-044
    Black wool dinner jacket, lined in black with sleeves lined in mauve, carries a label sewn inside collar: "Bentschner and Visanska Fashionable Outfitters, Charleston, S.C." A label on an interior pocket states: "Tailored in all-wool/fabric by A.B. Kirschbaum Co., Philadelphia, New York" and provides a line for the owner's name and date.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Dorsey, Mickey, 1925-
    Call Number: Mss 1065-046
    The collection consists of letters, photographs, negatives, and other papers of Mickey Dorsey, an American soldier with the 71st Infantry Division, who participated in the liberation of Gunskirchen Lager, a German concentration camp in Austria. Photographs and negatives taken by Joe Daurer, the photographer for Dorsey's unit, show victims and survivors in the camp.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Call Number: Mss 0034-090
    A letter from William A. Courtenay, Mayor of Charleston from 1879-1887, to Miss Cohen thanking her for the copy of her graduating essay which her father gave to him. Mayor Courtenay presented Miss Cohen with a copy of the book Charleston, South Carolina in 1883. Boston: Heliotype Printing Company, 1883.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 0152
    The vast majority of the collection concerns the Drayton family and South Carolina, for instance, the Proprietary and Royal Land Grants to Thomas and John Drayton (1701-1765). The collection includes medical journals (1777-1781) and diaries (1784-1820) of Charles Drayton I ("Carolus"), as well as correspondence (1721-1883) of John Drayton, Charles Drayton I, II and III, Mary Middleton Drayton, Thomas Henry Middleton Drayton, and Dr. John Drayton on plantation affairs, politics, bills, debts and family news. Included are plats (1755-1882) from surveys of Drayton Hall, Drayton's Cowpen, Bob Savannah, Jehossee, and Tuxpan, Mexico. The Notes sub-series (1755-1885) includes plantation matters (crop cultivation, slave inventories and plantation rules, horticulture, education, literature and medicine. Also included are plantation log books (1844 and 1850) for Drayton Hall. There are 21 watercolors by George Edwards (circa 1733) and sketches of Drayton Hall and Charleston Custom's House. Included are stereoviews (1870-1879) and photographs (1890-1874) of Drayton Hall and family members. Among the family deeds (1762-1969) is William Henry Drayton and Dorothy Golightly's marriage settlement (1764). The collection's newspapers (1791-1885) include Civil War and family news from the Charleston Evening News, Charleston Mercury, and Charleston Courier. There are genealogical records including two extensive Drayton family charts. The collection also includes the National Trust's administrative papers since it began ownership of Drayton Hall in 1975.
    Catalog RecordFinding AidDigital Collection


  • Creator: Walker, Evans & Cogswell
    Call Number: Mss 0034-086
    Broadside promoting the sale of vials of colored sand as a souvenir of the earthquake, 31 Aug. 1886, that hit Charleston, S.C. sold at 15 cents per bottle sand collected by C.I. Walker, Jr.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Easterby, J. H. (James Harold), 1898-1960
    Call Number: Mss 0100
    The collection consists of typescripts from the Charleston newspapers noting anything related to education. The information included is primarily about all aspects of the College of Charleston, but is often about private grammar schools and is sometimes about local scientific work. Meetings of scientific and literary organizations were regularly noted particularly those of the Literary and Philosophical Society of South Carolina, whose museum became the basis for the College of Charleston Museum. Subsequent museum acquisitions were often noted.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Eastern Corporation (Bangor, Me.)
    Call Number: Mss 0123
    This collection consists of 23 type specimen sheets measuring 56 x 44 cm. (folded to 28 x 21 cm.) printed on various paper stock. Each type specimen sheet is accompanied by a printed cover stock which lists Eastern Corporation of Bangor, Maine paper mill brands and lists the merchants in alphabetical order by city. Included is a history and use of the type and biographical information on the designer of the specimen sheet. Juliette Wiles Staats made the chemise and slipcover that houses the specimen sheets. These are of terra cotta book cloth decorated with a printed repeat design paper.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Ede, Basil, 1931-
    Call Number: Mss 0054
    The collections consists of 55 numbered prints produced by Ede for the Warner Collection of the Gulf States Corporation. The prints were later published in "Wild Birds of America: The Art of Basil Ede" in 1991. Ede produced 58 total prints (55 of which are available in this collection).
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Efron family
    Call Number: Accession 2014-36
    Photographs, genealogical materials, and clippings relating to the Efron family of Aiken, SC.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Ehrich family
    Call Number: Mss 1054
    Majority of collection is candid photographs (1907-1950) of the Ehrich family. Most are unidentified. Includes several images (1915) of Pawley's Island, SC, and a 1937 flood in Evansville, IN. Several photographs (1951) of Dr. William S. Ehrich and his brother, Arthur, fishing near Manning, SC. Also includes a speech (handwritten) Ehrich presented to a medical group in Evansville, IN.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Call Number: Mss 0034-133
    This collection consists of a receipt issued to James Elliot for 200 dollars for a year-long subscription to the Fairfield Herald newspaper. The recipt is signed by E.H. Britton.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Engel, Joe, 1927-
    Call Number: Mss 1065-011
    Photographs, correspondence, and other papers of Joe Engel, a Polish Jew imprisoned at Auschwitz from 1942 until 1945. Photographs depict Engel and other family members in pre-war Poland, as well as in Zeilsheim, a post-war German displaced persons camp. Other photographs show Engel and family members in Charleston, South Carolina, and Natanya, Israel.
    Catalog RecordFinding AidDigital Collection
  • Call Number: Mss 0034-166
    A first communion certificate for Emily Mary Joseph England in the Cathedral of St. Finbar, dated April 22nd, 1849. Two Bible verses (Deut. XXXII and Revelations ii, 10) are printed on the certificate it is unsigned by the pastor. The certificate is a mass-produced form from either Baltimore, Philadelphia, or Pittsburgh. The original certificate has been pasted on to more durable paper for preservation purposes.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 0025
    The album contains 101 black and white photographs of historic sites, artwork and landscapes from Antwerp, Paris, Trianon, Versailles and London. The bulk of the photographs are of Paris and its various sites. The compiler of the album is unknown. Slipped inside the back of the album is a map of Venice, a plan of the second floor of the Louvre and a map showing the layout of Versailles. The photographs were taken in the 1890s.
    Catalog RecordInventoryDigital Collection
  • Creator: Exchange Club of Charleston (S.C.)
    Call Number: Mss 0034-106
    The collection consists of the minutes of the Board of Directors (1971-1972), the Treasurer's report (1972), and the Exchange Club budget report (1972-1973). The papers include a letter to prospective exhibitors for the 1972 Coastal Carolina Fair and correspondence from prospective participants in a photography contest held at the fair. Several pamphlets describing club functions, programs, and community service are also included in the records.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 0034-120
    This collection consists of a copy of the program for an exhibition held by the senior class of South Carolina College on May 9th and 10th, 1844.
    Catalog Record


  • Call Number: Mss 0073
    The account book contains information about transactions of an unknown merchant in Charleston, S.C. The book details the sale of cotton, rice, and other commodities. It also provides information about the sale of goods and trade with ships and other merchants who operated in Charleston. The account book is a detailed representation of these transactions, but it does not name the factor or the company who it belonged to. No information on the origin of the account book is available.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 0034-140
    This collection consists of items related to Fairfield Plantation and includes maps, photographs, correspondence, a handwritten list of the property's slaves, and other miscellaneous and primary materials.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Fantuzzo, Linda
    Call Number: Mss 0141
    This collection consists of exhibition catalogs, clippings, and photographs of Linda Fantuzzo from 1988 to 2011.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Farbstein, Stanley B., 1925-2014
    Call Number: Accession 2014-19
    Loose photographs and photograph scrapbooks containing images of Stanley B. Farbstein, Esther Getz, and others of the Farbstein and Getz families. Also included are Farbstein's working files for the Jewish Historical Society of South Carolina Cemetery Survey Project. Files primarily relate to Farbstein's survey of the Beth Israel Cemetery in Beaufort, South Carolina, and include correspondence, plats and drawings, and clippings but also include files relating to the Georgetown, Greenville, Orangeburg, Sumter, Aiken, and Camden cemetery surveys. Also included are bromoil transfer prints by Herman Getz of downtown Charleston and assorted landscapes.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Fellowship Society (Charleston, S.C.)
    Call Number: Mss 0151
    Minutes (1769-1963), membership records (1762-1993) and financial records (1774-2004) document all activities of the Fellowship Society, a Charleston, South Carolina benevolent organization dedicated to charity, education, and upkeep of widows and orphans of its members.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Call Number: Mss 0034-141
    This collection includes two copies of the Finley family coat of arms and a handwritten letter providing the history of the crest and the Finley family.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 0034-142
    This collection consists of items related to the genealogy of the Finley family. It includes genealogies, correspondence, and other miscellaneous biographical materials.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 0034-144
    This collection consists of items related to the Finley family and includes genealogies, correspondence, family histories, and other miscellaneous biographical materials.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Fishburne, Anne Sinkler, 1886-1981
    Call Number: Mss 0034-108
    This collection consists of one black and white photograph of Anne Sinkler Fishburne and a typed letter to her cousin Jack dated January 19, 1949. The letter discusses the pleasant comments that she has received about her book Belvidere: a plantation memory, the mild winter and her reading of Mary Boykin Chesnut's A diary from Dixie. Both the photograph and the letter were found inside the book Belvidere : a plantation memory.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Fisher, Frank R.
    Call Number: Mss 0072
    Frank R. Fisher's notes contain observations, drawings, and photographs relating to scientific and technological studies, particularly astronomical observations made while Fisher was a resident in Charleston, S.C. during the 1880s.
    Catalog RecordDigital Collection
  • Call Number: Mss 0034-148
    This collection consists of items related to the Flagg family and includes clippings, photographs, portraits, and other miscellaneous biographical and genealogical materials.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Hebrew Benevolent Association (Florence, S.C.)
    Call Number: Mss 1067
    Minute book, financial records, cemetery records, publications, and assorted papers of the Florence Hebrew Benevolent Association, a Jewish fraternal organization and the genesis of the Beth Israel Congregation, formed in 1887 in Florence, South Carolina.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Footlight Players (Charleston, S.C.)
    Call Number: Mss 0016
    Collection contains histories, scrapbooks, programs, copies of the Footnotes newsletter, scripts, photographs, posters, costume and set design sketches by Emmett Robinson, and other ephemera relating to the Footlight Players of Charleston, South Carolina.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Call Number: Mss 0015
    The Fraser family emigrated from Scotland to South Carolina in the mid-18th century. The Ford family appears to have made their home in South Carolina throughout the 19th century. J. Rees Ford married Martha Elizabeth Henning of Plantersville, South Carolina in 1829. Their children included Elizabeth Shackelford Ford (their fourth daughter) and Martha Clara Ford (1847-1884) their second daughter) who married Samuel Sydney Fraser in 1883 and united the Ford and Fraser familie. Papers include a bond, an obituary, genealogical information, and a family Bible.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Fram, Charles, 1902-2001
    Call Number: Mss 1034-102
    Black and white photographs of Charles Fram of Union, South Carolina, and Atlanta, Georgia.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Kolnitz, George F. von, Mrs.
    Call Number: Mss 0034-105
    A photocopy of a biographical sketch of Francis Simmons Holmes written by his daughter Mrs. George F. Von Kolnitz in January 1907. Francis S. Holmes, a native of Charleston, became an invertebrate paleontologist and curator of the Charleston Museum.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 0097
    The collection consists of various clippings from Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper from 1858 to 1901. Each of the clippings concern events or places in South Carolina. Most of the articles concern the Civil War.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Fraser, Charles, 1782-1860
    Call Number: Mss 0017
    Rebound indexed volume contains copies of legal cases compiled by Charles Fraser, drawings, and a clipping. The volume contains copies of writs for both civil and criminal actions and decisions from the Court of Chancery, Court of Pleas, and Commissioners of the Peace.
    Catalog RecordDigital Collection
  • Creator: Freeman, Harry Wyman, 1923-
    Call Number: Mss 0012
    Collection contains correspondence regarding Dr. Freeman's work in the Department of Biology of the College of Charleston and his fund-raising for the College. His personal file includes correspondence he received from presidents and other officials of the College, his 1990 commencement address, biographical information prepared when he was presented an honorary doctorate by the College in 1995, his efforts to create scholarship funds, and his efforts to influence legislation to benefit the College.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Freilich, Anita Abeles, 1930-
    Call Number: Mss 1065-005
    Images, correspondence, and other papers of Anita Abeles Freilich and the Abeles family, a Jewish family that fled Czechoslovakia shortly before the Nazi invasion in 1939. Included is a memoir from Sara Novak, a friend of the Abeleses and a Lithuanian Holocaust survivor, and a DVD recording of the Abeles family's 60th anniversary picnic in 1998. Materials document the Abeles family prior to their escape from Czechoslovakia and their attempts to seek restitution.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Freilich, Max, 1924-
    Call Number: Mss 1065-004
    Images, correspondence, and newspaper clippings of Max Freilich, a German Kindertransport refugee interned in England and Canada. Materials relate to the Freilich family's persecution in Nazi Germany, Freilich's rescue by the Kindertransport, subsequent internment in English and Canadian internment camps, and service in the Canadian army. The collection also includes images of Freilich and family members.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Call Number: Mss 1034-064
    The scrapbooks contain clippings, articles, and photographs of Mrs. Freudenberg from regional and local newspapers. The materials pertain to her work in cancer research and prevention as well as her creation of a program to give medical aid in different languages. The scrapbooks also contain information on awards and ceremonies given to or for Mrs. Freudenberg for her work. Also included are letters of recognition given to Mrs. Freudenberg by various individuals and organizations. All of the clippings are photocopies of the originals.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Fromberg, Joseph, b. 1890
    Call Number: Mss 1034-055
    Carbon typescript letter, dated August 10, 1948. Fromberg gives a lengthy history of himself and his position in the state. He then defends Judge J. Waties Waring for his recent decision to open up the Democratic Primary to African Americans, noting that he may not agree with Waring but defends his right to interpret the law. Fromberg objects to suggestions for actions made by Dorn, saying that such methods will undermine and destroy the government he links Dorn to bigots and raises the issue of the Holocaust, showing the results of hate and intolerance.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Fund, Claire
    Call Number: Mss 1065-052
    The collection consists of photographs, postcards, clippings, memoirs, and other papers relating to the Fund and Kerner families, whose members immigrated to the United States from Poland and Czechoslovakia after World War II.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Furchgott, Arthur C., 1884-1971
    Call Number: Mss 1043
    Contains letters (1930, 1958) to Furchgott regarding membership achievements in Friendship Lodge No. 9 formal photographs of Friendship Lodge No. 9 members (b/w) 1909, 1949, 1954, 1963-1965, and two undated photographs (ca. 1950s). 1961 Lodge Resolution in recognition of Furchgott's 55 years of service and Memoriam Resolution (1971) from Friendship Lodge issued upon Furchgott's death. Ephemera includes receipts (1906) for dues paid, menu from Lodge's 144th Anniversary (1911) Dinner held at St. John Hotel invitation and program from Supreme Council meeting, Oct. 1941, Washington, D.C. Certificate of Appreciation for Furchgott's 55 years of Masonic service. Clippings (1907-1965) from Charleston newspapers cover Friendship Lodge No. 9 officer elections, the obituary (1921) for Max Furchgott (Arthur's father), and awards (Masonic) presented to Arthur Furchgott.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Furchgott, Max, 1917-1998
    Call Number: Mss 1034-020
    Includes ten photographs (b/w) and twenty-two negatives (b/w) taken by photographer, Max Furchgott. All are images of people and events at Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim (KKBE), Charleston, SC, from 1948 to 1957. Bulk of images document KKBE's original tabernacle (erected 1838) and the new Bicentennial Tabernacle, constructed in 1948, dedicated in 1950. Includes images of the dedication of the Bicentennial Tabernacle, 1950 KKBE Board Members, 1950 and 1951 KKBE Sunday School, 1957 misc. images of Penina Moise's gravestone, Shearith Israel Synagogue (Wentworth Street), and KKBE's historical marker (on gates.) NOTE: Negatives are stored separately in Jewish Heritage Collection negative binders.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Furchgott and Brothers (Charleston, S.C.)
    Call Number: Mss 1034-090
    Collection consists of a full page advertisement for Furchgott and Brothers and a postcard of a 1900 photograph of King Street, Charleston, South Carolina.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid


  • Creator: G.W. Aimar and Co. (Charleston, S.C.)
    Call Number: Mss 0034-001
    The collection consists of two printed broadsides which date from the period 1869 to 1880. One broadside is an advertisement for Aimar's "Neurotic Oil," an analgesic tonic, and "Pearl Cement." The second broadside is an advertisement for "The Physician's Rheumatic and Neuralgia Remedy." G.W. Aimar compounded and bottled his own remedies.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Gairdner, Edwin
    Call Number: Mss 0034-107
    The collection consists of a single certificate. The document gives Edwin Gairdner the authority to administer the goods, rights and credits of all properties of Henry Charles Manly, a merchant who had died in Charleston in 1799.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Garden, Alexander, 1730-1791
    Call Number: Mss 0034-024
    A letter (1776 Oct. 19) from Alexander Garden at Charleston, South Carolina to John Gerar William De Brahm at Charleston contains Garden's critique of De Brahm's treatise on the balance and counterbalance of the atmosphere.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Garfinkle, Nathan, 1921-2015
    Call Number: Mss 1138
    Photographs, photograph albums, military documents, certificates, correspondence, and other papers of Nathan Garfinkle. Materials primarily document Garfinkle's service in the United States Army during World War II, with the largest portion of items consisting of photographs and photograph albums from his military service with the Chemical Warfare Service at the Columbia Army Air Base and his deployment in the South Pacific. A smaller number of photographs feature his time as a student at Clemson University and of assorted family members. Also contains military documents including correspondence, reports, and orders, and a small number of certificates, personal correspondence, and clippings.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Call Number: Mss 0034-173
    Double matted and framed photographic oval portrait of Garibaldi in profile and signed G. Garibaldi. Framed by Arthur Staples ( Practical carver, Gilder, and Picture Framer maker ) of 201, High Road, Kilburn, N.W. (London, England).
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Garrissen, Fred
    Call Number: Mss 0034-077
    The letter is addressed to William Stephen, a Charleston businessman, and is from Fred Garrissen of Bremen, Germany. In the letter Garrissen expresses concern about Atlantic shipping interests. He explains that there were major food shortages in Germany and informs Stephen that Europeans were dependent on trade from the Americas. Garrissen asked Stephen to send him old rice, tobacco, coffee, pimento, cotton, deerskins, and sugar so that he can resell the materials for a large profit.
    Catalog RecordDigital Collection
  • Call Number: Mss 0069
    The photographs and illustrations were taken for and most were included in: Lightsey, Harry M. Jr. Gems in a crown: the people and places of the College of Charleston, University of Charleston, South Carolina. Charleston, S.C.: College of Charleston Foundation, 1993. The historic photographs that were borrowed from Special Collections for use in the book were refiled in their former locations. Tommy Thompson, a professional photographer in Atlanta, Georgia, made 42 color transparencies and 37 were selected for the book. Terry Richardson, a professional photographer in Charleston, South Carolina, made 12 color transparencies and 7 of these were selected for the book. The collection also includes 6 black and white drawings by Janusz Nedzi.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Waddell, Gene
    Call Number: Mss 0034-186
    Collection consists of twelve stereographs of rice and cotton cultivation in South Carolina (including Georgetown, South Carolina); Savannah, Georgia; Louisiana; and Mississippi, compiled by Gene Waddell. A majority of the stereographs were produced by the Keystone View Company but the collection also includes stereographs produced by Underwood & Underwood, the Kilburn Brothers, and American Views. Stereograph images depict African Americans plowing, hoeing and flooding rice fields, harvesting cotton, and pressing oil from cooked cottonseeds. Also included are images of a large stone for hulling rice, "Street venders," and a shipping wharf in Charleston, South Carolina.
    Catalog RecordFinding AidDigital Collection
  • Creator: German Friendly Society (Charleston, S.C.)
    Call Number: Mss 0019
    The German Friendly Society was a social and benevolent organization founded in Charleston, South Carolina in 1766. This collection contains typewritten transcriptions of their meeting minutes (1766-1858) compiled during a Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) project from 1935-1940.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Gibbes, Lewis Reeves, 1810-1894
    Call Number: Mss 0020
    Papers of Lewis R. Gibbes, Professor of mathematics, astronomy, and physics at the College of Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina, from 1838-1892. Papers include materials relating to Gibbes' studies in France, assorted obituaries, eulogies, and memorials, his published papers and newspaper articles (collected into several scrapbooks) on his scientific work and other topics, assorted Elliott Society of Natural History materials, astronomical charts and calculations, assorted cartes de visites, cabinet cards, and daguerreotype images of prominent scientific personages, including a daguerreotype of the Swiss-American biologist and geologist Louis Agassiz as well as a carte de visite of Confederate General Robert E. Lee, assorted prints collected by Gibbes, and correspondence including drafts of letters from Gibbes to C. S. Sargent at the Arnold Arboretum in Brookline, Massachusetts.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Call Number: Mss 0034-162
    This collection consists of items related to the Gibbs, Stanyanne, Washington, Peronneau, Finley, Broun, DuBose, Moore, and Vanderhorst families. All of these families were early immigrants to the Charleston, S.C. area. The collection includes miscellaneous genealogical, biographical, and primary sources.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 0034-160
    This collection consists of items related to Carolina Howard Gilman and her family. It includes miscellaneous genealogical, biographical, and primary sources.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 1034-006
    Black and white photograph (5 x 7 ), ca. 1950, of Frances Bass Ginsberg with her husband, Arthur Ginsberg, in Florida. Each is holding two strings of large mouth bass.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 1034-010
    Two certificates (Dec. 1953) from Dan Lodge No. 593 of B'nai B'rith (Charleston, S.C.) and from District Grand Lodge No. 5 honoring Harold P. Givner for twenty-five years of service to the organization.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Givner, Isadore, 1903-1982
    Call Number: Mss 1041
    Includes scrapbook (1903-1953) of photographs, ephemera, letters and newspaper clippings chronicling Givner's life, academic achievements, medical career and accomplishments. Folder of letters contains recommendation from MUSC faculty and Roper Hospital staff including typed transcript of Givner's MUSC classes and grades letters of admittance to various medical societies including Medical Society of South Carolina, and New York Academy of Science letters of appointment to medical positions at organizations including New York University Medical Center and Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Call Number: Mss 1034-087
    Black and white photographs of visitors to the Glenn Springs hotel and resort in Glenn Springs, South Carolina. Individuals pictured include Gittel and Jake Lerner, Rivka Goldberg, Ida and Morris Sokol, Irvin Dunny and Joseph Zalkin.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Glennie, Alexander
    Call Number: Mss 0031
    Bound volumes containing charts (graphs and tables) pertaining to weather and the meteorological observations of Alexander Glennie taken in All Saints Parish and at Georgetown, South Carolina.
    Catalog RecordDigital Collection
  • Creator: Goin, Jan
    Call Number: Mss 0165
    Family papers collected by Jan Goin, owner of the Jan Goin Gallery in Charleston, S.C. and estate executor for relative and Charleston social worker Rena Muller. Includes data regarding Muller, Kruse, Wulbern and related German family history, including Charleston real estate materials, items from World War II veteran Kruse Muller, family photographs, Confederate paper money, and a large number of Charleston artist files from the gallery.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Goldberg family
    Call Number: Mss 1051
    Papers of the Goldberg (a.k.a. Gelbart or Geldbart) family of Mogielnica, Poland, and Charleston, South Carolina. The collection includes photographs of family members in Poland and South Carolina a brief family history and correspondence (1920s-1930s) between family members in Mogielnica and brothers Gershon (George Goldberg) and Yisroel (Israel Geldbart) in Charleston. Also included are two memorial photograph albums that chronicle Moshe Yidel Gelbart's funeral procession in Mogielnica (1935).
    Catalog RecordFinding AidDigital Collection
  • Creator: Goldstein, Alwyn, 1915-2010
    Call Number: Mss 1096
    Photographs, newspaper clippings, interview recording, memorials, and other papers of Alwyn Goldstein, proprietor of Alwyn's Department Store in Georgetown, South Carolina. Also included are records relating to Temple Beth Elohim, of which Goldstein was an active member.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Schonn, Alois, 1826-1897
    Call Number: Mss 1034-009
    Depicts crowds of people at the goose-market in Cracow, Poland, ca. 1860s. Hasidic Jew with payos and streimel in foreground is bending over to pick up a goose (from a group of geese) man (possibly a vendor) with long white beard leans against a wagon and smokes a pipe. Two children (one barefoot) walk in the right foreground. Several women in background carry baskets man dressed in suit and top hat also visible. Streets appear to be laden with straw two-story building in background has thatched roof. Artist signature (A. Schonn 1869) appears in bottom left corner of engraving.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Gosschalk, Albert, 1920-1991
    Call Number: Mss 1065-009
    Photographs, silver objects, and other papers of Albert Gosschalk, a Jewish resistance fighter during World War II from the Netherlands. Materials relate to the families of Gosschalk and his wife, Theodora Doris van Blankenstein Gosschalk and their lives before, during, and after World War II.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Grabin, David, 1919-2004
    Call Number: Mss 1065-008
    Images, memoir, and newspaper clippings of David Grabin, a Holocaust survivor imprisoned at several camps during World War II. Images include negatives, slides, photocopies, and digital images of family photographs Grabin carried throughout the war. Grabin's memoir details his experience as he was separated from his family and moved from camp to camp, ending at Theresienstadt.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Graeser, Clarence
    Call Number: Mss 0034-026
    The letter from Clarence Graeser to D.O.M. mentions a hurricane that occurred in 1940 and briefly mentions the College of Charleston. Graeser was a graduate of the College of Charleston, and a professor of modern languages at the college during the 1930s.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Hebrew Benevolent Society (Orangeburg, S.C.)
    Call Number: Mss 1034-107
    The collection consists of an invitation to a grand Purim masquerade ball at the Academy of Music on March 24, 1902. The ball was sponsored by the Hebrew Benevolent Society of Orangeburg, South Carolina, and printed on the invitation is a photograph of winners from the previous year's costume contest, among them Julia Peterkin, who, in 1929, won a Pulitzer Prize for literature. The invitation also contains a list of the ball's patronesses, arrangement committee, associate reception committee, refreshment committee, and floor managers.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Greene, Samuel, 1914-2013
    Call Number: Mss 1065-013
    Photographs, a memoir, and other papers of Samuel Greene, a native of Sławatycze, Poland. Materials include photographs of Greene and his wife, Regina Kawer Greene, before, during, and after World War II.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Griffin, Laura
    Call Number: Mss 0071
    Laura Griffin (1960-1996) was killed by a hit and run driver while she was jogging in 1996. The State Legislature quickly increased the penalties for hit and run drivers, and the Governor awarded the Order of the Palmetto for Griffin's work against substance abuse. The University of South Carolina awarded a Ph.D. for Griffin's nearly completed doctoral work in psychology. The College of Charleston and USC established scholarship funds in Griffin's honor. CHP (College and Community Health Partners) established the annual Laura Griffin 5K Run/Walk. The collection includes a T-shirt commemorating the first run and a draft of her doctoral dissertation.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Grimball, John Berkley, 1800-1892
    Call Number: Mss 0021
    Typescript copies (1937-1938) of 17 diaries (1832-1884) kept by John Berkeley Grimball of Pinebury and Old Fort Plantations, transcribed from the original by Frederica B. Keller during a 1935-1938 W.P.A. project.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Grimké family
    Call Number: Mss 0176
    Materials include Revolutionary War papers of John Paul Grimke and his son John Faucheraud Grimke, with materials re the latter as intendant (mayor) of Charleston. Papers of his son Thomas Smith Grimke document temperance, politics and education and contain an autograph collection. With papers of Thomas's siblings Frederick Grimke, abolitionists Sarah Moore Grimke and Angelina Grimke Weld and others. With materials of two more following generations, and genealogical materials on Grimke, Drayton, and other related families.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Gruber, Mayer I., 1944-
    Call Number: Mss 1095
    Professional correspondence, autograph collection, certificates, and other papers of Mayer I. Gruber, rabbi and scholar. Materials pertain to Gruber's academic positions, speaking engagements, and publications on biblical lexicography, the Book of Job, women in the biblical world, and medieval Jewish biblical commentaries.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid


  • Creator: Kubinec, William R.
    Call Number: Mss 0030
    In July 1985, Dr. Kubinec published a request in "Sky and Telescope" for recollections of the appearance of Halley's Comet in 1910, and this collection consists primarily of the worldwide response he received.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Halsey, William, 1915-1999
    Call Number: Mss 0067
    This collection of ink drawings, publications and typescripts includes sketchbooks which Halsey used to design the layout for his Maya Journal (1977) and publications about him and his work (museum catalogs of exhibitions, magazine articles, clippings, etc.) and a collection of photographs of him and his work.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Harby, Lee Cohen, 1849-1918
    Call Number: Mss 1019
    Genealogical information on descendants of Isaac Harby (birth, death and marriage dates) cabinet card (1891) of Lee C. Harby handwritten letter re. Harby family of Delhi, NY clippings of Harby poems published in newspapers (Texas, NY and SC) typescript of poem, The Lesson of Easter clippings of essays about Texas clippings of misc. published essays, topics include: southern plantation life, Jewish holidays and traditions, Jewish women and the South Carolina Inter-State and West Indian Exposition.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Harby, Isaac, 1788-1828
    Call Number: Mss 1117
    The collection consists of a cashbook for Isaac Harby's academy in Charleston, South Carolina, recording tuition payments for enrolled students, as well as costs for stationary and occasionally firewood, from January 1819 through May 1820.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Harby family
    Call Number: Mss 1116
    Collection consists of materials relating to Isaac Harby, newspaper editor and publisher, teacher, playwright, drama critic, essayist, political and social commentator, and religious reformer, and Aline Harby, Isaac's great granddaughter. Materials include a copybook containing transcriptions of Isaac Harby's early essays, written between 1802 and 1812, a poetry clipping album from the late 19th century, and a bride's book.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Moses, Octavia Harby, 1828-1904
    Call Number: Mss 1131
    Photographic portraits featuring the relations of Octavia Harby Moses, including her immediate family as well as descendants and relatives through the marriages of her children. Octavia Harby Moses married Andrew J. Moses in 1839 and the couple had eighteen children, fourteen of whom lived to adulthood. Many of the children married into the Moïse, Levy, Moses, and Davis families, which are primarily featured in the collection. The photographs were originally housed in an album believed to belong to Octavia Harby Moses.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Harleston, Isaac Child, 1745-1798
    Call Number: Mss 0034-027
    Typescript (1935-1936) copies of five letters written to Isaac Child Harleston from Francis Marion at Bacon Bridge, South Carolina and James H. Thomson copied along with other Harleston family correspondence [not included] by Julia W. Reynolds during a W.P.A. project (1935-1936).
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 0096
    The collection consists of various clippings from Harper's Weekly. Each of the articles is about events in South Carolina, and range from 1860 to 1890. The topics discussed include the Civil War, Reconstruction, the Charleston Earthquake of 1886, and the State Dispensary.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Harris, Lancelot Minor, 1868-1941
    Call Number: Mss 0022
    The Lancelot Minor Harris papers contains personal papers, correspondence, and written materials. Correspondents include James Easterby, DuBose Heyward, Ludwig Lewisohn, Herbert Ravenel Sass, Albert Simons, Thomas Tobias, and others. Written materials include notes concerning Harris' classes and personal writing, prepared by Paul Weidner. Also included in the collection are the personal papers and correspondence of Carlotta Harris.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Hartnett, Thomas F., 1941-
    Call Number: Mss 0093
    The collection consists of correspondence regarding legislation that was proposed by Hartnett as well as legislation that he voted on during his tenure in the United States House of Representatives. It also includes copies of proposed legislation that was voted on by Hartnett in Congress.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Hastings, Margaret, 1910-
    Call Number: Mss 0034-101
    The scrapbook contains clippings from an unknown newspaper. Each of the articles was written by Hastings concerning the activities of the Women's Army Corps in Asia. Most of the articles in the scrapbook are about the rescue of a Women's Army Corps unit on New Guinea. All of the clippings are dated 1945.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Haymaker, Richard E.
    Call Number: Mss 0034-092
    The papers include letters to Haymaker from Alexander Lenard and Takusi Tanahasi. Lenard was a Hungarian physician and author who taught Latin and Greek at the College of Charleston for two years from 1967-1969. He is best known as the author of "Winnie ille Pu." His nine letters are mainly about literature, mutual friends in Charleston, and Brazil, where he lived before and after residing in Charleston. He mentions that his last work was a short story set in Charleston about Edgar Allen Poe's character Anabelle Lee. It had been accepted for publication in Hungarian and German. Lenard died before translating it into English. His file includes a 1967 offprint entitled "Living Latin."
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Hayne, Isaac W. (Isaac William), 1809-1880
    Call Number: Mss 0098
    The collection consists of financial records from 1832-1875. It also contains some of Hayne's Civil War correspondence and several of his military orders.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Hayne, Paul Hamilton, 1830-1886
    Call Number: Mss 0023
    Papers include letters, poems, and clippings from and about poet Paul Hamilton Hayne of Charleston, South Carolina. Also included is correspondence between his wife Mary Middleton Hayne and his aunt Susan B. Hayne, poems and letters from Paul Hamilton Hayne's son William H. Hayne, and typescript poems of Arthur Hugh Clough and Sidney Lanier.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Call Number: Mss 0034-022
    Typescript copy (transcribed by F.W., probably in the late 19th century) of the diary (Volumes I and II, 1811-1816) of a New England educator and author. The author relates that he was educated at Dartmouth, and after graduation moved to Portland, Maine, where he taught at Portland Academy and was a member of the Torpedo Club, a literary group. The author tells of his brother Eden's (b. 28 Jan. 1789) death on May 10, 1814. The diary chronicles daily events and reflects the author's thoughts about teaching, life at his boarding house, his impressions of Torpedo Club members, his writing, his future plans, the War of 1812, and the Napoleonic Wars. The author notes common occurrences, public or private: sentiments and reflections concerning self, friends, or the world.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Hebrew Benevolent Association (Camden, S.C.)
    Call Number: Mss 1034-056
    The collection consists of envelopes and stationery with the association's letterhead 5 receipts, each including fees for Temple Dues, Sisterhood, Cemetery, and Rabbi. Two are completed. One is filled out for Julian Eichel in the amount of $200.00 and one for Mr. Norman Baum in the amount of $20.00. It also includes a blank title to a cemetery lot at Beth El Cemetery, Camden, S.C. and 2 copies of a typescript created by M.H. Heyman and retyped in July 2000, detailing the formation and activities of the association (includes meeting notes to help form an outline of its history). The envelopes, receipts, and title are undated.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Hebrew Benevolent Society (Charleston, S.C.)
    Call Number: Mss 1059
    Two volumes of minutes (1867-1962) detail all aspects of the organization, its meetings, members, contributions, finances, etc., with some reports of officers, such as President and Treasurer. The minutes (1869-1915) of the Ladies Hebrew Benevolent Society of Charleston, S.C., often referred to as Israel's Hope, are included as well.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Hebrew Orphan Society (Charleston, S.C.)
    Call Number: Mss 1057
    Although founded in 1801, the earliest records extant date from 1850. Minutes run from 1850-1862 and then from 1866-1997, with some lacking in the latest years they detail attendance, finances, charities, and administration of the organization, with 1949 and 1997 constitution and bylaws and some historical clippings, photos, etc. Correspondence (1902-1909, 1930, 1978, 1982-2000) is mostly from grant seekers such as Hospice of Charleston, Charleston Jewish Social Services, Charleston Area Senior Citizens, Lowcountry Food Bank and other agencies.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Heiden family
    Call Number: Mss 1034-005
    Collection consists of the negative (3" x 5") of a photograph of Lewis Drucker (ca. 1900) wearing uniform of the Austrian Army, photocopied images of Rose, Laurence and H. Eric Heiden from book, "Grand Chapter Order of the Eastern Star: Proceedings of the Forty Sixth Annual Session Grand Chapter of South Carolina Order of the Eastern Star, Myrtle Beach, SC, June 16-18, 1953," and a photocopied biographical sketch of Rose F. Drucker Heiden, Worthy Grand Matron of the Grand Chapter of South Carolina Order of the Eastern Star, 1952-1953.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Herz, Rudolf, 1925-2011
    Call Number: Mss 1065-050
    The collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, interviews on videocassette and DVD, photographs, and other papers of Rudolf Rudy Herz, a native of Stommeln, Germany, who survived incarceration in Theresienstadt, Auschwitz, and other concentration camps during World War II. After immigrating to the United States in 1946, he served in the U.S. Army during the Korean War.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Call Number: Mss 0092
    The papers consist of family and business correspondence between members of the Heyward family. Nathaniel Heyward (1766-1851) of South Carolina and his wife Henrietta Manigault Heyward (1769-1827) correspond with their sons Nathaniel Heyward (1790-1819) and William Manigault Heyward (1788-1820) their grandsons Nathaniel Barnwell Heyward (1816-1891), James Barnwell Heyward (1817-1886) and William Henry Heyward (1817-1889) and other relations regarding plantation provisions and rice planting along the Combahee and Savannah Rivers, purchase of land, travels in Europe, and family deaths.
    Catalog RecordInventoryDigital Collection
  • Creator: Hirsch, Willard Newman, 1905-
    Call Number: Mss 1074
    This collection contains Willard Hirsch's papers, clippings, and publications related to his career as a sculptor, including his correspondence, photographs, sketches of his artwork, a scrapbook related to his work, and exhibition catalogs. It also includes information on his work as an art instructor, his involvement with the arts and Jewish communities in Charleston, South Carolina, and on members of his family, including his wife, Mordenai Raisin Hirsch, and uncle, Herman Rosenbluth.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Hirsch family
    Call Number: Mss 1080
    Legal documents, financial papers, correspondence, photographs, and other assorted papers of the Hirsch family of Charleston, South Carolina, and New York, New York. Materials relate to Jacob Hirsch and his wife, Esther Hirsch his sons, Max Joseph Hirsch, an actor in New York's Yiddish theaters, Louis Hirsch, and Isaac Bingo Hirsch his daughter Julia Hirsch Max's wife Sylvia Charen Hirsch, and his daughter Betty Hirsch Lancer.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Hirschmann family
    Call Number: Mss 1034-045
    Includes Hirschman family biographical notes, news clippings (1918-1987) and images (1912-1975). Original souvenir handkerchief from the 1929 South Carolina Federation of Temple Sisterhoods annual meeting held in Greenville, S.C. Also includes several images of the Rivkin family, ca. 1910 and 1920.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Holland, Clarence
    Call Number: Mss 1065-024
    The collection consists of twenty-four Holocaust atrocity photographs collected by U.S. soldier Clarence Holland.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Call Number: Mss 1065-049
    The collection consists mostly of copied materials, including photographs, memoirs, clippings, books, objects, and other papers. These materials were collected for the Holocaust Archives from Holocaust survivors, World War II veterans, and others, including liberators of German concentration camps, who settled in South Carolina.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Hornik's Bargain House (Charleston, S.C.)
    Call Number: Mss 1034-097
    The collection includes a spring 1910 catalog from Hornik's Bargain House of Charleston, South Carolina, a dry goods wholesale store. The catalog contains descriptions, images, and prices of goods as well as general advice on how to run a successful business. Also included is a color reproduction of a postcard featuring the Charleston city market on Meeting Street. The M. Hornik & Co. storefront, located on the corner of Meeting and Market Streets, can be seen in the background.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Call Number: Mss 0034-154
    This collection consists of items related to the Horry family, its descendants, and the Huguenot Society of South Carolina. It includes miscellaneous genealogical, biographical, and primary sources.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Humboldt, Alexander von, 1769-1859
    Call Number: Mss 0034-100
    The collection consists of two newspaper clippings concerning correspondence from Alexander V. Humboldt. One of the clippings contains the full text of a letter from Humboldt to George Ticknor. It is dated July 10, 1858. The second clipping discusses Humboldt's correspondence. It is dated June 20, 1860.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Hunter, Dard, 1883-1966
    Call Number: Mss 0034-028
    Papers include ten letters (1923 Jan. 20-1937 Sept. 21, TLS) from Dard Hunter at The Mountain House, Chillicothe, Ohio to Frank S. Hatch of Longmeadow, Massachusetts thanking Hatch for his orders and payments for (Hunter's) books, calling his attention to new books being published (by Hunter), and answering Hatch's questions about which books might be available for sale. Hunter also discusses his travel plans and his failing eyesight. One unsigned draft of a letter (1923 Jan. 23, carbon) from Hatch to Hunter states he wishes to receive the forthcoming work Old Papermaking which Hunter has reserved for him. Hatch comments that folks at this office examined the paper watermarked with Hunter's image and all agree it is the best piece of watermarking they have ever seen.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Hyde, Samuel Lord, 1884-1959
    Call Number: Mss 0089
    The collection consists of two photograph collections and three typescript copies of articles written by Hyde. The photographs in the collection are of the South Carolina Inter-State and West Indian Exposition, 1901-1902, or were taken in the Lake Moultrie vicinity during the construction of the lake.
    Catalog RecordDigital Collection
  • Creator: Hyrne, Edward
    Call Number: Mss 0034-114
    The document is a photocopy of a letter sent from Charleston to England. It was written by Edward Hyrne to his wife, who is only identified as "My Dear Love," on October 19, 1700. In the letter, Hyrne described a hurricane that hit Charleston on September 30, 1700. He also gave a brief account of life in the city. A typescript of the letter is also included in the collection.
    Catalog Record


  • Creator: United Daughters of the Confederacy. Harvey Mathes Chapter
    Call Number: Mss 0034-029
    The collection consists of a typescript of a speech given at a meeting of the Harvey Mathes Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy during the 1940s. The speech is an idyllic look at the manners and customs of the "Old South."
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 0034-006
    An illuminated copy of Psalm 30 : 2-12 in Latin with gold leaf initial letters before each verse showing ruled lines and guidelines.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 0034-014
    An illuminated copy from the Missale Romanum, the book of daily liturgy of the Roman Catholic Church, in Latin with music. Although the two parchments are joined at the centerfold, the two inside pages are not continuous, as the outer left page is numbered 74 and the inner right page is numbered 81. An explanatory text accompanies the manuscript.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Butler, A. T.
    Call Number: Mss 0034-053
    The folder contains a typescript copy of excerpts from a speech entitled "Inequities in Education in South Carolina." The speech was given by Butler to the Richland County Southern Regional Council. The speech was originally given on January 25, 1949 at Benedict College.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 0034-161
    This collection consists of items related to the Inglis family and its connections to the Deas family. It includes articles, correspondence, genealogies, and other miscellaneous biographical materials.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 1003
    Organizational papers, correspondence, lists, promotional materials, publications and related materials (1972-1984).
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Irish Volunteers Company (Charleston, S.C.)
    Call Number: Mss 0026
    Organized in Charleston, South Carolina about 1798, the Irish Volunteers Company was first on active service in the War of 1812 where they served on patrol and constructed defenses. This collection contains typescript copies of The History of the Irish Volunteers Company (1798-1836) and minutes from organizational meetings from 1884-1901 and 1915-1929. They were transcribed during a Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) project from 1935 to 1937.
    Catalog RecordFinding AidDigital Collection
  • Call Number: Mss 1073
    This collection contains information pertaining to the Iseman family. The first box includes letters, genealogical research, photocopies, photographs, and correspondence related to the Iseman family. The second box contains biographical files of Iseman family members, including family genealogy notes.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 1034-038
    The prayer book contains two back pages of Israel family births and deaths, from 1862 to 1870.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Izard family
    Call Number: Mss 0078
    Arithmetic workbook containing word problems attributed to a member of the Ralph Izard family. Exercises include problems in the addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of money (pounds, crowns, guineas, marks, guilders, and other units) and other items. Additional problems pertain to the measurement of cloth, wine, time, land (furlongs, poles, feet, inches), Troy weight (grains, ingots), tare and trett (allowance claimed by the citizens of London on goods), the rule of three [fractions], simple interest, interest on interest, company without time [stocks], company with time, discount, barter, exchange, and loss and gain.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 0090
    This composite atlas is a collection of late eighteenth century maps of the world, the majority of which bear the imprint: London, printed for John Bowles at the Black Horse in Cornhil and Carington Bowles next the Chapter House in St. Pauls Church Yard. This composite atlas has a handwritten index, numbering the maps from 1 to 60.
    Catalog RecordInventory


  • Creator: J.F.R.
    Call Number: Mss 0034-030
    Papers (loose pages, probably originally one gathering) include a handwritten Journal [diary], exercises, and lecture notes written by J.F.R.
    Catalog RecordDigital Collection
  • Creator: J.L. Sheppard Company
    Call Number: Mss 0034-123
    An undated circular from the J.L. Sheppard company advertising the advantages of its new 100 lb. net drum package, used for Carolina rice. According to the circular, the J.L. Sheppard Company was established in 1870 and sold rice in drums, barrels, sacks, and pockets of all kinds and qualities at bottom prices.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: J.N. Robson and Son (Charleston, S.C.)
    Call Number: Mss 0040
    Account books, ledgers, letterpress copybooks, and receipts for J.N. Robson & Son, who were Charleston, South Carolina commission merchants and wholesale and retail dealers in hay, grain, and groceries.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Jackson, William Henry, 1843-1942
    Call Number: Mss 0068
    This collection of 100 chromolithographs includes a representative selection of scenes taken throughout the United States, Canada and elsewhere. The great majority of the images are of landscapes made in Colorado, Montana, and New York State, particularly in Yellowstone National Park and in the Adirondack region. Some images are architectural, including several images of the interior of the Library of Congress and one of the Miles Brewton House (Pringle House 27 King Street, Charleston, South Carolina).
    Catalog RecordInventoryDigital Collection
  • Call Number: Mss 1011
    Papers cover four generations of Jacobosky, Friedberg, Gaeser, and Altman families and include genealogies, family memoirs (1861-1964) compiled by Etta Friedberg Gaeser (1936) and Francine Altman Lichtman (1964), correspondence (1930s-1980s), and certificates awarded to Walter Gaeser (Navy) and Ermine Gaeser Altman (including an original United Daughters of the Confederacy certificate, 1955).
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Jacobs, Harold, 1913-
    Call Number: Mss 1012
    Papers related to Harold's Cabin include correspondence and articles (1950s-1960s), clippings (1970s-1990s), photographs (1920s-1960s), organizational history, and letters from Charleston mayors and national figures. Collection also contains personal papers: speeches (1980s) made at Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim (KKBE) and KKBE correspondence (1979-81) papers (1942-45) regarding United States Army service, including a journal kept at Ft. Jackson, S.C., and Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md., and discharge documents.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Jacobs, Harold, 1913-2009
    Call Number: Mss 1034-104
    Three photographs of Harold Jacobs, owner of the Charleston, South Carolina, grocery store Harold's Cabin.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Jacobs, Ruth Bass
    Call Number: Mss 1010
    Newspaper clippings, photographs, correspondence, newsletters, memoirs, recordings, and other papers of Ruth Bass Jacobs. Materials relate to Jacobs's family history and involvement in Charleston's Jewish community, particularly Brith Sholom Beth Israel and the Addlestone Hebrew Academy. Included are biographical papers and documents regarding the Bass and Jacobs families as well as newspaper clippings on topics of interest. The collection also consists of audio and video recordings of family events, oral history interviews, and religious ceremonies.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Call Number: Mss 1034-095
    Collection consists of the business cards of Southern businessmen, Oscar Sokol, and Marc Howard Wilson, and Southern rabbis, Yossi J. Liebowitz D.D., and Arnold Mark Belzer.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Jewish Community Center (Charleston, S.C.)
    Call Number: Mss 1063
    The administrative files mostly document planning for, financing, and building the new Jewish Community Center in suburban Charleston with blueprints, architects Simons, Lapham, Mitchell and Small correspondence and a small amount of history. The largest series contains photographs documenting Jewish life and Jewish Community Center activities, ca. 1945 to 1998. Original order, when possible, was kept, there being topical and biographical files (including images, 1980s-1990s, of Russian immigrants), and files corresponding by date to images taken for and sometimes used in the newsletter, Center Talk.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: John Birch Society
    Call Number: Mss 0034-104
    The collection consists of three pamphlets and two newsletters published by or for the John Birch Society. The pamphlets are each dated between 1964 and 1965. The documents highlight the society's belief in anti-communism. One pamphlet discusses a meeting of the John Birch Society in Charleston, S.C. on January 21, 1965.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: John Fraser & Co. (Charleston, S.C.)
    Call Number: Mss 0034-115
    The receipt is for a transaction in which Thomas Barksdale sold Sea Island cotton to Buchanan, Wood & Co. The receipt records the expenses that John Fraser & Co. charged for storing and weighing the cotton. It was issued on June 4, 1821.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: John's Island-Wadmalaw Island Citizens' Council
    Call Number: Mss 0034-009
    The collection consists of materials from the John's Island-Wadmalaw Island Citizens' Council. It includes minutes from council meetings, correspondence with S. Emory Rogers, minutes from the organization's meetings, and a membership list of state officers and local members. Rogers was the Executive Secretary of the Association of Citizens' Councils of South Carolina. Photocopies.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Inaugural Committee (U.S. : 1965)
    Call Number: Mss 0034-098
    The collection consists of an invitation and a program for the inauguration of Lyndon B. Johnson as the President of the United States on January 20, 1965.
    Catalog Record


  • Creator: Halsey, William, 1915-1999
    Call Number: Mss 1034-031
    In this acrylic painting, an angled view of the front exterior of Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim, with its iron fence and gate, is shown from the street.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim (Charleston, S.C.)
    Call Number: Mss 1047
    The records are arranged into 13 series: Board of Trustee Minutes (1838-1995) document all aspects of congregational life: hiring and firing staff, fundraising, building, etc. with some data re members, their infractions, marriages, deaths, etc. Financial records (1800-1999) document members, fines, income, salaries, pew assignments, various projects, estates, religious school finances, etc. Trustee and Rabbi Records and Correspondence (1855- 1991, bulk 1930s-1970s) including a few photocopies of 18th century documents, detail all aspects of synagogue administration.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Kalushiner Society (Charleston, S.C.)
    Call Number: Accession 2013-11
    Minute book of the Kalushiner Society of Charleston, South Carolina, a landsmanshaft founded in 1921 by Jewish immigrants from the town of Kaluszyn, Poland.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Karesh, David, 1878-1964
    Call Number: Mss 1034-014
    Collection includes seven letters from David Karesh to Frank and Nettie Levenson of Bishopville, South Carolina. The letters were written in Yiddish, and English translations are included. Karesh often traveled from Columbia to Bishopville to provide the family (and friends and relatives) with kosher meat. Letters contain Karesh's expressions of thanks for the Levenson's hospitality, mentions of his work at the slaughterhouse, comments on assimilation of American Jews, reform among Jews, and loss of Jewish traditions with related personal thoughts and philosophy.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Karesh family
    Call Number: Mss 1034-088
    Black and white photographs of Alex Karesh, Leslie Karesh, and Stanley H. Karesh of Charleston, South Carolina.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Katzen, Ethel Oberman, 1920-
    Call Number: Mss 1034-027
    Collection includes personal photographs and ephemera of Ethel Oberman Katzen. Six candid photographs (ca. 1930s-1940s) of Katzen with friends posing at various Charleston, SC, locations including Folly Beach, the Battery and King Street (photocopies of images with identifications included). Ephemera includes Ethel Oberman Katzen's certificate of distinction (1933) from Bennett School in Charleston, SC; certificate of membership (1934-1935) to Cecile Rubin Chapter of Young Judaea; membership cards (1935-1936) to Girl Scouts, Inc.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Keating Simons & Sons (Charleston, S.C.)
    Call Number: Mss 0034-031
    Eight page gathering entitled "Copies of letters, &c." contains handwritten copies of the business letters of Edward P. Simons of Keating Simons & Sons. The first six letters (23 June 1821) inform individuals that they will sustain no injury from the theft of the bonds and notes of Bourdieu, Chollet & Bourdieu that were stolen from the Counting House of Keating Simons & Sons.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Kelly, William Aiken
    Call Number: Mss 0034-032
    Two journals containing holograph enries kept by Confederate Civil War officer, William Aiken Kelly. Also contains a photograph of Kelly in uniform (1862).
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Keyserling, Leon H. (Leon Hirsch), 1908-1987
    Call Number: Mss 1052
    Letters, correspondence, writings, testimonies, and audiovisual recordings of Leon Hirsch Keyserling (1908-1987), American economist, chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers under President Harry S. Truman, lawyer, and founder and president of the Conference on Economic Progress (CEP). Materials primarily relate to Keyserling's professional life as a private consulting economist, especially to members and committees of Congress, as a practicing attorney, and with his nonprofit organization, the Conference on Economic Progress. The collection also includes a small amount of biographical material, clippings and audiocassette tapes relating to Mary Dublin Keyserling, economist and wife of Leon Hirsch Keyserling.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Keyserling family
    Call Number: Mss 1049a
    Part I (Mss 1049a) is the first accession of the Keyserling family papers. It includes Keyserling genealogical information, ephemera and family news clippings material related to Leon Keyserling's political career (essays, clippings, speeches.) Correspondence includes letters between William Keyserling (WK) and Jennie H. Keyserling (JK) 1903-1935 WK and Leon Keyserling, 1908-1949 WK and Beth Keyserling Rosenfarb, 1911-1951 WK and Rosalyn Keyserling Schreiber, 1911-1944 WK and Herbert Keyserling, 1930-1944 WK and other relatives, 1919-1951.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Keyserling family
    Call Number: Mss 1049b
    Correspondence, school records, photographs, writings, financial records, home movies, clippings, and other materials of the Keyserling family of Beaufort, South Carolina. Materials relate to William Keyserling his wife Jennie Hyman Keyserling Leon Keyserling, American economist and lawyer Herbert Keyserling, Beaufort physician Harriet Hirschfeld Keyserling, Beaufort state representative and wife of Herbert Keyserling and their children, Judith Keyserling, Billy Keyserling, Beth Keyserling Kramer, and Paul Keyserling.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Keystone View Company
    Call Number: Mss 0130
    This collection includes 218 glass lantern slides depicting a wide range of subject matter. Each slide is approximately 3 1/4 x 4 inches. Slides are labeled with a numbering system and a short description. Slides mostly depict places of industry, including farms, quarries, textile mills, ports, and manufacturing plants, etc. Also included are places of architectural or historical significance and places of natural beauty. Different cultures are also depicted, including Native Americans, Mexicans, Eskimos, as well as immigrants arriving in the United States.
    Catalog RecordInventoryDigital Collection
  • Call Number: Mss 0091
    This collection of late seventeenth century maps of the world was printed and published by the Danckerts family in Amsterdam. This unique composite atlas has no index or title page. The endsheet contains the signature "Mitchell King, 1811" and the first map contains the signature "M. King, 1811."
    Catalog RecordInventoryDigital Collection
  • Creator: King, Mitchell, 1783-1862
    Call Number: Mss 0034-033
    Papers include letters, an invoice, a notice, and lists pertaining to Mitchell King.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Kingsley, Robert E., 1921-1999
    Call Number: Mss 1065-048
    The collection consists of approximately 90 photographs, 260 negatives, and three scrapbooks of Robert E. Kingsley, a U.S. Air Force staff photographer, taken during World War II, the Korean War, the 1963 fire aboard the TSMS Lakonia, and at North and Shaw Air Force Bases in South Carolina. Also included are 16 Holocaust atrocity photographs taken at Dachau and Mauthausen concentration camps.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Kipnis family
    Call Number: Mss 1034-008
    Contains a business card (ca. 1950s) from J. Sokol Furniture House (563 King St.) and note (1992) typed on Morris Sokol Furniture (510 King) letterhead also Dr. Kipnis's certified pharmacist patch (1970s). Clippings re. development and growth of pharmaceutical profession in the South Carolina low country (1976) and interview article re. Dr. Kipnis's career as a Charleston pharmacist (1986). Also invitation and ephemera from wedding of Valerie Ann Kipnis (daughter of Dorothy and Frank Kipnis) and Eric Brian Eisenstein, September 6, 1998.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Kligman family
    Call Number: Mss 1123
    Photographs, photograph albums, memorial books, awards and certificates pertaining primarily to Louis and Ida Lomansky Kligman, of Columbia, South Carolina, and their son, Melton Kligman. Louis owned and operated "Kligman's Army Store" on Assembly Street in Columbia, South Carolina, and Melton returned the city after receiving his law degree to work as a lawyer. Both Louis and Melton were very active in the Jewish community, particularly through Beth Shalom, the city's Orthodox synagogue. Melton also held positions with the Columbia Jewish Community Center and the United Jewish Appeal. The collection also includes a small number of photographs of the related Reznick and Lomansky families.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Call Number: Mss 1034-040
    State of South Carolina Individual Income Tax Returns (1927-1929) prepared for Sol Kohn. Each packet of documents contains the actual tax return form and typed Statements of Profit and Loss Statements of Dividends Received Statements of Donations and Statements of Gain or Loss on Securities Sold. Financial information pertains to Kohn's personal assets as well as income generated from his two stores.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Kolender, Pincus, 1926-2008
    Call Number: Mss 1065-014
    The collection consists of images and transcripts of a speech and oral history interview of Pincus Kolender, a Jewish native of Bochnia, Poland, who survived imprisonment in multiple concentration camps during World War II, including Szebnie, Birkenau, Buna, and Dora. Images include pre- and post-war photographs of Kolender and his family, as well as those of his wife Renee Fox (formerly Fuchs) Kolender.
    Catalog RecordFinding AidDigital Collection
  • Creator: Kornblut family
    Call Number: Mss 1044
    The collection consists mainly of photocopies as the originals remain with the donor. Collection contains genealogical information on the Iseman, Schafer, Blum, Kornblut and Baker families also copy of Leon Kornblut's U.S. Naturalization Certificate (1921). Photocopies of photographs of the Leon Kornblut family (1906-1956), Kornblut relatives in Poland (1890s-1920) and the Abraham Schafer family (1880s-1950s). Correspondence includes photocopy of letter (Oct. 1906) from Rebecca Schafer to her daughter Lizzie, re. business matters, spending money and Lizzie's upcoming wedding copy of telegram to Freda Baker Kornblut offering congratulations on the birth of her son (1952).
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Kornfeld family
    Call Number: Mss 1065-026
    The collection consists of photographs, passports, immigration records, and other papers of the Kornfeld family of Vienna, Austria. The Kornfelds, fleeing Nazism, immigrated to the United States in 1939.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Krasnoff family
    Call Number: Mss 1034-086
    Photographs and audiovisual material of the Krasnoff family of Bishopville, South Carolina. Materials relate mostly to Sollie and Leo Krasnoff, sons of Meyer Krasnoff, the proprietor of a general store on Main Street in Bishopville.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Kraus, Mel
    Call Number: Mss 1065-033
    The collection consists of five photographs of Mel Kraus, a U.S. soldier who served in the Army Air Corps during World War II. Included is a photocopy of a two-page flight manifest detailing the August 1945 transport of Nazi prisoners to Nuremberg, Germany, in preparation for the war crimes trials held there later that year.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Krawcheck, Jack, 1899-1986
    Call Number: Mss 1026
    Bulk of collection are records from Jack Krawcheck's business (filed alphabetically, in original order in which they were donated) vendor records exist for 1948-49, 1950-51 and 1951-52 files contain invoices, order forms, and occasional correspondence also included are tax and banking information for same time periods and carbon copies of out-going correspondence (1952-53) to vendors and clients misc. business records include expense sheets and estimated statements of profits and loss for 1948-1950.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Kronsberg family
    Call Number: Mss 1078
    Photographs, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and other papers of the Kronsberg family, particularly three brothers: Edward, Milton, and Macey. Materials relate to Edward's discount store chain Milton's service during World War II at the German POW camp in Charleston, South Carolina and the family's involvement in Charleston's first Conservative congregation, Synagogue Emanu-El.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Ku Klux Klan (1915- )
    Call Number: Mss 0034-034
    The Ku Klux Klan and the Mer Rouge is a printed propaganda piece from the 1920s that defends the organization's ideology, and promotes an anti-immigrant, anti-Catholic political position. It is written by an anonymous author.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 1034-036
    Collection contains original black and white photograph (1942) of Rosalie Goldstein [Kurland] receiving award from representative of WCSC [radio station] to represent South Carolina in the Radio Queen of the South Contest. Includes a news clipping (photocopy) of Rosalie Goldstein in Miami with caption, Charlestonian at Beach Contest program (ca. 1990s) from a New York Hadassah meeting introducing Kurland as the guest performer.
    Catalog Record


  • Call Number: Mss 1069
    Materials in the collection were used to produce the hour-long documentary Land of promise, which focuses on the Jewish experience in South Carolina.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Lannie, Vincent P., collector
    Call Number: Mss 0077
    Materials collected by Vincent P. Lannie relate to writer Elizabeth Waties Allston Pringle, Allston and Vanderhost family members and their enslaved people, Confederate imprints, a broadside advertisement for a rice planting device, Civil War ships USS Monitor and Keokuk, a Revolutionary era parole, and a letter of John Rutledge. Also includes letters to George N. Shuster, former president of Hunter College and editor of Commonweal, from cleric Daniel Berrigan, writers including Clare Boothe Luce, John Hersey, Hilaire Belloc, and Thornton Wilder, from singer Regina Resnik, and from other well-known politicians and educators.
    Catalog RecordFinding AidDigital Collection
  • Call Number: Mss 0034-036
    The collection consists of three letters written to Robert Lathan during his tenure as the editor in chief of the News and Courier (Charleston, S.C.). The letters include correspondence from Rev. I.E. Lowery concerning a book that Lowery wrote. The 1913 letter was written by D.R. Williams from Flat Rock, N.C. The letter was in reference to a News and Courier article about the oldest cotton mill in the United States. The final letter, written by Robert Wilson complimented the News and Courier coverage of the Russell-Grace-Valera fiasco over that of the Charleston Evening Post.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Laufer family
    Call Number: Mss 1034-076
    Papers of the Laufer family, Polish immigrants who ran a kosher restaurant on King Street in Charleston, South Carolina. Materials include an original Laufer's Kosher Restaurant business card, naturalization certificates, a ketubah, and two family photographs. Most materials are photocopies. Also included are 12 cupping glasses or bankas used for medicinal purposes.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Laurens, Henry, 1724-1792
    Call Number: Mss 0027
    Business and personal accounts (1766 Sept.-1767 Dec., 1768 Feb.-1773 May, 1773 Aug.-Sept.) kept for Henry Laurens. Accounts are with individuals and companies for goods (primarily general merchandise) and services (including commissions). Several include the sale of individual slaves. A number of entries are for New Hope, Mepkin, Broton [Broughton] Island, Wambaw, and Wright's Savannah plantations. Other accounts include expenses for improvements made to brick tenements, and an Ansonborough house and lot. One personal entry is for my arrears & fines in full for the Charlestown Library Society.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Layden, Lawrence, 1916-2011
    Call Number: Mss 1065-042
    The collection consists of a scrapbook compiled by Lawrence "Ed" Layden, an officer with the 67th Tactical Reconnaissance Group of the U.S. Army Air Corps during World War II. The scrapbook contains photographs of Layden at various bases during the war, reconnaissance photographs, and photographs of Buchenwald concentration camp, which Layden visited on April 17, 1945, six days after it was liberated.
    Catalog RecordFinding AidDigital Collection
  • Creator: Lazarus family
    Call Number: Mss 1018
    This collection contains photographs, correspondence, clippings, pins, a textile, legal documents, and other items relating to Jane Lazarus Raisin and the Lazarus and Hirsch families of Charleston, as well as the related Hart, Levy, Cohen, Mordecai, Harby, De Lyon, De La Motta, and Raisin families. Collection includes numerous early photographs. Materials also pertain to Charleston's Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim (KKBE) synagogue and Jewish life in Charleston and South Carolina in the 19th and 20th centuries. Numerous items belonging to Isaac Hirsch relate to his involvement with masonic organizations in Charleston and to his service in the Confederate army.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Lazarus family; Hirsch family
    Call Number: Mss 1018
    This collection contains photographs, correspondence, clippings, pins, a textile, legal documents, albums, and other items relating to Jane Lazarus Raisin and the Lazarus and Hirsch families of Charleston, as well as the related Hart, Levy, Cohen, Mordecai, Harby, De Lyon, De La Motta, and Raisin families. Collection includes numerous early photographs. Materials also pertain to Charleston's Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim (KKBE) synagogue and Jewish life in Charleston and South Carolina in the 19th and 20th centuries. Numerous items belonging to Isaac Hirsch relate to his involvement with masonic organizations in Charleston and to his service in the Confederate army.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Legare, Colcock & Company (Charleston, S.C.)
    Call Number: Mss 0058
    Bound ledger containing the accounts of Legare Colcock & Company with various individuals (including Col. James Legare and W.F. Colcock), establishments, and plantations probably kept by Morton W. Wilson. Includes an index.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 0034-117
    The collection consists of 1 handwritten letter from "Alice" to "Adah" dated September 20, 1890. The letter describes Alice's visit with her family to the German city of Oberammergau to see the famous Passion Play staged there. The letter also describes Alice's visits to various churches in Cologne as well as briefly mentions stops in The Hague and Munich.
    Catalog Record

  • Letters from the Clergy of the Anglican Church in SC The largest group of private letters surviving from early South Carolina consists of those written by Anglican clergymen to the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts (SPG) and to the Bishop of London. These letters are among the most important sources for the social history of the province. In addition to recording the religious work of Anglican ministers, they contain some of the best available information on the development of education, Native Americans, major events such as the Yamassee War, slavery, architecture, and many other subjects.
  • Call Number: Mss 1034-017
    Contains photocopy of Theresa Baruch Weil's United Daughters of the Confederacy certificate (ca. 1910) photocopy of Frank and Ed Levenson's South Carolina business registration (1918) Sam Levenson's certificate (ca. 1943-1944) of completion for Enlisted Specialist Course for Veterinary Technicians, U.S. Army. Photographs include two prints, (b/w, 8 x 10 ) of Sam Levenson and fifteen other uniformed service men in front of Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington, DC, 1944.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Levi, Wendell Mitchell, 1891-
    Call Number: Mss 0079
    The papers of Wendell Mitchell Levi include his correspondence, biographical and genealogical information, notes, material related to his publications, and photographs.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Levine, Anita Rosen, 1921-2011
    Call Number: Mss 1107
    Assorted papers and publications of Anita Rosen Levine, who served as secretary to the rabbi of Brith Sholom Beth Israel congregation in Charleston, South Carolina, from 1956 to 1986, and as secretary for Addlestone Hebrew Academy.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Levinson, Harry, 1894-1956
    Call Number: Mss 1034-024
    Papers of Harry Levinson, World War I veteran and clothing store owner. Collection consists of a brief biography of Harry Levinson, a photocopy of a letter from Commander-in-Chief John Pershing to soldiers (February 1919), and a reproduction of a photograph of soldiers, including Levinson, celebrating Passover (April 1919) in France.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Levy, Tybee Bogeslov
    Call Number: Mss 1034-080
    Photographs and papers of Tybee Bogeslov Levy, a Russian immigrant who settled in Walterboro, South Carolina. Photographs include black and white portraits of Levy and her family. Also included is an obituary of Bernhard Levy, Tybee's husband, who owned a store in Walterboro and was Postmaster General of Colleton County.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Call Number: Mss 1099
    Two miniature portraits of Chapman Levy, a Jewish lawyer, legislator, and landowner from South Carolina and later Mississippi. Also included are portraits of his mother, Sarah Moses Levy, and his sister, Eliza Levy Anderson.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Livingstain, Theresa Levy, 1901-2000
    Call Number: Mss 1009
    Papers contain Oscar Levy's biographical information, United States Naturalization Certificate (1916) with leather case, correspondence in Yiddish and English (1930s) and Levy's Boys Store business documents (1900s-1960s), including an envelope with South Carolina Interstate and West Indian Expo scenes. Related material includes obituaries for daughters and condolence letters from business associates. Livingstain papers contain Leo Livingstain's biographical information, family photographs (1890s-1950s), ephemera, and a letterhead from Harris Livingstain Co.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Lewisohn, Ludwig, 1882-1955
    Call Number: Mss 0028
    Papers document mostly Lewisohn's friendship and early homosexual love affair with poet George Sylvester Viereck and Lewisohn's later marriage to Edna Manley. Correspondence (1903-1955) between Lewisohn and Viereck is mostly on literary matters but early holograph poems by Lewisohn refer to their love affair. Other poems include printed and typescript copies and his English translations of some poems by Rainer Maria Rilke.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Call Number: Mss 1034-019
    Papers consist of Louis Michael Libater's certificate of U.S Citizenship (1904) and a photographic portrait (re-print) of Libater, ca. 1885. Citizenship certificate was issued by Judge William H. Brawley, U.S. District Court of South Carolina, on testimony of O.N. Levy and Wolf Levin, both of Charleston, SC. Notation on certificate that Libater must renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to Emperor Francis Joseph of Austria.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 0034-112
    The collection consists of clippings from newspapers and other publications regarding Lindbergh's non-stop flight across the Atlantic in the airplane the Spirit of St. Louis.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Lipsitz family
    Call Number: Mss 1102
    Promotional materials, business materials, clippings, correspondence, and publications of the Lipsitz family of Beaufort, South Carolina. Materials primarily relate to the Lipsitz Department store, owned and operated by three generations of the Lipsitz family from 1902 to 2009.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Lipton, Helen Stern, 1899-1987
    Call Number: Mss 1065-012
    Letters, postcards, and other materials relating to Helen Stern Lipton, a Jewish woman who left Poland in 1915. Correspondence in Yiddish (with English translations) from Lipton's family members in Poland focuses on efforts to help them escape to America before and during World War II. Includes a set of tefillin with a cloth bag for storage.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: West, Clyde A.
    Call Number: Mss 0034-095
    The document is a typescript list of records at the United States Customs House in Charleston, S.C. The list consists of records that were stored on the north side of the basement.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 0034-094
    Commonplace book and loose papers contain original [?] and copied literary passages. The entries are in several different handwritings and include poems, essays, quotations, letters, and excerpts from sermons. Many poems have a pastoral or religious theme, while other passages concern mourning and consolation, illness, conjugal love, friendship, and moral character and conduct. Authors named include Langhorn, Dr. Watts, Matthew Prior, Tickell, Le Fevre, and Stern. Two poems are dedicated to a Mr. Shenston, and there is an extract from Shenstone's essays on men and manners. Includes a letter (1829) in pencil [which may not be related to the collection].
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Logan, Roswell Turner, 1836-1906
    Call Number: Mss 0121
    The journal includes addresses, poems, and essays written by Roswell Turner Logan, including: Logan's inaugural address delivered before the Philometric Society on July 6, 1852 at the High School of Charleston three essays published in the Charleston College magazine ("Mohammed and His religion," "College life" in April 1855 and "Good bye" in May 1855) a requiem to Logan's old horse John Randolph, who died September 21, 1857 and a poem entitled, "The Presidential canvas of 1860."
    Catalog RecordDigital Collection
  • Call Number: Mss 1034-042
    Note: entire collection is color copies of photographs. Includes images of Annie Friedman Lourie with her mother, Betty Friedman, and sisters Becky Friedman and Minnie Kalinsky, ca. early 1940s group photos (ca. 1945) include Sara Lourie Gordon, Sarah Kalinsky Nossakoff, Morris Kalinsky, Ethel Kalinsky Kramer, Minnie Kalinsky, Arnold Levinson, Libby Levinson, Margie Levinson Goldstein, Mary Lourie Rittenberg, and Dr. Herbert Lourie.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Lubin, Lillie Goldstein, 1923-
    Call Number: Mss 1034-053
    The collection consists primarily of photographs of Lillie "Lisa" Goldstein Lubin (1923- ), an opera singer born in Charleston, South Carolina. Sheet music, a compact disc compilation of Lubin's musical performances, and a newspaper clipping are also included.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid


  • Creator: Macauley, Thomas Babington Macaulay, Baron, 1800-1859
    Call Number: Mss 0034-035
    The collection consists of a typescript copy of an 1857 letter written to Congressman H.S. Randall of New York in which Macauley discusses his ideas on Jeffersonian democracy.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Mann, Joseph, 1845-
    Call Number: Mss 1034-002
    Collection consists of sixteen letters and two poems, all handwritten originals. Majority (fourteen) are love letters (April-Dec. 1877) from Joseph Mann to Amelia (Milia) Robinson, written during their courtship. Mann did not write in English, so a friend wrote the letters for him. Topics include Mann's sentimental anticipation of their nuptials and his love for Robinson.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Mann, Joseph, 1845-
    Call Number: Mss 1093
    Tintype photograph of Joseph Mann playing cards with a friend in South Carolina. The photograph has been mounted in a shadow box.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: South Carolina. Marine Resources Division
    Call Number: Mss 0018
    This collection consists of black and white aerial photographs of Beaufort, Berkeley, Charleston, Colleton, Dorchester, Georgetown, Hampton, Horry, and Jasper counties in South Carolina between 1939 and 1978. There are 12x12 inch photographs of specific areas in the counties. There are 20x25 inch composite aerial photographs based upon splicing together a number of aerial photographs and a 25x25 inch series of individual aerial photographs for parts of the counties. The collection is arranged alphabetically by South Carolina county and therein chronologically. The agency source of the photograph and the year the photograph was flown are on the aerials. The indexes to the aerials contain the name of the agency, year flown, negative scale, and county code number.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: South Carolina. Marine Resources Division
    Call Number: Mss 0126
    This collection consists of a wide variety of maps, charts, and aerial photographs. The maps are arranged by type of map: topographic, geologic, bathymetric, nautical, aerial, and miscellaneous. Most of the maps are of South Carolina but maps of the southeast United States and the Gulf of Mexico coast are also included in this collection. The maps are arranged by state and county and thereafter chronologically.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Marks, Robert W., 1907-1993
    Call Number: Mss 0029
    Correspondence, typescripts, drafts, notes, clippings, photographs, and other miscellaneous items of writer and mathematician Robert Walter Marks. Collection consists of typescripts and drafts of hundreds of published articles, short stories, advertisements, and books written by Marks under multiple pen names, including the pen name John Colleton. Also included is professional and personal correspondence and letters from Arnold Gingrich (editor of Esquire magazine), Elsa Maxwell, Clare Luce, Alfred Stieglitz, Pierre Salinger, Ruth Benedict, Laura Bragg, Alexander Calder, Buckminster Fuller and Thomas J. Tobias and assorted materials related to his tenure at the New School for Social Research in New York city.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Martin, Albert J., 1913-1997
    Call Number: Mss 1065-047
    The collection consists of approximately 160 photographs and negatives collected by U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Albert J. Martin during World War II. Photographs show Nazi parades, American troops and materiel, and German landscapes, buildings, and civilians. Also includes nine Holocaust atrocity photographs taken in a concentration camp near Erfurt, Germany.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Mason, John
    Call Number: Mss 0034-175
    8 broadsides printed on handmade paper by John Mason measuring 28-30 x 20 cm. with one sheet folded to 20 x 15 cm.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Maybank, Burnett R. (Burnett Rhett), 1899-1954
    Call Number: Mss 0085
    Legislative files, correspondence, printed material, voting records, and personal papers of Burnet Rhett Maybank (1899-1954), United States Senator from 1941 to 1954. Materials primarily relate to Maybank's professional life as a United States Senator and include his legislative working files and constituent correspondence. The collection also includes a small amount of personal papers concerning Maybank and his family including personal correspondence, financial material, photographs, property and real estate records, newspaper clippings and scrapbooks, and estate settlements. Major topics include World War II, civil rights legislation, the Fair Employment Practices Commission (FEPC), the Korean War, the Cold War, labor, price control, the Charleston Navy Yard, the Santee Cooper Hydroelectric and Navigation Project, and the Savannah River Site atomic plant.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: McCallum, Corrie, 1914-2009
    Call Number: Mss 0106
    A comprehensive collection of exhibition catalogs, clippings, photographs, paintings, and ephemera documenting McCallum's career as an artist. Her work has been exhibited in group shows throughout the eastern United States and she is the recipient of numerous awards.
    Catalog RecordInventoryDigital Collection
  • Creator: McDonald, Ruth Ann, 1919-2013
    Call Number: Mss 0200
    Correspondence, photographs, military records, clippings, and textiles of Ruth Ann McDonald. Materials document her service in the U.S. Army during World War II as a nurse stationed at the Lawson General Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, Fort Bliss, Texas, the 67th General Hospital in England, and the 30th Field Hospital, which traveled through Luxembourg, France, and Germany. Also includes transcripts pertaining to Ruth's nursing education, certificates relating to her army service, and issues of army periodicalsThe Yank, The Army Weekly, and The Army Nurse. A small portion of the collection pertains to liberated concentration camps and displaced persons, Ruth's travels directly following her Army service, her fiancé Lyle Simpkins, and two reunions of the 67th General Hospital.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: McKeithan, Daniel Morley, 1902-
    Call Number: Mss 0061
    Collection contains typescripts, publications, photographs, and other materials including correspondence and newspaper clippings gathered by Daniel Morley McKeithan. McKeithan wrote primarily about Paul Hamilton Hayne, and his papers contain numerous published articles on Hayne, correspondence about locating Hayne manuscripts and uncollected poems, a few copies of Hayne documents, and two photographs and negatives of Copse Hill, the cottage near Augusta, GA, where Hayne lived from 1866-1886 (the photographs were taken in 1940).
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: McMasters, Will
    Call Number: Mss 1065-036
    The collection consists of photographs, booklets, and maps related to Will McMasters, a captain in the 56th Armored Engineers Battalion of the U.S. Army during World War II. Included are nine Holocaust atrocity photographs from Mauthausen concentration camp, in Austria.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: McWhorter, Frances Manning Achurch
    Call Number: Mss 0034-093
    From 1948 to 1950 Achurch was a member of the military advisory group in Korea. He was a senior advisor in charge of training at the Korean Naval Academy at Chinhae. His 32 page diary photocopy Escape from Korea begins on June 24, 1950, the first days of the Korean War and ends a month later with evacuation to Japan and then to the United States. Her 45 page diary photocopy "The Korea I Liked" begins on April 29, 1949 when she arrived in Korea to join her husband. Included with the diaries is biographical information.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Meltzer, Charles Henry, 1853-1936
    Call Number: Mss 0009
    Collection contains correspondence to dramatist Charles Henry Meltzer from well-known composers (1839-1928), including Cécile Chaminade, Gustave Charpentier, Alphonse Daudet, Claude Debussy, Edward Elgar, George Gershwin, Jules Massenet, Felix Mendelssohn-Barthody, Giacomo Puccini, and Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari. Also includes newspaper clippings relating to Meltzer, and a typescript transcription of Meltzer's biography
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Mendelsohn, Rhetta A., collector
    Call Number: Mss 1105
    Photographs, assorted correspondence and papers of the Block, Rich, and Aronson families of Camden, South Carolina, Orangeburg, South Carolina, and Kingstree, South Carolina collected by Rhetta A. Mendelsohn.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Mendelsohn family
    Call Number: Mss 1139
    Photographs, eulogies, audio interview, and clippings relating to the Mendelsohn family of Charleston, South Carolina. Benjamin Mendelsohn and his wife, Fay Zamler Mendelsohn, settled in Charleston in 1907 where Benjamin operated a tailor shop on King Street and Fay later opened her own store, the Bandbox, selling women's hats and dresses. The collection also includes images of the related Bluestein family.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Middleton, N. Russell (Nathaniel Russell), 1810-1890
    Call Number: Mss 0032
    Nathaniel Russell Middleton papers consist of his writings, his correspondence with his wife and children, and miscellaneous items.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Middleton family
    Call Number: Mss 0001
    Collection consists of assorted architectural drawings, ink sketches, pencil drawings, and watercolors attributed to John Izard Middleton, Henry Middleton, and Thomas Walker as well as several sketches of additions to Middleton Place, the family seat located along the Ashley River near Charleston, South Carolina.
    Catalog RecordFinding AidDigital Collection
  • Creator: Miles, James Warley, 1818-1875
    Call Number: Mss 0008
    Papers consist of correspondence, transcripts of Miles' sermons and addresses, notes for a sermon, clippings, and biographical materials.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Miller, Laura Benjamin, collector
    Call Number: Mss 1034-078
    The collection consists of a Confederate States of America two-dollar bill, a Judah P. Benjamin Confederate Memorial brochure, and a digital copy of a letter from Judah Benjamin (as the Confederate States Secretary of State) to Daniel Printup, Esq. of Rome, Georgia, requesting assistance in mustering soldiers for the 55th regiment of the Confederate States Army.
    Catalog RecordFinding AidDigital Collection
  • Creator: Miller, Mary S.
    Call Number: Mss 1034-063
    Paper on B.A. Rodrigues Ottolengui presented by Mary S. Miller on May 1, 2003 at a dinner meeting of the Robert Wilson Medical History Club. The paper details Ottolengui's life and work as an author and dentist and includes photocopies of: photographs taken by Ottolengui images of Dr. Fone's Dental Hygiene School excerpts from Items of interest, a dental journal edited by Ottolengui a portrait of Ottolengui and images of Ottolengui's dental office and dental cabinet.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 0034-163
    This collection consists of items related to the Milward family of South Carolina and includes correspondence, clippings, and other miscellaneous biographical materials.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Sholk, Harry
    Call Number: Mss 1034-048
    Miniature sukkah structure. Hand-made of wood and nails; two windows on both sides and a door with one step at front of structure. Roof is made of six wood slats. Contains dollhouse size furnishings including: oval rug, dining table and four chairs, sideboard, desk, shelves, bench with cushion, four ceramic and glass cup and saucer sets, two ceramic platters and a vase. Slatted roof is adorned with plastic fruit and flowers.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 0059
    Bound volume of miscellaneous documents (1669-1805, bulk 1770s-1802) contains transcriptions and excerpts of articles, poems, magazines, books, and other sources, transcriptions of letters, reports, and a journal, a section of alphabetically arranged entries concerning a wide variety of persons and topics, and biographical sketches of various famous individuals, including English and French nobility.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Moïse, Ben McC.
    Call Number: Mss 0183
    Manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, work files, publications, and related papers of Ben McCutchen Moïse, conservation officer with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources from 1978 to 2002, author of Ramblings of a Lowcountry Game Warden: A Memoir, and editor of A Southern Sportsman: The Hunting Memoirs of Henry Edwards Davis.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Moïse, Penina
    Call Number: Mss 1034-049
    The collection consists of two original poems, handwritten by the author, Penina Moïse. The first, entitled "On Parting with My Press," is one page; the second, "To the Consecration," is two pages.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Moïse, Warren Hubert, 1864-1939
    Call Number: Mss 1132
    Collection consists of eleven letters from Warren Hubert Moïse to his nephew Edwin Warren Moïse and four letters from Warren Hubert to Edwin's wife, Marion Cobb Gerdine Moïse. The letters discuss the careers of Warren Hubert's father, Edwin Warren Moïse, a prominent attorney, legislator, and judge in Louisiana, and his uncle, the painter Theodore Sidney Moïse. Warren Hubert details the Moïses' financial struggles after the Civil War and provides genealogical information about the extended Moïse family as well as the family of his mother, Louise Hubert, Edwin Warren's second wife, and the family of Matilda Jane Vaughn, Theodore Sidney's second wife. The collection also includes two letters to his nephew Edwin Warren Moïse from the Metropolitan Museum of Art offering advice on care of a portrait of his grandfather, Edwin Warren Moïse, painted by Theodore Sidney Moïse as well as a series of photographs of Warren Hubert Moïse and friends originally enclosed in a letter to Edwin Warren Moïse.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Call Number: Mss 1060
    Collection contains letters (1897-1940) to and from members of the Edwin Warren Moïse family. Majority of correspondence (1897-1899) is to Penina Moïse Solomons Phelps from her first husband, Dr. Edward Alva Solomons other letters (most undated) to Penina from siblings, friends and other relatives. Letters refer to health issues, social activities, relatives and friends. Collection includes condolence letters (1902) sent to Esther Lyon Moïse upon the death of her husband, Edward Warren Moïse.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Moore, William V.
    Call Number: Mss 0153
    Writings, printed materials, working files, correspondence, photographs, and audiovisual materials of William Vincent Moore, Professor of Political Science at the College of Charleston from 1972 to 2009. Materials document Moore's scholarly research of American political extremism, South Carolina politics, and Southern politics. Printed materials amassed by Moore make up a significant portion of the collection and consist of newspapers, newsletters, magazines, booklets, pamphlets, direct mailings, leaflets, and other printed ephemera issued by a range of organizations, movements, and ideologies from across the political spectrum. Also included are political science conference presentation papers authored and co-authored by Moore, his notes documenting chapter meetings, speeches, and rallies of assorted far-right and white supremacy groups in Louisiana and South Carolina, correspondence from assorted white supremacists and far-right groups, and audiovisual materials consisting of interviews, radio programs, lectures, videos, and music relating to white supremacy, the Ku Klux Klan and, the far-right.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Moses, Octavia Harby, 1823-1904
    Call Number: Mss 1115
    Collection consists of an autograph album presented to Octavia Harby Moses by Aaron Moïse Jr. in 1836, containing poems composed or copied by her friends and relations, including two specifically written on the occasion of her 15th birthday. Several pages are signed by Penina Moïse, but the majority of authors are identified only by a first name or initial.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Moses family
    Call Number: Mss 1128
    Photographs, photograph albums, correspondence, genealogical research, and printed materials related to the Moses family of Sumter, South Carolina. Materials primarily document Montgomery Moses, a lawyer and judge, and his descendants, including Altamont Moses, a state representative and senator. The largest portion of the collection consists of cartes de visite, tintypes, cabinet cards, and daguerreotypes of the Moses family, as well as members of the related Cohen, Emanuel, Jennings, and De Ribas families. Also included are genealogical research materials, correspondence, pamphlets, and clippings.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid


  • Call Number: Mss 1071
    This collection consists of information on Moses Henry Nathan (1821-1875) together with printed annual reports of the City of Charleston Fire Department, 1859-1861, 1866-1872 which were delivered to the Charleston Board of Fire Masters. These printed annual reports are bound into a volume titled on the spine Annual reports of the Chief of the Fire Department of Charleston, 1859-1872 and impressed on the front cover M.H. Nathan. The collection also includes a photograph of Chief M.H. Nathan taken duing the Civil War, Nathan's brief, handwritten account of the 1861 Charleston fire, and another account of the fire written in a book found on Hayne Street.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: National Council of Jewish Women. Charleston Section
    Call Number: Mss 1038
    The collection consists of the records of the Charleston Section of the National Council of Jewish Women. A substantial portion of the collection documents the Charleston Section's fundraising activities, charitable and educational programs, membership events, and 100th anniversary celebration through photographs, printed matter, newspaper clippings, and other materials. Also included are materials documenting its administrative and financial activities and early history.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Nedzi, Janusz
    Call Number: Mss 0034-169
    The prints in this collection were made from pen and ink drawings of St. Philip's Church and the French Huguenot Church in Charleston, S.C. The view of Church Street shows the French Huguenot Church and St. Philip's Church. All prints were completed in 1991 and are numbered 10 out of 50.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Hoffman, Linda Neidich
    Call Number: Mss 1014
    Family photographs (1890-1960) include: cabinet cards (bulk from New York photographers), photo postcards and images at B'nai B'rith events. Papers (1950s-1990s) of Dr. Sol Neidich include: obituary and eulogy, publications (1958-1988) regarding Israel and Middle Eastern affairs, speeches (1950s-1980s) regarding Israel and Middle East affairs and several from B'nai B'rith and Beaufort events clippings (1950s-1960s) about Dr. Neidich B'nai B'rith papers (1950s-1990s) include convention ephemera and District No. 5 B'nai B'rith Constitution (1978).
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Neufville, John, 1727-1804
    Call Number: Mss 0034-048
    The collection consists of two letters. The first letter, dated May 18, 1787, is to Neufville from J. Pierce of Richmond, Virginia. The letter is concerning a debt owed to Pierce by T.E. Rupell. The second letter is a response from Neufville. In the response, dated July 10, 1787, Neufville wrote Pierce to inform him to expect payment in less than a month.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: New England Society of Charleston, S.C.
    Call Number: Mss 0034-049
    The folder contains two copies of an invitation to the one hundred and twenty-first anniversary dinner of the New England Society of Charleston. The dinner was held on December 21, 1940 at the Francis Marion Hotel in Charleston, S.C.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Shoftim Society
    Call Number: Mss 1065-038
    The collection consists of 12 videocassettes from a September 1997 conference of U.S. prosecutors from the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg, hosted by the Shoftim Society and the University of South Carolina School of Law in Columbia, South Carolina. Included are three audio CDs of the 1998 radio program Nuremberg Revisited presented by South Carolina ETV, which includes excerpts from the conference.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid


  • Creator: O'Cain, Raymond K.
    Call Number: Mss 0036
    Papers consist of O'Cain's correspondence, notes, lectures and other writings, articles, printed material, photographs, clippings, linguistic maps, and sound recordings. Papers relate primarily to Raymond O'Cain and his research in linguistics.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Call Number: Mss 0034-171
    This collection consists of items related to Oaks Plantation and includes miscellaneous genealogical, biographical, and primary sources
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: South Carolina State Fair (1923 : Columbia, S.C.)
    Call Number: Mss 0034-125
    The official program for the South Carolina State Fair held in Columbia, S.C., October 22-27, 1923. The program includes a schedule of each day's events as well as advertisements for local businesses.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: United States. Army
    Call Number: Mss 1065-022
    Four atrocity photographs of concentration camp victims in Ohrdruf, a satellite camp of the Buchenwald concentration camp. Also included are two clippings describing the liberation of Ohrdruf by the U.S. Army.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Olswanger, Anna, 1953-
    Call Number: Mss 1034-077
    Publications, short stories, and other papers of Anna Olswanger, children's story author and freelance editor. Included are published copies of Olswanger's short stories "Big Mistreatin' Bittersweet'n Blues" and "Chicken Bone Man," as well as materials relating to Olswanger's father, Berl Olswanger, a blues musician and composer from Nashville (Tennessee), and his sister Gene Olswanger.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Middletun, Cudjoe
    Call Number: Mss 0034-050
    The collection consists of two copies of "Ooman," a Gullah language sermon that was written by Reb. Cudjoe Middletun from South Santee River, South Carolina. The sermon is not dated and consists of a single typed page.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Oppenheim, Jeffrey
    Call Number: Mss 1034-004
    Collection consists of two copies of a printed family tree of the Oppenheim family, tracing Oppenheim relatives back to the late 14th century (some gaps in time periods) and concluding in the 1980s. Includes information on the Von Butzbach, Ballin, Bachrach, Menz, Meir, Levi, Weinsburg, Gompei, Cohen, Goldschmidt, Spanier, Brillan, Phillips, Goldsmith, Alexander, Aaron Von Blitz, Mears, Sabludowsky, Goldenberg, and Schulhofer families. A decorative tree design with some color appears on the page.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Optimist Club of Charleston
    Call Number: Mss 0034-051
    The folder contains a letter from the morning and evening Optimist Clubs of Charleston to Rev. Robert J. Kelly of Bishop England High School. The letter, which is signed by Don Meeks, the President of the Evening Optimist Club, and John Lavelle, the President of the Morning Optimist Club, requested Bishop England High School's participation in Youth Appreciation Week. It also includes a list of recommended activities for the week.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 1053
    The collection consists of a scrapbook (1 v. (various pagings) : ill. 35 cm.) and pieces which were removed from the scrapbook and, in some cases, photocopied.
    Catalog Record


  • Creator: Padoll, Burton L.
    Call Number: Mss 1082
    Sermons, addresses, photographs, publications, and other papers of Burton L. Padoll, rabbi and civil rights advocate. Materials largely relate to Padoll's rabbinate at Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim in Charleston, South Carolina, from 1961-1967.
    Catalog RecordFinding AidDigital Collection
  • Call Number: Mss 1066
    The black and white photographs in this collection were taken by Bill Aron in October and November of 2000 for the photo essay "Palmetto Jews," which appeared in the book A portion of the people: three hundred years of southern Jewish life. Columbia, S.C.: University of South Carolina Press, 2002.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Cimino, Miriam Pope
    Call Number: Mss 0034-011
    The collection consists of a typescript copy of an article written by Miriam Pope Cimino entitled "Pans to Tote." The article appeared in the August 1933 edition of Scribner's. It describes the life of African-Americans in Georgia during the Great Depression. Cimino argues that African-Americans who remained in the south faired better than those who migrated north.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 0113
    The collection consists of handmade paper samples from the 7 papermakers participating in the Papermaking Invitational exhibition. This exhibition was on view at the Gibbes Art Gallery from January 17 to March 4, 1984 and later appeared at the Robert Scott Small Library, College of Charleston in honor of Juliette Staats. The seven artists include Marchelle Pachnowski, Lilian Bell, Olive Meador Smith, Coco Garden, Nancy Albertson, Sheril Cunning, and Ande Lau Chen. The collection also includes brochures, artist statements and resumes, invitations, and a bibliography related to the exhibition.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Pastime Amusement Company (Charleston, S.C.)
    Call Number: Mss 0201
    The collection consists of the records of the Pastime Amusement Company of Charleston, South Carolina. Records contain materials relating to Albert Sottile, his daughter, Alberta Sottile Long, J. C. Long, and H. George Meyer including correspondence, writings, photographs, clippings, and printed materials. Also included are assorted exterior and interior photographs of buildings and theaters, including the Sottile, Princess, and Garden theaters, owned by the company on Broad, King, Liberty, Market, Race, and Romney streets as well as several West Ashley properties, including the Ashley Theater. There are also scrapbooks, materials relating to the Pastime Amusement Company centennial anniversary celebration, minutes, and financial materials.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Pearlstine, Milton Alfred, 1899-1994
    Call Number: Mss 1104
    Correspondence, photographs, clippings, and other assorted papers relating to the life and work of Milton Alfred Pearlstine, founding member and secretary of the South Carolina State Ports Authority from 1942 to 1972 and president and secretary of I. M. Pearlstine & Sons. The collection also contains materials relating to his wife, civic volunteer and former president of the Charleston Section of the National Council of Jewish Women, Cecile Mayer Pearlstine.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Pearlstine Distributors Inc.
    Call Number: Mss 1114
    Business records, correspondence, photographs, printed materials, and artifacts relating to the history and operation of Pearlstine Distributors Inc. (est. 1972), a Charleston-based distributor of Anheuser-Busch products, and its parent company, I. M. Pearlstine & Sons, founded by Isaac Moses Pearlstine in 1885.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Pearlstine family
    Call Number: Mss 1027
    Collection of real estate documents: mortgages, titles, bonds, liens, and leases for lands bought and sold in Orangeburg, Barnwell, Allendale and Colleton counties (South Carolina). Particular towns include Branchville and Allendale. Majority of land transactions are for lands purchased or sold by Rebecca Pearlstine, Thomas L. Pearlstine, and Fannie Pearlstine. Notable is a 1870s deed for land sold in Orangeburg County by the South Carolina Railroad Company.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Call Number: Mss 1062
    Bulk of collection is photographs (1860s-1970s) of the Pearlstine and Strauss families. Images include: I.M Pearlstine (1860s-1890s) Hyman Pearlstine (1880s-1920s) Esther Edie Strauss Pearlstine (1880s-1930s) group images (1890s-1900s) of Hyman Pearlstine family Edwin and Milton Pearlstine as children photographs of Edwin S. Pearlstine (includes photos from World War I training camp) images (1904-1970s) of Mary Pearlstine Hornik and Gerald and Jane P. Meyerson family.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Pennington, Maggie Thurman
    Call Number: Mss 0070
    The collection documents Dr. Pennington's career as a Biology teacher at the College of Charleston for 35 years. It includes her provisional appointment for three years, her reappointments on the recommendation of the Faculty Committee on Appointments, her permanent appointment without comment, her promotion to full professor in 1969, letters of appreciation from students, College memos by and to her, publications by her, minutes of the Steering Committee Career Conference for Women in 1974, a National Science Foundation grant for high school biology teachers to study marine biology, information about the creation of two greenhouses for botanical experiments, her Distinguished Service Award by the College of Charleston Foundation in 1985, and her retirement in 1997.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Persky, Esther Libby Surasky, 1899-1985
    Call Number: Mss 1106
    Scrapbook and photograph albums assembled by Esther Libby Surasky Persky of Aiken, South Carolina, containing images and memorabilia of the Surasky family, assorted relatives, and friends.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Gould, John, 1804-1881
    Call Number: Mss 0034-176
    The Phaethornis philippi is depicted on a plate numbered 21 in John Gould's A monograph of the Trochilidae, or, family of humming-birds. London: published by the author, 1861. This colored lithograph was drawn by H.C. Richter from Gould's sketches and printed by Hullmandel & Walter. Also included with the plate is the page which describes this South American hummingbird.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Phillips family
    Call Number: Mss 1125
    Memoirs and journals written by lawyer and politician Philip Phillips, his wife, Eugenia Phillips, and their two youngest sons, lawyer William Hallett Phillips and Library of Congress Superintendent of Maps Philip Lee Phillips. Also includes a poem describing a Washington, D.C., ball in which Eugenia is referenced, and an address based on the writings and works of Philip Lee Phillips.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Pinckney, Charles Cotesworth, 1746-1825
    Call Number: Mss 0034-054
    Journal entries on pages interleaved in Hoff's Agricultural Almanac (1818). Includes personal and plantation entries by Charles Cotesworth Pinckney (1818 April 6-May 16, with a few scattered entries in late 1818 and early 1819).
    Catalog RecordDigital Collection
  • Creator: Pinckney, Henry Laurens, 1794-1863
    Call Number: Mss 0034-015
    This collection contains a single warrant issued by Henry L. Pinckney, Collector of the general tax for the parishes of St. Philip's and St. Michael's, to James S. Shingler, Sheriff of Charleston District, authorizing the arrest of the free black, Maria Louisa Silvanneau, of Charleston, for failure to pay the capitation tax of $2.77.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Pinckney, Maria
    Call Number: Mss 0034-055
    The collection consists of two typescript copies of Maria Henrietta Pinckney's "A Notice of the Pinckneys." The original was published by Evans and Cogswell in 1860. The document gives a brief genealogy of the Pinckney family from Thomas Pinckney (the first Pinckney in South Carolina) to his grandsons, Charles Cotesworth Pinckney and General Thomas Pinckney. The genealogy also includes a brief history of their father, Charles Pinckney.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 1034-059
    The collection includes 14 handwritten pages of a letter. The letter, written in pencil on May 31, 1907, was addressed to Mrs. R. Dewald from Mrs. Eliza B. Weinges of St. Matthews. The letter is a recollection of the events surrounding Rebecca Pinkussohn's birth. Also included is a small book of School Certificates from the Memminger and Bennett Schools of Charleston, S.C. for regular and punctual attendance, perfect lessons, and correct deportment. Of the 155 certificates, 52 were awarded to Rebecca, 43 to Ida, 22 to Isadore, and 38 to Lillie. The dated certificates span from 1876 to 1882. The book was inscribed "For dear Elisa, Aug. 22, 1939 - From Mother." Like the letter, the certificates were saved by the Pinkussohn family.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Pintus family
    Call Number: Mss 1065-041
    The collection consists of a photocopied typescript of "The Pintus Translations," edited and translated by Michael Lombardi. The typescript is based on transcriptions of postwar letters to Florence Goldsmith written by her friend Lise Pintus, a survivor of the Holocaust from Berlin, Germany, and other materials from the Pintus family.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Nelson, Selma
    Call Number: Mss 0034-156
    This collection consists of a photocopy of a poem entitled "The old house on Tradd St." The title refers to the John Rutledge House, a historical house museum in Charleston, S.C. The author is not mentioned on the photocopy but is identified as Miss Nelson by Alston Deas, compiler of the collection.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 0034-135
    This collection consists of items related to the Pogson family from the time of their arrival in the United States until the Civil War. It includes clippings, correspondence, calling cards, genealogies, personal effects, family documents, and other miscellaneous biographical materials. The majority of the documents refer to Milward Pogson, Sarah Pogson Smith, Frances Pogson Smith, and Harry Freeman Young Pogson. Alston Deas, the compiler of this collection, has attached explanatory notes and transcriptions to many of the items. Deas also included his transcriptions of Pogson family tombstones and his own genealogies of the Pogson family.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 1034-052
    Collection contains five artifacts: Gertrude Polan's aluminum bread crumb tray and scraper used at the family home in Mullins, South Carolina Hyman Polan's koshering knife and whetstone (used ca. 1940s-1960s) cotton handkerchief to wrap knife and whetstone.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Pollitzer, Mabel L. (Mabel Louise), 1885-1979
    Call Number: Mss 0037
    The papers consist of school notes, lectures, lab drawings, essays, exams and papers in education, literature, zoology, psychology, history, botany, fine arts and health. Other items include lectures on child welfare, guidance, and curriculum. Five duplicate cassette tapes of 7.5 hours of interviews with Mabel L. Pollitzer are from the Winthrop College Archives (Rock Hill, S.C.). These interviews are recollections of her work as a teacher, her participation on library and museum boards and her involvement with suffrage campaigning in Charleston.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Pool, David de Sola, 1885-1970
    Call Number: Mss 1034-043
    Letter handwritten on letterhead: The Rev. Dr. D. de Sola Pool/Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue/Shearith Israel/Founded 1654 sent to Mr. and Mrs. Louis Toporek [Bernice] of Charleston, South Carolina signed, David and Tamar de Sola Pool regarding a book the de Sola Pools sent the Toporeks mention of a Kiddush cup the Toporeks gave the de Sola Pools and fond memories of a visit to Charleston, SC best wishes sent to the Karesh family.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Popowski, Paula Kornblum, 1923-
    Call Number: Mss 1065-015
    Negatives, slides, digital images, and other papers of Paula Kornblum Popowski, a Polish-born Jew who survived the Holocaust by passing as a Christian. Materials include pre- and post-war photographs of Popowski and her family and friends, photographs of locations where Popowski lived in Poland and Germany, and her false Polish identification papers. Other materials include postcards and letters sent to Popowski, mostly after the war.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Porcher, Frederick A. (Frederick Adolphus), 1809-1888
    Call Number: Mss 0038
    Papers consist of Frederick Adolphus Porcher's writing and miscellaneous items.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Porcher, Philip, 1730-1800
    Call Number: Mss 0087
    A typewritten, annotated transcription (1936) of a volume which consists of a plantation journal (1776-1882) possibly begun by Philip Porcher (1730-1800). The volume, which was copied as a W.P.A. project, also contains additions by other Porcher family members.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Prayzer, Mike, 1922-1995
    Call Number: Mss 1065-043
    The collection consists of newspaper clippings and a videotaped interview of Mike Prayzer, a Jewish native of Bendzin, Poland, who survived imprisonment in ten concentration camps, including Auschwitz and Dachau. Prayzer immigrated to the United States in 1949.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Call Number: Mss 1072
    The prescription book (1887-1889) includes hand-written prescriptions which are glued to the pages of the volume. Each prescription includes the prescription number, patient's name, date, dosage, and formulation of the prescription. The prescriptions were written primarily by Dr. Myre S. Iseman, but also included are prescriptions written by Dr. G.E.T. Sparkman, Dr. J.W. Folk, and Dr. T.P. Bailey, as well as other physicians practicing in Georgetown, S.C. The prescriptions are recorded starting on September 9, 1887, with prescription number 4219, and end on July 28, 1889, with prescription number 8263.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Prevost, Katherine Goldstein, 1924-
    Call Number: Mss 1065-001
    The collection consists of copy negatives and slides, memoirs, clippings, and other papers of Katherine Goldstein Prevost, a native of Budapest, Hungary, who was imprisoned in Kaufering, a subcamp of Dachau, during World War II. Included is a memoir written by Prevost's friend Ferike Csato and a videocassette interview of Samuel Klasner, another friend, all Holocaust survivors.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Price family
    Call Number: Mss 1034-079
    Photographs, eulogies, and newspaper clippings of the Price family of Spartanburg, South Carolina. Materials mostly relate to the family's clothing store, Prices' Store for Men. Also included is a brief history of the founders of Temple B'nai Israel in Spartanburg.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Primrose, Robert
    Call Number: Mss 0034-056
    The collection consists of a letter written in 1800 from Primrose to John S. McLaughlin concerning a job and a list of Primrose's assets from 1835.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Prioleau, Samuel, 1784-1840
    Call Number: Mss 0034-057
    The marriage settlement of and letters to Samuel Prioleau.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Elliott Society of Science and Art (Charleston, S.C.)
    Call Number: Mss 0042
    Volume entitled "Proceedings: Elliott Society of Natural History" contains handwritten minutes of meetings, printed copies of minutes, broadsides concerning the society and its members, clippings about Society meetings, and post cards from individuals wishing to join the Society.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 1034-025
    The collection consists of three certificates presented to Isaac Prodosky: 1) Order of Induction into Military Service of the United States (May 20, 1918), instructing Prodosky to report to the local board at Walterboro, SC 2) Veteran's Note (1931) for loan of $153.00 made to Prodosky by the U.S. Veteran's Bureau under the World War Adjusted Compensation Act and 3) United States of America Certification of Military Service awarded to Prodosky, May 6, 1971, which states the years and capacity in which he served the Army of the United States.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 0034-078
    On July 5, 1753 Hugh Bryan, planter and attorney for Reverend George Whitefield, late of Prince William Parish and now of the Parish of Saint Luke in the County of Middlesex, conveyed to Mary Bryan, Joseph Bryan's widow, a 640 acre plantation named Providence on Indian lands on the east side of the Pocotaligo River in Prince William Parish. This two page document was witnessed by Ann Bryan and William Williamson. This tract was conveyed to Reverend Whitefield by Joseph and Mary Bryan on December 22, 1747.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 0084
    Collection of property conveyances for properties in South Carolina. Renunciation of dower (1774) by Martha Godin, wife of Isaac Godin to John Wells, Robert Mackenzie, Jr., William Carson, Bryan Cape, and James Harvey for a lot, houses, and outbuildings at 40 Church Street, Charleston. Deed (1776) from Jacob Motte, William Logan, John Huger, Benjamin Huger, and Alexander Rose (of property leased and released in 1771 from John and Elizabeth Blanche Torrans and John and Charlotte Poaug) to John Scott for 795 acres, houses, and outbuildings in Christ Church Parish, Berkeley County sold at auction.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Prystowsky, Arnold
    Call Number: Mss 1016
    Correspondence (telegrams) regarding marriage (1918) of Raye Karesh and Moses Prystowksy photographs (1950s-60s) of Prystowsky women at Brith Sholom Beth Israel events photocopies of images from wedding (1955) of Arnold Prystowksy and Shirley Feldman photocopies of family documents including real estate titles (1888-1940) for St. Philip St. property, Prystowsky family U.S. citizenship information (1898-1912), partnership document from E. Prystowsky and Sons (1926). Also includes Aleph Zadik Aleph scrapbook (1936-1939.)
    Catalog RecordInventory


  • Creator: Radin, Devorah Urgeshevitz, 1910-2000
    Call Number: Mss 1065-003
    Images, photocopies of passports and other government documents, and other papers of Devorah Dorothy Urgeshevitz Radin, a Jewish nurse who fled Lithuania in 1939. Images include photocopies and digital images of Radin, her family members, and friends taken from her scrapbooks.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Radinsky, David J.
    Call Number: Mss 1121
    Correspondence, speeches, sermons, and eulogies of Rabbi David J. Radinsky, senior rabbi of Brith Sholom Beth Israel Congregation in Charleston, South Carolina, from 1970 to 2004. The collection consists primarily of correspondence between Rabbi Radinsky and members of the Charleston community, BSBI congregants, and Jewish organizations on such topics as the policies of Addlestone Hebrew Academy and the Jewish Community Center of Charleston, kashrut (dietary laws), kosher food suppliers, local businesses that prepare kosher foods under Radinsky's supervision, character references and recommendations, affirmation of religious observance for excused absences, lectures on various Jewish issues, and requests for guidance on religious and domestic issues.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Raisin, Jacob S. (Jacob Salmon), 1878-1946
    Call Number: Mss 1075
    Clippings, correspondence, sermons, programs, certificates, diplomas, diaries, photographs, objects, and other papers of Jacob S. Raisin, Reform rabbi, author, and scholar. Raisin's writings focused on ethical behavior, intellectual history, religious observance and tradition. Materials also relate to Raisin's wife, Jane Lazarus Raisin, their children, Mordenai Lazarus Raisin Hirsch, Rachel Marla Raisin, and Aaron S. Raisin, and other family members, Raisin's record of professional activities and public service, particularly his involvement with Charleston's Jewish community, and the religious life of Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim congregation.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Call Number: Mss 1034-057
    The collection consists entirely of photocopies donated by Carolyn F. Ramsay, compiler of the original materials. It is comprised of pages from the Ramsay family Bible including a front flyleaf with the signatures of Esther A. S. Ramsay and S. Ellie Morrison, the Holy Bible's title page (published by Claxton, Remsen, & Haffelfinger), handwritten records of births (1828-2001), marriages (1870-2001), and deaths (1871-2001) of family members and their descendents, a marriage certificate for Dr. George Randolf Ramsay and Esther Ann Solomons with a photo of both (1870), a family portrait page with Ettie Ramsay and Elbert Solomons Ramsay as children and again as adults.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Randolph, Harrison, 1871-1954
    Call Number: Mss 0076
    Collection contains biographical information, personal diaries, correspondence, writings, teaching notes and other miscellaneous items of Harrison Randolph, President and Chair of Mathematics at the College of Charleston from 1897 to 1942. Papers include diaries from 1910 to 1941 except from mid 1928 to early 1931. Persons mentioned are M. Rutledge Rivers, George Daniel Grice, Thomas della Torre, James Harold Easterby, Horatio Hughes, Olin Burnham Chamberlain, and Williard Silcox Sr. Also included are Randolph's writings on education and mathematics, teaching notes and grade books, annotated publications on geometry, and documents relating to his service on the Fort Sumter Memorial Committee to create the memorial in White Point Gardens to the defenders of Fort Sumter.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Randolph, Harrison, 1871-1954
    Call Number: Mss 0043
    Papers consist of financial and legal documents and correspondence pertaining to Harrison and Louise Wagener Randolph, the Randolph family, and George Andreas Wagener.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Wilson, Julia Homer, 1910-2001
    Call Number: Mss 0034-126
    This print is from a pencil drawing of Randolph Hall, College of Charleston. This is a front view from George Street showing the cistern and oak trees.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Ravenel, Arthur
    Call Number: Mss 0112
    The 16 scrapbooks contain clippings from numerous South Carolina and North Carolina newspapers. The clippings pertain to Ravenel's political career and South Carolina politics as well as topics including Hurricane Hugo and local military and environmental issues. The scrapbooks cover the period from May 1986 to December 1994.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Confederate States of America. Office of Receiver
    Call Number: Mss 0034-132
    This collection consists of a receipt issued by the Office of Receiver in Charleston, S.C. to Patrick O'Donnell for 279 dollars and 58 cents. It is dated October 21, 1864 and signed by John Y. Stock, receiver.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: South Carolina. Committee of Conference upon Indian Affairs
    Call Number: Mss 0034-072
    The handwritten document is a report from the Committee of Conference upon Indian Affairs to the South Carolina General Assembly. The committee reported on sending a delegation of Catawba Indians to New York to negotiate a treaty to end hostilities with their traditional enemies, the Six Nations of the Iroquois. The report is dated 17 May 1751, and it made recommendations on how to send the Catawba most quickly and safely. It also discussed how to pay the Catawba's expenses.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Hazen, William Babcock, 1830-1887
    Call Number: Mss 0034-012
    The document is a request from Major General W.B. Hazen that four ladies be permitted to pass through the lines of his army to proceed north.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Dulaney, W. Marvin, 1950-
    Call Number: Mss 0109
    Records of the research required to determine whether or not a new library planned for the College of Charleston would cover any portion of the burial grounds of four African-American cemeteries: the Brown Fellowship Society (founded 1790 and renamed the Century Fellowship Society in 1903), the Free Dark Men of Color, Plymouth Congregational Church, and the MacPhelah Cemetery. The site had formerly been utilized by Bishop England High School, which was built in 1921 and which expanded in 1949, 1957, and 1965. Archaeological work was commissioned in order to ascertain that the Nathan and Marlene Addlestone Library would not disturb any remaining graves. The files include information about the organizations which created the cemeteries copies of deeds correspondence between Dr. Dulaney, President Alex Sanders, Dr. Edmund L. Drago, Dr. Bernard E. Powers, Dr. David Cohen, and others newspaper articles by Alphonso Brown and others about the organizations and cemeteries, maps of the site (within the block bounded by Calhoun, Bull, Coming, and Pitt streets), and plans for a memorial to mark the site.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 0014
    Typescript annotated listing and abstracts of articles (1767-1886) from South Carolina periodicals concerning various aspects of education in Charleston (S.C.). Periodicals used include the South Carolina Gazette, the Southern Patriot, the Charleston Courier, the Columbian Herald, and the News and Courier. These materials may have been part of the research for J.H. Easterby's A History of the College of Charleston (1935).
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Rice, Carew, 1899-1971
    Call Number: Mss 0188
    Correspondence, original silhouettes, pamphlets, and writings of South Carolina silhouettist, Carew Rice
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Rice, James Henry, 1868-1935
    Call Number: Mss 0034-060
    The collection consists of a letter from James Henry Rice to Robert Lathan dated January 6, 1935. In the letter, Rice discussed several articles he had written or was planning to write. He also discussed his book, The Aftermath of Glory, which was published by Walker, Evans & Cogswell company.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Rich, Isadore, 1856-1910
    Call Number: Mss 1034-106
    Collection consists of a letter from Isadore Rich to his wife and children written while he was abroad in Wiesbaden, Germany, seeking treatment for Wright's disease, a page (in German) of the log of the ship Kronprinzessin Cecilie (Crown Princess Cecilie) reporting on Rich's death during his journey back to the United States, and his obituary. Also included is a facsimile of a German Abgangszeugnis, or "leaving certificate"-a document that contains a student's final exam grades-issued to Leopold Block, a relation of the Rich family through the marriage of Isadore's uncle Lipman Rich (1894-1968) to Henrietta Block (1897-1985).
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Rigney, James Oliver, Jr., 1948-2007
    Call Number: Mss 0197
    Papers of James Oliver Rigney, Jr., author of the epic fantasy Wheel of Time series of novels written under the pseudonym of Robert Jordan. Materials document Rigney's career as an author beginning with his early novels The Fallon Blood, The Fallon Pride, The Fallon Legacy, and Cheyenne Raiders, written under the pseudonyms of Reagan O'Neal and Jackson O'Reilly, his Conan the Barbarian novels (also written under the Robert Jordan pseudonym), through the Wheel of Time series, his most well known work. Materials include complete and partial typescripts with handwritten copyedits and annotations, galley proofs, book signatures, unpublished works, born digital files, working files, correspondence, and other materials relating to the writing, production, and promotion of his novels.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Rittenberg, Henry Woodrow, 1918-
    Call Number: Mss 1008
    Papers contain material related to Samuel O. Rittenberg and include biographical information, and articles written about his life. Audio tapes, articles, and speeches document two memorial dedications in Charleston and include typed tributes given by Dr. Henry W. Rittenberg. Papers related to Dr. Rittenberg include biographical information and articles he published about his father.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Rivers family
    Call Number: Mss 0199
    Correspondence, programs, publications, newspaper clippings, journals, photographs, slides, scrapbooks, audiovisual material, genealogical material, and personal files belonging to and concerning the Rivers family. Materials primarily relate to L. Mendel Rivers' service in Congress from 1941 to 1970, the writings of his wife Margaret Middleton Rivers, and their three children Margaret Rivers Eastman, Marion Rivers Ravenel Cato, and L. Mendel Rivers, Jr. Topics of particular interest include the Cold War, the Vietnam War, the Charleston Naval Yard, and the life and career of Congressman L. Mendel Rivers.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Rivers, L. Mendel (Lucius Mendel), 1905-1970
    Call Number: Mss 0198
    Correspondence, programs, publications, newspaper clippings, speeches, photographs, photo albums, scrapbooks, awards, certificates, financial material, and personal files of L. Mendel Rivers (1905-1970), Democratic United States Representative from South Carolina's 1st Congressional District from 1941 to 1970. Materials primarily relate to Rivers' service in Congress with topics including the Cold War, Vietnam War, the Charleston Naval Shipyard, the United States Armed Forces, military pay raises, the draft, and nuclear-powered submarines. Materials were collected by various Rivers family members.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Rivers, L. Mendel (Lucius Mendel), 1905-1970
    Call Number: Mss 0094
    Correspondence, speeches, memoranda, legislative files, political files, and committee files of L. Mendel Rivers (1905-1970), Democratic United States Representative from South Carolina's 1st Congressional District from 1941 to 1970. Materials primarily relate to Rivers' service in Congress from 1955 to 1962 with topics including the Cold War, Cuban Missile Crisis, Bay of Pigs invasion, Civil Rights, public school desegregation, and the United States Armed Services and defense programs. Also included are committee files concerning Rivers' service as Chairman of the House Committee on Armed Services and his service on the House Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Robert, Thomas, fl. 1776-1792
    Call Number: Mss 0034-061
    This small volume appears to have been used by both Thomas Robert and Peter Robert. The back cover is inscribed "Peter Robert, 1781: Memorandum Book."
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Robinson, Emmett Edward, 1914-
    Call Number: Mss 0039
    The Emmett Robinson papers consist of a typewritten, annotated draft (1935) of a book entitled Source History of the Drama in Ante-Bellum Charleston, S.C. (1800-1861), playbills (1941) for plays at the County Theatre (Suffern, N.Y.), a photocopy of an article (1958) about the Footlight Players at the Dock Street Theatre (Charleston, S.C.), a holograph [?] poem, and two scrapbooks.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Robinson, Klyde, 1922-
    Call Number: Mss 1024
    Robinson family material includes genealogy (1850-2001) handwritten letters (1923, originals and photocopies) written by Eva Dora Robinson (1892-1923) to her husband Mitchell Robinson (1888-1958) from Asheville, North Carolina, where she was ill with tuberculosis miscellaneous photographs (1870-1960s) of family and friends including Nettie Meyer Robinson Goldberg (1865-1933), Claire and Danny Hirsch, Klyde Robinson at 1928 Key Klub dance, group photographs (1966) at Camp Baker and Camp Barney Meditz, and a mounted photograph (ca. 1870s) of an unidentified group of men.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Robinson, Patricia, 1923-
    Call Number: Mss 0107
    The collection consists of correspondence, scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, printed playbills, and writings. The writings consist of plays, poems, copywriting for the local radio station WTMA, guest columns for The News and Courier, typed and handwritten manuscripts, music and other writings from friends.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Rose, Julia Rutledge
    Call Number: Mss 0034-064
    Volume contains receipts for annuity payments to servants made by James R. or Robert S. Rutledge, executors for the estate of Mrs. Julia Rose. The receipts are witnessed by Maria Rutledge and other members of the Rutledge family. Loose receipts include a receipt of payment (1888) for advertising the sale of Poplar Grove Plantation.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 0034-170
    This collection consists of items related to the history of Rose Hill Plantation and includes a map, photographs, clippings, and other miscellaneous materials.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Rosen, Robert N., 1947-
    Call Number: Mss 1064
    This collection contains 10 boxes of research material obtained by Robert N. Rosen during the writing of the book The Jewish Confederates. Columbia, S.C.: University of South Carolina Press, c2000.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Rosen, Yetta Bicoff, 1918-2002
    Call Number: Mss 1031
    Collection consists of five scrapbooks compiled by Yetta and Nathan Rosen. First (1930-1935) contains photographs, clippings and ephemera from Nathan Rosen's days at College of Charleston (includes dance cards and bid notice from Tau Epsilon Phi (TEP).
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Rosenband, Nathan J.
    Call Number: Mss 1034-067
    Contains one letter, dated August 28, 1856, from Nathan Rosenband, president of Berith Shalome. The letter appears to be a general notice informing the congregation of Berith Shalome that Mr. Elias Jacobs had been hired for one year to be Chazan (Conductor of Prayers), Shochat (Butcher), and Moel, Circum'r. The duties of the Shochat are given in four main points. This letter was obtained by Henry Aaron (Harry) Alexander, Sr., given to his son Henry Aaron Alexander, Jr., and then given by Judith W. Shanks to Special Collections at the College of Charleston.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Rosenberg family; Loeb family; Winstock family
    Call Number: Mss 1130
    Photographs, scrapbooks, financial papers, diplomas, certificates, and genealogical research of the Rosenberg, Loeb, and Winstock family. Materials focus primarily on the merchant Abraham Rosenberg and his descendants. Genealogical research includes articles and Evelyn Rosenberg Gross-Brien's biographical information and Ph.D. thesis written on her ancestor and namesake Eva Leah Visanska Winstock. Of note is a scrapbook containing a large number of letters between members of the Rosenberg family, spanning from the 1880s through 1960s.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Rosenthal, Albert
    Call Number: Mss 1065-037
    The collection consists of a memoir and other papers of Albert Rosenthal, a Jewish native of Transylvania, a region of Romania, who survived imprisonment in Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen concentration camps during World War II.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Rosenthal, Jakob
    Call Number: Mss 1109
    Biographical material, writings, typescripts, photographs, and other assorted papers of Jakob Rosenthal, historian, educator, and writer. As a journalist Rosenthal wrote extensively on contemporary Jewish history, literature, and life, as well as Zionism, its history, and the State of Israel, for various European, Middle Eastern, and American daily newspapers.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Rosenthal, William A.
    Call Number: Mss 1086
    Judaica postcards, prints and posters, periodicals, clippings, philatelic materials, greeting cards, medals, textiles, ephemera, and subject files collected by Rabbi William A. Rosenthall. Materials date from the late 15th to 20th century and document Jewish life on every continent except Antarctica. These materials are mainly iconographic in nature, including artwork depicting many aspects of Jewish history, religion, customs, and daily life. They cover topics such as Jewish holidays, clothing and dress, ghettos and neighborhoods, educational and charitable institutions, emigration and immigration, prominent individuals, cemeteries and tombs, synagogues, biblical scenes, Zionism, and antisemitism. In addition, collecting files document Rosenthall's work in acquiring the materials in the collection.
    Catalog RecordFinding AidDigital Collection
  • Creator: Rosenthall, William A.
    Call Number: Mss 1087
    Biographical files, sermons, correspondence, articles, photographs, and other papers of William A. Rosenthall, rabbi, scholar, and collector of Judaica. Materials document Rosenthall's rabbinates, particularly his sixteen-year tenure at Charleston's Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim, and involvement in the World Union for Progressive Judaism, Hebrew Union College, and other faith- or art-based organizations. Also included are Rosenthall's expansive topical files on Jewish history and culture. Topics of Rosenthall's sermons and files vary widely and include Israel and the Arab-Israeli conflict, Zionism, Jewish practices and beliefs, Jewish communities located around the world, Jewish history and individuals, Jewish relationships with other ethnic and religious populations, anti-Semitism, women and gender equality, and Jews in military service.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Rotary Club (Charleston, S.C.)
    Call Number: Mss 0034-136
    The collections consists of correspondence, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, and membership rosters from the Rotary Club of Charleston, South Carolina. The materials discuss the organization's meetings and community activities. The collection also includes a copy of the organization's newsletter, the "Charleston Key-Way" from 1938.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Rovner family
    Call Number: Mss 1034-103
    Photographs of Robert Rovner, his son Philip S. Rovner, and his business, Bob's Men's Shop, in Greenville, South Carolina. Also includes a newspaper article on the graduation of Philip S. Rovner from the Officer Candidate School at the Army Artillery and Missile Center at Fort Sill in Oklahoma.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Call Number: Mss 1022
    Bulk of collection consists of Rubin family photographs (1930s-1950s). All are black and white most feature Evelyn and Benjamin Rubin (1940) or Alan Rubin as a child (1930s-1950s) also, group photographs (1940s) of extended Rubin family and of Nancee and Julie Rubin (1970s). Other material includes photocopies of newspaper and magazine clippings re. members of the Rubin family and advertisements for Evelyn Rubin [store]. Also photocopies of the marriage license and consent form (1930s) of Evelyn Selz and Benjamin Rubin.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Call Number: Mss 1034-026
    Postcard with photographic image of Isaac Dave Rubin and family (Rubin is pictured with his wife, Sarah, son Moe, daughter Rachel and three other individuals, possibly Rubin's siblings.) Photograph was taken in front of a Charleston home. A greeting is printed in Hebrew on the left edge of the postcard. Translated to English: May you be written and sealed for a good year/May there be peace and tranquility in your house/Peace to those far and near. Printed below in English: Happiness/Blessing/Health and Satisfaction/To the New Year. Printed on right edge of postcard, Mr. and Mrs. I.D. Rubin and Family, Charleston, SC. Collection also contains photocopy of Rubin's obituary (1943).
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 1034-065
    The collection contains 15 sepia tone photographs and postcards featuring I.D. Rubin and his family: wedding portrait with Charley Banov, Becky Banov, Rachel Banov, Dave Banov, Jake Karoth, Clarence Mintz, Fannie Levine, Sam Banov, Louis Jacobs, and Lena (Barshay) Banov, ca. 1900s studio portrait of I.D. Rubin and two men, possibly his sons, ca. 1900s postcard with photographic image of a man holding a child, ca. 1900s postcard with Rosh ha-Shanah greeting and photographic image of I.D. Rubin and family (Rubin is pictured with his wife, Sarah, son Moe, daughter Rachel and three other individuals, possibly Rubin's siblings) I.D. and Sarah Rubin with unidentified couple, 1928 unidentified couple, 1928 studio portrait of 3 men, ca. 1900s studio portrait of man in military uniform, ca. 1900s interior of Rubin's jewelry store, ca. 1900s interior of meeting hall with 14 unidentified men and gymnasium equipment, ca. 1900s interior of store with 9 men including I.D. Rubin, ca. 1900s exterior shot of Uncle Dave's Pawn Shop with I.D. Rubin and family, et al., ca. 1900s exterior shot of unidentified demolished building.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 1058
    Collection consists of five original photographs (ca. 1910) of I.D. Rubin stores in Charleston, SC. Includes two interior and two exterior images of Uncle Dave's New York Pawn Office, 128-130 Market Street. Exterior image of Rubin's Specialty Store, 316 King Street, operated by Leon Rubin (son of Isaac Dave Rubin). All photographs are mounted on decorative board several were taken by Charleston photographer, D.H. Baker. Includes folder of images (black and white photocopies) of the Isaac Dave Rubin Family (family home, store images, family portraits, etc) original photographs housed in the Charleston Museum Archives.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Rubin, Mitchell I.
    Call Number: Mss 1015
    Material related to career and professional accomplishments of Dr. Mitchell I. Rubin: drafts of speeches (1970s-80s) to medical groups and at awards ceremonies typescripts (1970s-80s) regarding medical career of Oliver Wendell Holmes and life of Peter Mark Roget tributes (1983) written to Dr. Rubin at Buffalo Children's Hospital certificates and award ephemera (1972-92) correspondence and ephemera regarding MUSC Doctor of Humane Letters degree (1975).
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Rudnick, Irene K., 1929-
    Call Number: Accession 2014-34
    Miscellaneous election ephemera consisting of bumper stickers, election poster, pamphlet, clippings, and photographs relating to lawyer and former South Carolina House of Representative member Irene K. Rudnick of Aiken, South Carolina.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Williman, Jacob, 1823-1899
    Call Number: Mss 0034-003
    Jacob Williman was a clerk at the Charleston (S.C.) County Courthouse and a librarian at the Appeal Court Library. The collection consist of two copies of the rules of the Appeal Court Library.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 0034-158
    This collection consists of several leaves of typed and handwritten notes concerning the Rutledge family portraits. It also includes two letters from Louisa Dresser of the Worcester Art Museum to Alston Deas thanking him for information relating to her museum's portrait of Charles Cotesworth Pinckney by James Earl..
    Catalog Record


  • Call Number: Mss 1034-084
    Group portrait of the S.A.C. formal pajama dance taken on October 17, 1929, at the Jewish Community Center on George Street near St. Philip Street in Charleston, South Carolina.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Goldberg, Herbert S., 1925-
    Call Number: Mss 1098
    The collection consists of three scrapbooks compiled by Herbert S. Goldberg and Stanley Cohen that include photographs, clippings, certificates, and correspondence of the Samuel D. Turtletaub Post 237 of the Jewish War Veterans of the United States, Charleston, South Carolina. Materials relate to the activities and community service projects conducted by the Post from 1947 to 1969.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Sandoz, Josephine Felicite
    Call Number: Mss 0034-165
    One journal, written in French, serving as a copybook for letters written to family members and to record several "thème dicté" (short entries on religious themes). The first two pages of the journal are missing. Not all entries are dated those entries which are dated are exclusively from November of 1803.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Sanford, Jenny, 1962-
    Call Number: Mss 0181
    Correspondence, scrapbooks, photo albums, artifacts, political ephemera and other materials relating to Jenny Sanford, former First Lady of South Carolina and former wife of politician Mark Sanford. Topics include Mark Sanford's political career, Sanford family life, United States presidential ephemera, the divorce of Jenny and Mark, and Jenny's memoir, Staying True.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Savage, Sarah H.
    Call Number: Mss 0034-040
    The folder contains two notes written by Sarah H. Savage and dated 1843. One note gives a slave named Mack permission to sleep in Bedon's Alley. The other note, which has been scribbled over gives permission for Ellack to sleep in Stoll's alley for three months.
    Catalog RecordDigital Collection
  • Call Number: Mss 1034-094
    One black and white photograph of the Savitz brothers (Maurice, Isaac, Samuel, and Daniel) taken in St. Matthews, South Carolina, in the late 1920s or early 1930s.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Schiller, Hugo, 1931-
    Call Number: Mss 1065-006
    Correspondence, newspaper clippings, memoirs, and other papers of Hugo Schiller. Materials relate to Schiller's rescue from the Gurs concentration camp in France by Alice Resch Synnestvedt, a Quaker volunteer from Norway his time at Aspet, the Quaker children's home and his eventual escape from France to the United States. Correspondence includes letters from his parents and aunt while he was at Aspet, discussing their life in Gurs and advice for Schiller after his rescue.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Schneider, Laz Levkoff
    Call Number: Mss 1034-001
    All collection materials are copies of originals; Lewenthal-Schneider family papers include marriage certificate (1881) of Philip Lewenthal and Sarah Weinberg; letter (to Laz Schneider) from Salem College (N.C.) regarding Frances Lewenthal's time at the school (1897-1900); newspaper ad (1988) regarding closing of Philip Schneider's store in Georgetown, S.C.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Call Number: Mss 0034-047
    Receipt of payment for three months dockage from January to March 1837 from Captain Edmund Palmer for the schooner Betsey to S. Gould of the Harborsmouth Wharf Company. The payment of five dollars and twenty-four cents was received on March 15, 1837 in turnips, potatoes and hay.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 0034-045
    This collection consists of a single charter agreement for the schooner Betsy to travel from Charleston to New Bern to discharge and load cargo by Captain Edmund Palmer. Hanson Rice and William Cannon agreed to pay two hundred and ten dollars for this voyage on January 9, 1822.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Schreiner, Harold 1917-2005
    Call Number: Mss 1065-025
    The collection consists of approximately 42 photographs taken in 1945 by Harold Schreiner, a U.S. Army tank commander. These images show war damage in Germany and include 14 Holocaust atrocity photographs from Dachau concentration camp.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Call Number: Mss 1023
    Photographs of Schwartz, Brody and Golub families loose photographs (1930-1950) of Brody family include group shots (with Esther Brody and Marion Schwartz) from Key Klub events (1930, 1932) candid images of Esther and friends (1940s) images of Marvin and Betty Brody (1940s-1950s) Michael Schwartz as a child notable is a photograph (1955) of Marion Schwartz smashing slot machines under the Cooper River Bridge.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Call Number: Mss 0125
    This collection consists of a scrapbook (1 v. : ill. 38 x 34 cm.) which appears to have been compiled by George A. Scheirer. Upon his death in 1959, Scheirer left his collection of books to John A. Zeigler, Jr., a Charleston resident, bookseller, and book collector.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 0034-052
    The collection consists of a single clipping from an unidentified newspaper. The article is titled "The Secret Conspiracy -- Order of Know Nothings." It is dated February 4, 1854, and originally appeared in the "Freeman's Journal." It discusses the Know Nothings and reprints the party's preamble and constitution.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Kinard, Alph E.
    Call Number: Mss 0034-096
    A typescipt index to the News and Courier from January of 1931 to March of 1937. The index was copied from index cards at the Charleston Free Library. Information relative to South Carolina is indexed. The project was part of the WPA Statewide Historical Project No. 165-33-7999, 7142-2051, which was sponsored by the College of Charleston. The index was copied from index cards kept at the Charleston Free Library in 1937.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Semel, Vera Nathans, 1943-
    Call Number: Mss 1065-016
    Photographs, birth certificates, marriage certificates, identity cards, passports, and other papers of Vera Nathans Semel, a Dutch Jew who survived World War II in hiding. Most papers, including birth and marriage certificates, relate to Nathans's maternal family, the Paerls. Pre-war photographs show Nathans's maternal grandparents and uncle in Amsterdam post-war photographs show her, her parents, husband, and children in Beverwijk and Bussum, both in the Netherlands, and in Scarsdale, New York.
    Catalog RecordFinding AidDigital Collection
  • Creator: Shapiro, Sandra Garfinkel, 1935- ; Shapiro, Morton Henry, 1928-2007
    Call Number: Mss 1120
    The collection consists of photographs, photograph albums, diaries, scrapbooks, High School of Charleston and university materials, correspondence, travel souvenirs, oral histories, and family interviews of Sandra Garfinkel and Morton Henry Shapiro. The majority of materials document Sandra Garfinkel Shapiro's youth, from her teenage years through her graduation from University of North Carolina in 1957, with the largest portion of the collection consisting of photographs of Sandra and her family and friends, including albums documenting her travel to Israel in 1952 and Mexico in 1954, and participation in Young Judaea events and conventions throughout her high school years. Also included is an oral history interview with Morton H. Shapiro in which he discusses his career working with labor unions, and several interviews he recorded with members of the Shapiro family.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Shealey, Heyward, 1918-2001
    Call Number: Mss 1065-034
    The collection consists of slides and photocopies of approximately 80 post-World War II photographs collected by Heyward Shealey, a U.S. serviceman. Images show locations in Berlin, some with damage from the war, and other European locations where Shealey traveled while on furlough, including London.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Shepherd, Henry E. (Henry Elliot), 1844-1929
    Call Number: Mss 0034-134
    The letter was written by Henry Shepherd to L. Tracy Walsh of Boston, Massachusetts, on May 30, 1889. In the letter, Shepherd provides Walsh with information regarding American literature and recommends several sources for Walsh to study.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Davis, Essie S
    Call Number: Mss 0034-019
    The collection consists of an essay read by Davis before the Richard Kirkland Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy in Camden, South Carolina in June of 1906. The work is titled "Sherman's March Through Camden, South Carolina." In the essay, Davis discussed her memories and experiences during the war.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Shimel, Louis M., 1885-1969
    Call Number: Mss 1055
    Collection includes correspondence and certificates related to Louis M. Shimel's law career. Correspondence (1917) from the Secretary of the Navy re. desertion case letters (1953) from judges and attorneys offering Shimel congratulations on his retirement as Assistant U.S Attorney. Certificates (1914-1953) document Shimel's career achievements including his right to practice law before the U.S. District Court of South Carolina, Supreme Court of South Carolina, U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for 4th District and Supreme Court of the United States.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Call Number: Mss 0034-044
    This collection consists of a single shipping receipt signed by Robert Marsh for nine boxes of furniture and one package sent by George Patten of Charleston by schooner to Rev. P.T. Keith of Georgetown on May 15, 1839.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Shuler, Jay, collector
    Call Number: Mss 0066
    James B. Shuler (1926-1997) was author of the book, Had I Wings: the Friendship of Bachman and Audubon. This collection of his papers consists almost exclusively of information relating to John Bachman and John James Audubon.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Shulman, Nat, 1914-2000
    Call Number: Mss 1007
    The correspondence consists mostly of incoming letters and carbons of replies, on personal and professional topics. Early materials cover the beginnings of the Jewish Community Center, social life and services offered military personnel, with a few letters from Jewish soldiers in occupied Germany. Correspondence contains mostly invitations, thank you and congratulatory notes, letters of condolence, etc.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Siegal, Bruce I.
    Call Number: Mss 1112
    Contains genealogical and business records of Bruce I. Siegal, president of Supreme Lighting Corporation in Mullins, S.C. Materials include a manuscript of genealogical information and transcribed family interviews titled "Six Generations in Search of a Deli," photograph reproductions, correspondence regarding genealogical research, two Marvel Manufacturing Company stock ledgers, and two clippings scrapbooks pertaining to the Siegal family lighting businesses.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Silberberg, Helene Monowitz, 1927-2007
    Call Number: Mss 1065-051
    The collection consists of a three-volume book commemorating Jewish life in Vilna, Lithuania, coins used in the Warsaw ghetto, and a Warsaw ghetto memorial scarf.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Silver, Helen, 1922-2003
    Call Number: Mss 1091
    The collection consists mainly of articles and research files written and compiled by Helen Schneider Silver (1922-2003), a freelance journalist born in Knoxville, Tennessee. Topics include the Arab-Israeli conflict, Jewish historical sites, Jewish women, and Jewish populations around the world. In addition are manuscripts of Silver's short stories and children's books and materials relating to Silver's family history and her involvement in organizations such as Hadassah, the Jewish Historical Society of South Carolina, the Southern Jewish Historical Society, and the Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim Sisterhood. Also included are letters from Sidney Silver, Helen's husband, written while he served as a corporal in the U.S. Army Signal Corps during World War II.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Silverstein, L. Leroy, 1897-1987
    Call Number: Mss 1005
    Materials include identification documents, biographical information, correspondence, estate papers, and a true copy death certificate. Other materials document his association with civic and military organizations including photocopies of plaques and awards received. Collection contains photographs of family members and business associations (1900s-1980s.)
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Simms, William Gilmore, 1806-1870
    Call Number: Mss 0034-067
    The collection consists of three letters written by Simms to the Chrestomathic Society of the College of Charleston. The first letter, written on May 28, 1854, is a thank you note to the members of the society. The second letter (July 12, 1854) informs the society that Simms intended to forward several photographs of himself for its literary chamber. The final letter, dated March 14, 1835, denies the organization permission to publish an oration delivered by Simms in Charleston.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Simonhoff family
    Call Number: Accession 2014-45
    This is an accrual to an existing collection. Materials consist of miscellaneous hardcover and softcover books, pamphlets, and papers of the Simonhoff family. Books and pamphlets are from the library of Harry Simonhoff, attorney and author, and cover a broad range of historical topics. Books are in Hebrew, German, and Spanish. Also included is published sheet music composed by Jacob J. Simonhoff for cantor and mixed choir. A small amount of Lillian C. Simonhoff's typed speech notes are also included.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Simonhoff family
    Call Number: Mss 1100
    Choir books, photographs, publications and other papers of the Simonhoff family. Materials primarily relate to Jacob J. Simonhoff and his work as a cantor. Also included are materials relating to his sons Harry and Samuel Simonhoff, and daughter-in-law, Lillian C. Simonhoff.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Simons, Albert, 1890-1980
    Call Number: Mss 0044
    Papers consist of Albert Simons' writings, correspondence, sketchbooks, clippings, prints, and miscellaneous items.
    Catalog RecordInventoryDigital Collection
  • Creator: Simons & Lapham, architects (Firm)
    Call Number: Mss 0011
    Albert Simons (1890-1980) and Samuel Lapham, Jr. (1892-1972) were Charleston architects and architectural historians. Both worked independently as architects before forming a partnership in 1920. Their partnership later expanded to include a number of other architects. At least six unrelated projects are represented.
    Catalog RecordDigital Collection
  • Call Number: Mss 0034-153
    This collection consists of items related to the Sinkler family and includes correspondence, clippings, family histories, notes, portraits, and other miscellaneous biographical materials.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Sipley, Alice Gertrude Moïse, 1906-2003
    Call Number: Mss 1034-092
    Photographs and papers of Alice Gertrude Moïse Sipley of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Sumter, South Carolina. Materials relate to the parents and relatives of Sipley and also to the history of the stained glass windows of Temple Sinai in Sumter, South Carolina.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Steinberg, Sunny, compiler
    Call Number: Mss 1108
    Collection consists of two scrapbooks containing photographs, clippings, tickets, invitations, raffle lists, guest lists, and other assorted ephemera related to the Ladies Night Out annual fundraising event held by the Sisterhood of Synagogue Emanu-El to benefit Emanu-El synagogue, Charleston's first Conservative congregation. Sunny Steinberg, co-chair of Ladies Night Out from 2000 to 2010, compiled both scrapbooks.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Skardon, Alvin Wilson, 1912-
    Call Number: Mss 0060
    Collection contains photocopies, typescripts, handwritten notes and tape recordings compiled by Skardon as research undertaken to prepare a history of the College of Charleston from 1785 to 1985. It is incomplete and is primarily concerned with the period from 1935 to 1970. The history prior to 1935 was to be based largely on J.H. Easterby's History of the College of Charleston: Founded 1770 (1935). A draft of one chapter of Skardon's planned history was completed, and it covers the years while George Daniel Grice was President (1945-1966).
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Riddell, Isaac
    Call Number: Mss 0034-111
    The document is a slave pass issued by Isaac Riddell to Grace. The pass gives Grace permission to sleep in Pattan's Lot from October 3, 1849 until January 3, 1850.
    Catalog RecordDigital Collection
  • Creator: Sloan, L.C.
    Call Number: Mss 1036
    Collection contains 48 invoices (1894-1933, bulk 1897-1906) from Jewish merchants and businessmen in Georgetown and Charleston, S.C. Alphabetical list of businesses included. All other collection materials are photocopies and include: images (ca. 1890s) of Isaac Butler, Herman Schenk, Solomon Emanuel and E.W. Kaminski also image of Georgetown's Standard Opera House owned by Marks Moses. Notes on Georgetown Jews include research paper (1973) on Abraham C. Meyers, pamphlet, Georgetown, S.C. 1902 with illustrations of Jewish businesses and residences.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Call Number: Mss 0034-058
    This collection consists of a single receipt for peas and flour received from Bollman Brothers by the sloop Mary on June 17, 1870. The goods were sent to C.P. and G.W. Chiman at Toogoodoo signed for by E.D. LaRoche. On the reverse side of the receipt is written Sloop Mary, Captain Mills, June 27, 1870 .
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Small, Robert S. (Robert Scott), 1915-2007
    Call Number: Mss 0035
    Collection contains papers of Robert Scott Small (1915-2007) and his father Robert Scott Small (1891-1931), and genealogical material, correspondence, photographs, memorabilia, and miscellaneous items concerning the Small and Whaley families.
    Catalog RecordDigital Collection
  • Creator: Smith, Andrew, papermaker
    Call Number: Mss 0122
    This collection consists of a limited edition of signed samples of 45 sheets of handmade paper measuring 19 x 26 cm. The paper was made by Andrew Smith of Beaverton, Ontario in 1975 from shivy flax, deshived flax, spectral flax and rag, stay-pressed sheets, rough rag, smooth cotton, levi blue, levi blue and flax, and cotton and wood chips. The papers are enclosed in a paper folding box, which is numbered 23 out of a set of 30, and signed by the papermaker. Juliette Wiles Staats later made a clamshell box to house the papers. The box's interior is covered with a printed repeat design paper the outside is covered with a mustard-colored bookcloth and the olive-colored leather spine is blind-tooled with the title Handmade Papers Smith.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Smith, Robert, 1732-1801
    Call Number: Mss 0046
    The first journal dates 1788-1794. The first part of this journal, February 1788- February 1792, is a financial account of each student's charges for attending Reverend Smith's private academy. The second part of this journal, January 1792-October 1794, is a chronological financial accounting of admission to Charleston College Academy which opened in October 1790. The second journal dates July 1788-October 1801 and is an account book of pew rents sacrament funds the rector's salary for St. Philip's Church the Smith plantation admission tuition, books, repairs, and teacher's salaries at Charleston College (College of Charleston) and donations to the Society for the Relief of Widows and Orphans.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Smyth, James Adger, 1837-1920
    Call Number: Mss 0034-069
    The collection consists of the handwritten text of two speeches delivered by Smyth at the College of Charleston. The first speech is titled "Public Opinion," and was given at the college on March 6th, 1857. In it, Smyth describes the power of public opinion to shape the actions of governments. The second speech is Smyth's valedictorian address. The works were donated to the College of Charleston by William H. Cross, a graduate of the college in 1925. The papers also include a letter from Cross explaining the contents of the speeches and donating them to the college.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Scharff, Helene Goldberg
    Call Number: Mss 1034-035
    The genealogy traces the descendents of Oise Sokol of Poland. Family names in genealogy include: Sokol, Solomon, Altman, Levy, Oxler, Morford, Cooper, Shapiro, Greenberg, Lichtman, Meshumar, Katz, Kass, Harris, Haas, Nalibotsky, Spahn, Poliakoff, Goldberg, Miller, Scharff, Aaron, Gotbeter, Arel, Appel, Kaplan, Rones, Saffer, Sykes, Baker, Slotin, Cohen, Parsley, Collis, Weintraub, Obstbaum, Fried, Streit, Wyland, Parker, Toporek, Chaplin, Herman, Stamper, Robinson, Rubin, Budman, Berger, Greenbaum, Planer, Bellen, Fohrman, Ramenofsky, Karesh, Ubfal, Kipnis, Halio, Needle, Siemiaticky, Hertz, Rosner, Freedman, Feinberg, Rosenberg, Kalinsky, Rundbaken, Hunsinger, Chase, Epstein, Fox, Levin, and Prystowksy.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 1034-018
    Collection includes Benjamin and Mary Solomon's official United States of America Certificates of Naturalization (1942, 1945) with photo identifications. On reverse of Benjamin Solomon's certificate is typed notation (signed by N.P. deSaussure, Deputy Clerk of U.S. District Court) that Solomon's name was changed from Berall Lozer Charchewsky, as part of the naturalization.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Goodbred, Ray Edward, 1929-
    Call Number: Mss 1034-030
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Solomon, Walter H., 1913-1992
    Call Number: Mss 1033
    Collection contains legal documents and correspondence related to Walter Solomon's court cases (1932-1944). Majority of legal briefs related to Charleston real estate disputes and transactions, civil cases and transcript from a murder trial prosecuted by Robert Figg. Real estate documents include sale of land (1938) at Ashley and Nunan Streets (Charleston, SC) deed (1940) for land on Sullivan's Island, and land title abstracts (1869, 1894.) Series of check registers (1937-1940) from Citizen's and Southern Bank of South Carolina document Solomon's personal and business transactions.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Solomon family
    Call Number: Mss 1004
    The papers contain material related to three generations of the Solomon family, including family correspondence from the 1920s to the 1950s (letters, greeting cards, and telegrams), newspaper clippings, engagement and bar mitzvah announcements, invitations, and two daybooks. Notable in the collection is a group of photographs (predominantly from the 1920s but continuing into the 1950s) of Solomon family members and a photo albumn (1920s-1950s), compiled by Florence Solomon Bender, with images of family vacations at Folly Beach and farm trips.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Brilliant, Marilyn Solomon, 1947-
    Call Number: Mss 1013
    Sophie P. Solomon financial records, obituary, and eulogy Aaron Solomon speeches, real estate documents (regarding 1966 sale of 167-71 St. Philip Street), certificates, correspondence (1970-1981), clippings (1940-1990), obituary, and eulogy. Miscellaneous family material contains photocopies of 1995 Solomon-Prystowsky family reunion booklet, program from 1981 dedication of Solomon Hall (Brith Sholom Beth Israel), and two family wills.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Solomons family; Weinberg family
    Call Number: Mss 1134
    Correspondence, typescript, and assorted ephemera of the Solomons family of Sumter, South Carolina, and the Weinberg family of Manning, South Carolina. Materials primarily relate to the Solomons sisters Maude C. Solomons, Kate C. Solomons, and Augusta I. Solomons, but also include a small number of items pertaining to the Weinberg family, notably an 1874 marriage contract between Aaron Weinberg and Rosa Levi.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Solomon family
    Call Number: Mss 1103
    Photographs, genealogical materials, financial and legal papers, ketubah, and correspondence of the Solomons family of Sumter, South Carolina. Materials primarily relate to the family of Augustus Aurelius Solomons, Sumter merchant, and youngest son of Mark Solomons and Rachel Rodrigues Solomons. Solomons' parents are reputed to be Sumter's first permanent Jewish settlers, moving to the area circa 1920.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Somers, Renata
    Call Number: Mss 1065-044
    The collection consists of copy negatives, contact sheets, and digital images of the destruction of the synagogue in Holešov, Czechoslovakia, in 1941, by the Nazis. Also included are images of photographs, postcards, and letters relating to Renata Somers' grandfather, Jakub Michalowski, cantor of the Holešov Jewish community, who was killed at Auschwitz in 1944.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Call Number: Mss 1034-041
    Memo (August 1945) from Philip S. Ballard, Major, Air Corps Assistant Adjutant, Headquarters of the 499th Bombardment Group/Unit Personal Section (San Francisco, SC) re. announcement that Irving Sonenshine had been awarded the Oak-Leaf Cluster to Air Medal and Distinguished Flying Cross includes General Orders No. 27 which describes the Award of the Distinguished Flying Cross and lists the 1945 recipients. Map (January 1945) of the Nagoya-Osaka (Japan) printed at top of map, A-2 Section/XXI Bomber Command/Chart No. 3/ Restricted pen markings and date, 1941 around Nagoya. Collection includes Sonenshine's ca. 1940s Army Summer Dress jacket.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 1037
    Collection consists of organizational records of the South Carolina Association of B'nai B'rith Lodges (SCABBL) bulk is minutes (1948-1997) from annual conventions and quarterly executive committee meetings. Also included are minutes and programs from South Carolina State Conferences (1952, 1953) of the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith minutes from District Grand Lodge Five 85th (1961) Annual Convention and a South Carolina B'nai B'rith newsletter (1973).
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: South Carolina Association of Colleges
    Call Number: Mss 0080
    Two bound volumes (primarily mimeographs, last sheets are loose) containing minutes, correspondence, agenda, financial reports, the names of members (individuals and organizations), reports, and related materials to the South Carolina Association of Colleges. Topics discussed at meetings in volume 1 (1945 Feb. 9-1954 April 23) which contains a brief summary about the early years of the Association and volume 2 (1955 May 6-1965 Oct. 29) include the enrichment of curriculas in high school and college, the quality of teaching, the establishment of entrance and testing standards, accreditation, and related matters.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: South Carolina. Court of Common Pleas
    Call Number: Mss 0034-073
    Judgments of the South Carolina Court of Common Pleas levied against debtors (their goods, chattles, lands, and other hereditaments and real estate) for the recovery of moneys owed.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: South Carolina Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign
    Call Number: Mss 0034-074
    This collection consists of campaign statement from the organization, a pamphlet and a donation form. The statement of campaign goals is written by Kenneth C. Leskawa. The pamphlet details several arms reduction proposals.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: South Carolina Society of the Colonial Dames of America
    Call Number: Mss 0034-075
    The collection consists of correspondence, a society report, and a list of officers from the South Carolina chapter of the National Society for the Colonial Dames of America. The correspondence and the report are from 1914. The list of officers is for 1919-1920.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: South Carolina Teachers' Association Meeting (40th: April 25-27, 1912 : Charleston, S.C.)
    Call Number: Mss 0034-137
    The collection consists of two programs from the 40th annual meeting of the South Carolina Teachers' Association, and a letter from the executive committee of the organization urging members to attend a meeting in Charleston in 1912.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 0115
    The collection includes the Gas Cost of Services Study and the Electric Cost of Services Study by SCE&G for the 12-month period ending March 31, 1979 applications by SCE&G for gas and electric rate adjustments testimony, exhibits, and data provided by SCE&G for the Public Service Commission in favor of gas and electric rate adjustment numerous court documents, including motions to consolidate, petitions to intervene, appeals, etc. as well as orders to approve gas and electric rate changes a leaflet from the South Carolina Utility Reform Coalition on Little Known Facts About SCE&G and A Lay Guide to PURPA (Public Utilities Regulatory Policies Act) and a newsletter from the Palmetto Alliance briefly discussing the case and the efforts of the South Carolina Utility Reform Coalition.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 1070
    This collection consists of 12 videocassettes of taped interviews with South Carolinians who survived the Holocaust, participated in liberating the camps, or otherwise witnessed the Holocaust and 2 copies of the resource guide, South Carolina voices: lessons from the Holocaust. The curriculum package is provided by South Carolina Educational Television (ETV) as part of its Holocaust forum:
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: South-Carolina Society
    Call Number: Mss 0047
    South-Carolina Society records consist of typewritten, annotated transcriptions of minutes compiled as a W.P.A. project from 1935 to 1937.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: South-Carolina State Society of Cincinnati
    Call Number: Mss 0034-070
    The collection consists of a guest list/seating chart and a program for a dinner given by the Society of the Cincinnati of the State of South Carolina in Charleston on April 8, 1908.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 0034-167
    This collection consists of 5 documents related to the Southern Committee to Free All Political Prisoners. The first document is dated December 1973 and contains a description of cases and events used to build support for the Southern Committee to Free All Political Prisoners the second sheet contains a petition to free Thomas Wansley. The second document, entitled "People's petition demanding justice for the Attica indictees," contains a list of grievances against Attica Prison on the verso is a summary of the National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression's history and goals as well as mailing addresses for other related groups. The third document, a copy of the Political Prisoners newsletter distributed by the Southern Committee to Free All Political Prisoners, contains information regarding several trials related to racial violence in Wilmington, N.C. the second page of this document contains copies of news clippings related to Angela Davis, the American Indian Movement, and the Wounded Knee Defense Fund. The fourth document is a double-sided pamphlet, dated November 18, 1972 and stamped July 1973, entitled "Founding Conference for a National Defense Organization against Racial and Political Repression" which calls for the establishment of a national organization to defend those deemed political prisoners as well as a list of Southern sponsors and an agenda for the first meeting. The fifth document is a double-sided pamphlet entitled "Repression builds: the people fight back" and contains a summary of actions and meetings related to the Southern Committee to Free All Political Prisoners the verso contains a list of events and cases related to racial injustice.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Southern Jewish Historical Society (U.S.)
    Call Number: Mss 1056a
    Part I is the first accession of the Southern Jewish Historical Society records. Records are divided into eleven series.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Southern Jewish Historical Society (U.S.)
    Call Number: Mss 1056b
    Meeting minutes, correspondence, reports, programs, publications, and other administrative records of part II of the Southern Jewish Historical Society (SJHS) records. Materials relate to the organization and function of SJHS with resources relevant to southern Jewish History.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Spoleto Festival U.S.A.
    Call Number: Mss 0149
    Although all three of the principal organizations are well represented in this archives, the best represented records are for the Spoleto Festival U.S.A. from 1976-1989. Current records have been retained by the Festival U.S.A. and are transferred to the College of Charleston when no longer needed to plan future festivals.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: St. Andrew's Society of Charleston, South Carolina
    Call Number: Mss 0144
    This collection includes administrative, financial, and membership records, records of charitable assistance, and other materials of the St. Andrew's Society of Charleston. Records document the social and benevolent activities of the St. Andrew's Society between the years 1729 to 2001.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: St. John's Lutheran Church (Charleston, S.C.)
    Call Number: Mss 0041
    Collection consists of typewritten transcriptions of the records (1743-1931) of St. John's Lutheran Church compiled as a W.P.A. project in 1935 and 1936. Includes a Journal Containing the Five Articles of Faith according to the Constitution of the State of South Carolina, Act of Incorporation, also the Rules and Transactions of the Corporation of St. John's Lutheran Church in Charleston (1786) rules of the church (1784-1810) birth, baptism, confirmation, marriage, and death registers (1743-1917) lists of pewholders (1812-1844) a ledger (1836-1849) cash books (1885-1915) minutes of the meetings of the Sunday School (1824-1830, 1825-1931) and the vestry and wardens (1786-1845, 1865-1913) and a pew chart (1792).
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Call Number: Mss 1001
    Includes planning notes, reminiscences and correspondence, publicity materials, a video, photographs, prints of photographs, and photocopies of photographs.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Call Number: Mss 0034-113
    This print of St. Philip's Church in Charles Town, South Carolina, appeared in the June 1753 issue of Gentleman's Magazine. A quote from the autobiography of Dr. John Watts is also included on the page.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Staats, Juliette Wiles, 1906-1992
    Call Number: Mss 0114
    This collection contains marbled papers created by Juliette Staats. Some scraps contain formulas for colors used written on the back of the paper in pencil. Full sheets are stamped "Decorated Juliette W. Staats Papers" or signed "Juliette W. Staats."
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Stafford, Ethel Jorgensen, 1923-
    Call Number: Mss 1065-021
    The collection consists of images, postcards, clippings, and photocopies of Ethel Jorgensen Stafford, a U.S. Army nurse who was stationed in Germany in 1945. Included are atrocity photographs of concentration camp victims and photographs of war damage to German cities where Jorgensen was based, including Aachen, Viersen, Gardelegen, and Berlin.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: South Carolina. Treasury
    Call Number: Mss 0034-130
    This $100 bond (No. 1112) was issued by the state of South Carolina in Charleston on 1 January 1861 and redeemable in two years at six percent interest. It was printed by Evans & Cogswell of Charleston and signed by William J. Laval, state treasurer, and Thomas J. Pickens, comptroller general.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Stephenson, Nathaniel W. (Nathaniel Wright), 1867-1935
    Call Number: Mss 0050
    Papers consist of Nathaniel Wright Stephenson's writings, correspondence (with Lancelot Minor Harris, among others), lecture notes, diaries, artwork, and miscellaneous items correspondence (1888-1920) of Martha Stephenson business records and correspondence (1845-1895) of Reuben [Henry] Stephenson a Wright family genealogy correspondence of various Stephenson family members and acquaintances diaries and journals of Wright and Stephenson family members a book of sermons (n.d.) photographs of Stephenson family members taken in Charleston, South Carolina and western Europe and miscellaneous items.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Stern, Theodore Sanders
    Call Number: Mss 0081
    This group of personal papers relates primarily to Stern's active participation in civic organizations. The collection is broken into two sections with Part A dealing with his civic activities while he was President of the College of Charleston (Charleston, S.C.) and Part B containing information about his continuing involvement in community organizations after his retirement from the College in 1979.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Stern, Theodore Sanders
    Call Number: Mss 5002
    The papers document the many roles President Theodore S. Stern filled in administering the College of Charleston, as well as his affiliation with other organizations. Included are Board of Trustee records, reflecting the College's administration by the city of Charleston (1968-1969) and then by the State College Board of Trustees (1969-1975); his presidential correspondence (1968-1978); correspondence with politicians (1968-1975); committee activities (1968-1974); planning and development files (1968-1975); academics (1969-1974); the College's Education Department (1969-1974); cooperative programs (1969-1975) with such institutions as the Medical University of South Carolina, the Citadel, Palmer College, the Charleston Consortium, and the Advisory Committee on Marine Studies (COMAR). Also included are files and correspondence re the College Library and its acquisitions, athletics, finances, facilities, new construction, students, alumni, faculty and staff, and various statewide, regional and national educational associations. With letters from various local and national dignitaries.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Stern, Theodore Sanders
    Call Number: Mss 0082
    Collection contains 8 scrapbooks from different time periods in Stern's life.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Stine, Gordan B., 1924-
    Call Number: Mss 1028
    Collection consists of 27 unbound scrapbooks (have been rehoused in original order) compiled by Stine over the course of his professional career. Majority of collection deals with Stine's political and community accomplishments and highlights local and state political and civic issues, 1960s-1970s. His activities and achievements are documented by newspaper articles (majority from Post and Courier) and correspondence from friends, colleagues, political figures, heads of organizations, etc.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Boddie, William Willis, 1879-1940.
    Call Number: Mss 0005
    One complete typescript copy and one partial typescript copy of a study entitled "The story of South Carolina" with holograph corrections and annotations by the author, William Willis Boddie. Boddie highlights the leading individuals and major events in South Carolina history.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 0034-155
    This collection includes correspondence and other materials related to the Strawberry Hill Press, the private press of Horace Walpole, fourth Earl of Oxford.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Strong, Samuel A.
    Call Number: Mss 0034-118
    This collection consists of a handwritten copy of the marriage license issued to Mr. Samuel A. Strong and Mrs. Hester Ferris in St. Augustine, Florida. The original marriage license was issued on November 13, 1843 and witnessed by Peter B. Dumas, county court clerk for St. Johns County, Florida and Fr. H. Rutledge, rector of Trinity Church, St. Augustine, Florida.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 0116
    This collection consists of information donated together with 23 books written by Jesse Stuart. It includes a 1967 letter written by Stuart to Dorothy White describing how White's father encouraged Stuart to pursue literature a photograph of Dorothy White's father, Clark White an inscribed copy of a pamphlet containing some of Stuart's earliest writings (Lyrics from Lincoln Memorial University, c.1928) a copy of a pamphlet about Stuart and annotated by him (The Man... Jesse Stuart, c.1965) a file of clippings about Stuart and his work book jackets from Stuart's books which contain biographical information and printed ephemera (including a postcard of his home). The books have been cataloged individually at the College of Charleston library.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Stuckey, David Ashby, 1849-1932
    Call Number: Mss 1034-085
    Bills of sale, receipts, and correspondence of David Ashby Stuckey, a cotton farmer from Lee County, South Carolina.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Sumter Society of Israelites (Sumter, S.C.)
    Call Number: Mss 1034-046
    Includes two page pamphlet (1945), Congregation Sinai Sumter Society of Israelites: Cemetery Rules and Regulations letter (Sept. 26, 1956) from Herbert A. Moses, Warden of Cemetery, to Mrs. Frank Sindler, re. preparation of deed for cemetery lot no. 85 and payment of dues invoice (Oct. 4, 1956) re. Mrs. Frank Sindler's $50.00 payment for lot no. 85, Sumter Society of Israelites Cemetery.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 1034-021
    Certificate number 22 (printed on both sides) indicates that Matthew Steinberg purchased one share of capital stock in Synagogue Emanu-El's Maryville Cemetery for $100 dated March 1, 1949, and signed by Macey Kronsberg, president of Synagogue Emanu-El. Includes photocopies of certificate.
    Catalog Record


  • Creator: Geraty, Virginia Mixson
    Call Number: Mss 0034-025
    The collection consists of two copies of Geraty's Gullah language poem, "T'enk'Gawd fuh Chaa'stun," and the English translation of the work. The poem was a gift from Geraty to College of Charleston President Alex Sanders. Each poem is two pages. The first page contains the Gullah poem, and the second page contains the English translation. The poem is dated 1995.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Taylor, Francine Ajzensztark, 1928-
    Call Number: Mss 1065-010
    Photographs and false identification papers of Francine Ajzensztark Taylor, a Polish-born Jew raised in France before World War II. Photographs depict her and her family members in pre-war England and Poland, as well as in France before, during, and after the war. Also includes four videocassette programs, including two detailed interviews with Taylor in which she discusses her life in France before, during, and after the war.
    Catalog RecordFinding AidDigital Collection
  • Call Number: Mss 0175
    This collection consists of 15 leaves from medieval manuscripts selected for the purposes of teaching medieval textual culture. Every common book-type is represented: psalter, gradual, missal (Sanctorale and Temporale), lectionary, folio Bible, pocket Bible, breviary, civil law, Book of Hours (three examples spanning two centuries), capitulary, as well as leaves from a Quran and an Ethiopian Gospel book in Ge'ez that represent the ongoing tradition of manuscript production in the postmedieval world.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Temple of Israel (Greenville, S.C.)
    Call Number: Mss 1050
    The collection consists of photocopies of three scrapbooks (1964-1978) compiled by Temple of Israel members. (The originals remain at Temple of Israel.) Scrapbooks contain news clippings pertaining to congregation members and civic affiliations Sisterhood activities and fundraisers mentions and explanations of religious services articles about temple participation in ecumenical meetings clippings re. work of temple rabbis articles about prominent members of congregation obituaries.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Congregation Sinai (Sumter, S.C.)
    Call Number: Mss 1083
    Records of Temple Sinai, a Reform Jewish synagogue in Sumter, South Carolina. Materials document the administrative, financial, social, educational, charitable, and spiritual activities of the congregation and its members. Also included are materials documenting prominent Jewish individuals and families of Sumter, including Penina Moïse and the Moses family.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Theodore, Mary Felicia
    Call Number: Mss 0086
    The papers consist of two unpublished manuscripts on poetry. The first manuscript "Poetry parts or the grammar of poetry" and the second manuscript "Poetry patterns (explicitly explained)" define the different forms and structures of poetry using poems of well-known and obscure poets. Both manuscripts include a typescript and a carbon copy.Included in the manuscripts are two 1922 photographs of Miss Theodore and ten drawings from her "Do You Know" series.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 0034-172
    Framed etched portrait of Mozart at age 7, engraved by T. Cook (1744-1818) after a work by Carmontelle-Delafosse depicting Leopold Mozart with Wolfgang and Maria Anna (Paris, 1763). It is captioned in French and includes an epigraph from Homer's Hymn on Mercury in Greek below. This engraving was reproduced in Daines Barrington's Miscellanies (London, 1781) accompanying an essay entitled, Account of a very remarkable young musician. Daines Barrington (1727-1800) was an English lawyer, antiquary, and naturalist. His account of Mozart was originally printed in The Royal Society of London's Philosophical transactions, vol. 60, 1770. Barrington records how he tested Wolfgang's sight-reading and improvisatory powers and found them to be quite extraordinary.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 0034-128
    This collection consists of a sheet containing the lyrics to the song "To be sung at elections."
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Tobias, Thomas J.
    Call Number: Mss 1029
    Tobias papers include family histories and research on individuals. Slave sales of Abraham Tobias, oath of allegiance, etc. of Emily T. Minis, & resolution, Charleston Board of Health, on Joseph L. Tobias. Family Bibles and data regarding Tobias, Mordecai, Lazarus, Alexander, and de Lyon families. Mordecai family histories and notes on individuals. M.C. Mordecai papers regarding blockade runner Isabel, Baltimore, MD, business letters and J. Randolph Mordecai letter mentioning start of phosphate industry. Common place book of Isabel L. Mordecai and daughter Hortensia, mentioning actress Charlotte Cushman.
    Catalog RecordInventoryDigital Collection
  • Call Number: Mss 0034-083
    This collection consists of two typed reports, a map and newspaper clippings about the two tornadoes which hit Charleston, S.C. on the morning of September 29, 1938. The first report by John E. Lockwood (meteorologist U.S. Weather Bureau) gives a description of the tornadoes paths, building damage, numbers killed by tornadoes and the value of property damage. The second report follows up with eyewitness accounts from Mr. W.A. Brunson, Mr. R.C. Alderedge (Weather Bureau Office), Mr. J.F. Fox, Jr., Mr. J.R. DeMore, Captain George Lockwood, Mr. J.D. Elliot, and Dr. W.L. Coggin. These reports appear in the Yearbook of the City of Charleston, S.C., 1938.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Torrans, John, ca. 1702-1780
    Call Number: Mss 0034-081
    A letter from John Torrans to Alexander Rose recommends that Rose buy the brigantine Industry lying at Eveleigh's Wharf, that she will do well to go to Suranam [Surinam]. A postscript headed Distillery Monday Morning asks Rose to tell Forbes that one of the Negros is run away.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Tott, Vernon W
    Call Number: Mss 1065-039
    The collection consists of photocopies of correspondence, clippings, and a memoir about Ahlem concentration camp written by Vernon Tott, an American soldier with the 84th Infantry Division who participated in the liberation of the camp. The memoir contains photographs, correspondence, maps, recollections of both Tott and Benjamin Sieradzki, a survivor of Ahlem, and other materials relating to the camp and its survivors.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Trapier, Paul, 1806-1872
    Call Number: Mss 0034-082
    Typescript copies of "Notices of Ancestors & Relatives, Paternal & Maternal & of Incidents in my Life" (1865-1870) by Paul Trapier and "An Account of the Experiences of the Family of the Rev. and Mrs. Paul Trapier during and after the War Between the States" by S.D. (Mrs. Paul) Trapier transcribed during a W.P.A. project.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Trevelyan, George Macaulay, 1876-1962
    Call Number: Mss 0034-084
    The collection consists of three letters. Two are from Trevelyan to Carr B. One, dated 1929, is a thank you note. The other, dated 1935, concerns the donation of an unknown object to an unidentified museum. The final letter is to Trevelyan from R.C. Boraufuet concerning the death of a mutual friend.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Triest family
    Call Number: Mss 1040
    Contains photocopied genealogical material on descendants of Joseph Triest and Caroline Hollander. Photocopied papers of Maier Triest (1831-1894) include his U.S. citizenship certificate (1871), obituary and letter from his wife, Hannah, to their son, Montague. Montague Triest material contains photocopied clippings (from various publications) re. opening of Triest and Israel Brokerage and Insurance firm (1903), affiliation with the Elks Lodge (1910-1911), Charleston Board of School Commissioners (1911) and the German Friendly Society.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Trott family
    Call Number: Mss 0136
    Includes materials compiled by Charleston native Mabel Trott FitzSimons, including genealogical data and family history relating to Bailey, Cambridge, Cave, FitzSimons, Good, Gregorie, Hendricks, Trott, Venning, and Wood families. Also includes a copy of sailor Henry W. Hendricks' Civil War diary, and records regarding Myrtle Grove Plantation.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Turner, Robert
    Call Number: Mss 1065-023
    The collection consists of twenty-six Holocaust atrocity photographs taken by Robert Turner, a U.S. soldier who photographed victims in a Bavarian concentration camp after it was liberated.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Surasky family
    Call Number: Accession 2014-38
    Two interior photographs of the Surasky Bros. clothing store in Aiken, South Carolina, circa 1914. Images show Benedict M. Surasky, Solomon Surasky, Hiram Surasky, Saul Surasky, Mandle Surasky, and others.
    Catalog Record


  • Creator: Ullman, Anna Cohen Price, 1914-
    Call Number: Mss 1034-093
    Transcript, index, and audiocassette taped interview with Anna Cohen Price Ullman conducted by Phyllis Dreyfus on December 1, 1989. Topics discussed are Ullman's family history in Russia, her immigration to America, growing up in New York City, her marriage to Irving Price, and their life in Washington, D.C.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Call Number: Mss 1034-099
    Black and white photograph of unidentified New Orleans, Louisiana, softball team, circa 1910.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Call Number: Mss 1034-015
    These twelve sepia tone photographs picture two women, a man, two young girls, and at least one more child who is visible in the background of several images. Subjects (who may be a Jewish family in Camden, South Carolina) are dressed in formal styles of the early 1900s. All photographs were taken in the garden behind a house with subjects in formal poses.
    Catalog Record


  • Creator: Vaughan, John, 1775-1807, Correspondent
    Call Number: Mss 0142
    This collection consists of two letters discussing smallpox vaccinations sent from Dr. John Vaughan of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Dr. Philip Tidyman of Charleston, South Carolina. The letters are dated December 11, 1801 and April 7, 1802 and the latter contains a sketch of a water filtration system.
    Catalog RecordFinding AidDigital Collection
  • Call Number: Mss 1034-058
    The collection contains memorabilia Diane Barbanel collected throughout her youth including: her Charleston Hebrew Kindergarten certificate of completion (1950), a Charleston Hebrew Institute program for its Second Annual Graduation (1950), Certificates of Honor from the Synagogue Emanu-El for Excellence in Studies and Perfect Attendance (1955-1956), the 1958-1959 USY club roster, The Twelfth Annual Confirmation Service of Synagogue Emanu-El program (1960), Certificate of Confirmation (1960), congratulatory Leagrams to Diane Barbanel on her confirmation (1960), a menu for LaBrasca's Pizzeria and two matchbooks (c.a. 1960), a Western Union telefax sent to Diane and the Charleston BBG concerning the Southern Region BBYO Convention (1960), handwritten correspondence from friends concerning her election as BBYO secretary-treasurer for the region and her nomination for AZA, #143 sweetheart (1960-1961), ticket stubs for the Annual Sweetheart Weekend and BBG Beau Dance, newspaper clippings from the News and Courier and the Charleston Evening Post concerning the Regional BBYO convention, the BBG Beau dance, and the AZA's annual Sweetheart Dance (1961). Photos of the following are also included in the collection: Diane in Kindergarten graduation robes (1950), her kindergarten graduating class photo with teachers (1950), Diane with group of female classmates in caps and gowns (c.a. 1960). There are also four loose pages from Diane Barbanel's scrapbook with memorabilia from AZA Sweetheart Weekends, the Southern Region BBYO Convention, the BBG Heartthrob Dance, the Young Judaean Summer Convention, and the Cecile Rubin Banquet. Memorabilia includes photos, name tags, ticket stubs, place cards, a room key, and a red foil leaf (1959-1960).
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Stine, Lenora
    Call Number: Mss 1034-100
    Monthly steering committee minutes and annual report of the Victory Hostess Organization established in Charleston, South Carolina, by Nat Shulman of the National Jewish Welfare Board. Minutes and annual report were recorded by Lenora Stine, Secretary and Chairwoman of the Jewish Welfare Board Entertainment Committee. The Victory Hostess Organization (VHO) was established to host dances and entertainment for Jewish GIs in eastern South Carolina during World War II.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid


  • Creator: United States. Office of Price Administration
    Call Number: Mss 0034-119
    This collection consists of a war ration book issued to Florence S. Reid, Charleston, S.C.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: College of Charleston. Alumni Association. Committee on War Records.
    Call Number: Mss 0034-097
    The War roster is a directory of College of Charleston alumni who served in the military of the colony of South Carolina, the state of South Carolina, the Confederacy, or the United States during times of war. It includes information about the military ranks and awards of college alumni in the various services. The document also includes a list of alumni who were killed or missing in action during their military service.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 0034-138
    This collection consists of a single warrant issued by Edward Trescot and Thomas W. Bacot, tax collectors for the parish of St. Philip's and St. Michael's, to Guilliam Aertsen, Sheriff of Charleston District, authorizing the arrest of Issac Seymour, shipmaker, for failure to pay his 1791 taxes of nine shillings four pence. The warrant was issued on August 1, 1792 for the sum of seventeen shillings.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Great Britain. Treasury
    Call Number: Mss 0034-016
    Warrants signed by Anthony Ashley Cooper, Chancellor of the Exchequer of the Treasury of Great Britain relate to continuance of a pension (or annuity) granted to James Duke of Cambridge and his children and to the Lord Bishop of Winchester.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Warshaw, Bernard, 1920-
    Call Number: Mss 1065-027
    The collection consists of approximately 70 Holocaust atrocity photographs taken in Dachau concentration camp by Bernard Warshaw, a captain in the U.S. Army. Photographs show bodies of victims on the grounds and outside the crematorium.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Washington Light Infantry (Charleston, S.C.)
    Call Number: Mss 0052
    The Washington Light Infantry was formed as a body of citizen soldiers in Charleston, South Carolina in 1807 and incorporated in 1824. This collection contains typewritten transcriptions of their records (1820-1936) compiled during a Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) project in 1935 and 1936, and one printed letter.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: MacElwee, Roy S. (Roy Samuel), 1883-1944
    Call Number: Mss 0099
    This is an oversized scrapbook of photographs and clippings about the design of waterfronts for cities worldwide. It includes 20 professionally made 8x10 photographs and several dozen pages of clippings. The cities best represented are Paris (4), Havanna (3), and Nice (2). Other cities represented by one photograph each are Cannes, Chicago, Cologne, Hamburg, Leningrad, Moscow, Naples, Rio de Janeiro, Rotterdam, and San Sabastain (Spain).
    Catalog RecordDigital Collection
  • Call Number: Mss 1034-039
    Two engraved wedding invitations: from marriage of Dina Kohn (daughter of Theodore Kohn) and Gus Hirsch, Orangeburg, S.C., August 6, 1902; from marriage of Rosalie Levy (niece of Morris Israel) and William Rosenbaum, Charleston, S.C., November 27, 1901. Both invitations include reception cards. Note: invitations purchased from Ole Towne Antique Mall, Columbia, SC.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Weidner, Paul
    Call Number: Mss 0074
    Collection consists of unpublished monographs on William Shakespeare, on John Milton, and on rare books in the College of Charleston Library.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Weinberg family; Moses family
    Call Number: Mss 1135
    Photographs, letters, and clippings relating to the Weinberg and Moses families of Manning, South Carolina. The majority of the collection consists of photographs, primarily of the Weinberg family, in particular Flora Moses Weinberg and two of her children, Jacob Albert Weinberg Jr. and Rosalie Virginia Weinberg, and also includes a number of images featuring other members of the extended family. It also contains letters from Andrew Jackson Moses, Perry Moses, and Perry Moses Jr. to various relations, clippings relating to Perry Moses, a Civil War veteran, obituaries, and other materials related to the Moses family.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Weinberg family
    Call Number: Mss 1002
    The collection consists mostly of financial records of Leon Weinberg (1884-1945) and family papers of his brother Julian Weinberg (b. 1882). Leon Weinberg's financial records are mostly check book stubs, cancelled checks, and bank statements (1936-1943), concerning his activities in Manning where he owned a dime (or dry goods) store, a grocery store, a cotton warehouse, and other concerns.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Weintraub, Guta Blas, 1924-2008
    Call Number: Mss 1065-019
    Images and newspaper clippings of Guta Blas Weintraub, a Jewish resident of Lodz, Poland, who survived the Holocaust and immigrated to the United States after World War II, settling in Charleston, South Carolina. Pre-war images show members of the Blas and Weintraub families in Lodz and Bodzentyn, Poland. Wartime images show Leon Weintraub in a work camp in Starachowice, Poland, and Guta Blas in Sweden after her rescue. Post-war images show the Weintraubs in the Bergen-Belsen displaced persons camp and in Charleston. Newspaper clippings describe Blas's resistance when facing execution at Majowka and her later testimony against the guard who shot her.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: West Point Rice Mill Company (Charleston, S.C.)
    Call Number: Mss 0051
    West Point Rice Mill Company records include correspondence and legal documents (will, bond, certificates) concerning transfers of stock related to estates and to the decrease of capital stock. Letterpress copybook (1917-1923) contains letters primarily concerning the accounts of individuals and corporations. Other records include a stock daybook (1888-1913) and stock ledger (1887-1924), stock certificates (1888-1913), receipts (1921-1925), checkbooks (1912-1921, checks, check stubs, and canceled checks (primarily for dividends and liquidation checks), cash books (1912-1925), general ledgers (1909-1925), and balance sheets (1920-1921).
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Weston, Plowden, 1739-1827
    Call Number: Mss 0055
    Papers consist of Plowden Weston's business ledger (2 volumes), a plantation journal, and meterorological records for All Saints Parish, South Carolina.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Wichmann, G. Theodore, 1886-
    Call Number: Mss 0075
    Theodore Wichmann (1886-1966) founded the Charleston Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra and taught music lessons in Charleston, South Carolina. This collection includes Wichmann's writings on Mozart, Bizet, Rossini, Beethoven, and Ambroise Thomas, printed programs, and business and personal correspondence for the Orchestra and Wichmann's school music lessons.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Widawski, Tola Wilner, 1920-
    Call Number: Mss 1065-020
    Slides, negatives, and digital images of Tola Wilner Widawski, a Jew from Lodz, Poland, who survived the Holocaust. Pre-and post-World War II images show Wilner with friends and family, including her husband, Michislaw Widawski, and their children. Also included are images of the Polish exit permits the family used to leave Poland for Israel in 1957.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Call Number: Mss 0034-151
    This collection consists items related to the Wigfall family and includes documents, family histories, genealogies, portraits, and other miscellaneous biographical materials.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Wightman family
    Call Number: Mss 0034-139
    The collection consists of five letters concerning the history of the Wightman family in South Carolina and Rhode Island. The correspondents of the first letter are unknown. The second letter was written by Dr. G.B. Manzer to J.P. Wightman. This letter provides a brief history of the northern branch of the family, which resided in Rhode Island. The third letter was written by J.T. Wightman to his niece (whose name is not identified). The fourth letter was written by J.P Wightman to his cousin Jinny. Each of these letters summarizes the original correspondence from Manzer. The final letter is a typed letter concerning the family's coat of arms. A reproduction of that coat of arms is attached to the letter. The correspondents of this letter are unknown. All of the letters are dated 1906.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 0111
    The Wilkinson-Keith family papers consist of correspondence and other documents among the Wilkinson, Keith, Siegling, Haskell, and Marshall families and their friends dating from 1785 to 1920. The bulk of the correspondence dates from 1820 to 1890, a large portion of which chronicles Willis Keith's experiences as a Confederate soldier from 1862-1863.
    Catalog RecordFinding AidDigital Collection
  • Creator: Williams family
    Call Number: Mss 1017
    The majority of the collection consists of materials related to two memoirs written by Arthur V. Williams, Tales of Charleston 1930s, describing his childhood growing up in Charleston in the 1930s, and Tales of Clemson 1936-1940, on his four years at Clemson University prior to World War II. The collection also contains photographs of the Williams family of Charleston, South Carolina, primarily featuring Arthur V. Williams Sr., his wife Zerline Levy Williams, their two children Arthur V. Williams and Betty Gendelman, as well as correspondence and financial records which pertain mainly to Arthur V. Williams Sr. and his wife, Zerline Levy Williams, with a small amount relating to Arthur V. Williams.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Willis, Eola, 1856-1952
    Call Number: Mss 0124
    Collection consists of 37 black and white mounted photographs collected by artist Eola Willis, taken mostly in Havana, Cuba around the time of the Spanish-American War (1898) and after.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Winstock family; Rosenberg family; Visanska family
    Call Number: Mss 1122
    Photographs, certificates, genealogical research, and clippings of the Winstock, Rosenberg, and Visanska families. The majority of the collection consists of photographs of the Winstock, Rosenberg, and Visanska families, their homes and businesses. Materials relate primarily to Moses Winstock, a merchant and plantation owner, and to Abraham Rosenberg and his son, Ernest Rosenberg, who were both merchants. Also included are clippings, correspondence, and genealogical research materials compiled by Ernest Rosenberg's daughter Evelyn Rosenberg Gross-Brein, some of which were used for her Ph.D. thesis on Eva Leah Visanska, wife of Moses Winstock.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Wolfe family
    Call Number: Mss 1045
    Collection contains 37 letters, handwritten in gothic German with some passages in Yiddish and Hebrew. Letters contain correspondence (1873-1899) between members of the Wolff family in Germany and Henry Wolff in Allendale, S.C. Several letters written on Henry Wolff's business letterhead, Henry Wolff/Dealer in General Merchandise, Cotton and Fertilizers/Allendale, S.C.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Wolfsohn, Siegmund, 1919-2000
    Call Number: Mss 1065-018
    Photographs, citizenship papers, immigration and school records, and other papers of Siegmund Wolfsohn, an Austrian Holocaust survivor who escaped Austria as part of the Kindertransport in 1939 and eventually settled in the United States.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Wolper family
    Call Number: Mss 1034-003
    The collections includes two photographs. First is an 8 x 10 black and white print (not original) of the Jacob Wolper Family, (made after the family was reunited in Charleston, 1915.) Pictured are Cecile Wolper Lazarus (1903-1975), Pauline Wolper Lynch (1898-1950), Cecile Barr Wolper (1887-1965), Louis Edwin Wolper (1910-1987), Jacob Wolper (1876-1940) and Max Wolper (1900-1985). Second photograph is an 8  x 10 group image (black and white) of the South Carolina-Georgia Masada Conclave at Jekyll Island, Georgia, March 1949. Leon Wolper pictured. The photograph was originally owned by Lilly Rubenstein. Collection also includes Jacob Wolper's Kalushiner Society Medal, engraved with the dates he was president of the society, 1930-1931.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Wolpert, Lois Fox
    Call Number: Mss 1034-089
    This collection consists of ten photographs taken by Lois and Raphael Wolpert documenting various events and people associated with Beth Israel Congregation in Florence, South Carolina.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Call Number: Mss 0063
    The World War I and II poster collection consists of 101 posters. The posters include war bond posters, posters from various civic groups, posters created by the United War Work Campaign, the Committee on Public Information, the United States Department of Labor, and the United States Food Administration. The collection also includes works created by such notables as: George Ade, Harry Anderson, Howard Chandler Christy, James Montgomery Flagg, John Tinney McCutcheon, Norman Rockwell, and Joe Rosenthal.
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Call Number: Mss 0049
    The collection consists of various newspaper clippings and weekly journals concerning the First World War. The majority of the clippings are from the New York Times.
    Catalog Record
  • Call Number: Mss 0034-089
    The scrapbook contains newspaper clippings from an unidentified publication concerning World War I. No information regarding the ownership of the scrapbook, or the dates it covers is available.
    Catalog Record


  • Creator: Rosenblum, Sandra Lee Kahn
    Call Number: Mss 1048
    Collection includes papers of the Henrietta Szold and Cecile Rubin Chapters of Young Judaea (Charleston, S.C.) black and white photograph (1951) from first annual Young Judaea Banquet and Dance photocopy images of subsequent dances (1952-1953?) issues (1952-1956) of Emes, a publication of the Cecile Rubin Chapter of Young Judaea and news clippings announcing re-activation of YJ in Charleston (1978) and YJ activities (1981, 1993).
    Catalog RecordInventory
  • Creator: Young Men's Christian Association (Charleston, S.C.)
    Call Number: Mss 0057
    The collection contains scrapbooks of newspaper clippings, 1885-1980, relating to local, state, regional and national YMCA activities. Several scrapbooks relate to the Department of Physical Education. Other scrapbooks contain pamphlets, brochures, leaflets, tickets, broadsides and other ephemera such as receipts, visitor passes, building pledges and other forms related to sponsored lectures, sporting events, dances, concerts, programs and memberships. A bound volume (1894) of the Young Men's Era: the International Young Men's Christian Association Newspaper (a weekly publication) and copies of the News and Courier are included in the collection.The collection includes files pertaining to the history, charter and property of the Charleston YMCA, the Cannon Street YMCA and the Military Service Center YMCA.
    Catalog RecordInventory


  • Creator: Zacharias, Henry T., d. ca. 1915
    Call Number: Mss 0056
    Collection consists of two indexed ledgers (1905-1908 1909-1910) containing accounts with numerous businesses, organizations, and individuals for construction and general contracting. Accounts represent many notable buildings of Charleston, South Carolina, among them the Confederate Home and College, the Medical University of South Carolina, St. Andrew's Lutheran Church, St. Philip's Church, and a number of architecturally significant houses.
    Catalog Record
  • Creator: Zeigler, John
    Call Number: Mss 0125
    Collection includes account books, photographs, clippings, correspondence, and other materials relating to life and business partners John A. Zeigler's and Edwin Peacock's popular Charleston, S.C., bookstore, The Book Basement. Also includes materials relating to Zeigler's friends Prentiss Taylor and Langston Hughes, correspondence from Carson McCullers, Zeigler's 100th birthday, and a bookbinding scrapbook which appears to have been compiled by Zeigler's friend George A. Scheirer.
    Catalog RecordFinding Aid
  • Creator: Zionist Organization of America. Charleston District
    Call Number: Mss 1034-051
    The minutes (1917-1933 with a gap from May 1922-November 1923 and 1940-1944) cover all the special and regular meetings of the organization. Members attending are listed and there are various lists throughout the volume, detailing the approximately 100 or so men and women who belonged. Topics were discussed, at first, in both Yiddish and English. Dues were collected and there are frequent mentions of the need to raise more funds for specific causes, and the need to energize the populations of Charleston and South Carolina for Zionism.
    Catalog RecordDigital Collection