A collection's metadata is organized in different ways depending on the type of materials involved. Here are some examples of common material types:


A collection of images, such as photographs or drawings, should be uploaded as multiple single items.
Example of Image Collection Metadata

Pamphlets, Books, albums, Diaries, Etc.

Each book or pamphlet should be organized as one compound object.
Example of Book Metadata

Manuscript Collections

Manuscript collections may contain single-page items in addition to multi-page items. Each single-page document should be uploaded as a single item. Each multi-page document should be uploaded as a compound object.
Example of Single Item Metadata in Manuscript Collection
Example of Compound Object Metadata in Manuscript Collection


A scrapbook, like other books, should be uploaded as a compound object. However, some scrapbooks may have objects or pages pasted into a single page, requiring more than one scanned image per page. In this situation, a hierarchical compound object metadata scheme should be used.
Example of Hierarchical Scrapbook Metadata


Audio files, such as oral histories, should have a written transcript in pdf format. These transcripts can be uploaded as single items along with the applicable metadata. The audio recording, in mp3 format, will be added by the Project Coordinator.
Example of Audio Collection Metadata